ATWT Update Thursday 8/15/02


As the World Turns Thursday 8/15/02

By Loretta

While Margo naps, Casey arrives home from his winning baseball game. Katie is unsuccessful in attempting a phone call to Simon in Avanya.

As a dangerous hurricane heads for Avanya, Paul and Simon arrive and explain how their trade with Slade could not take place.

While sleeping in the back yard, Alison dreams that while she is trying to talk to everyone at the wedding, she is ignored and invisible. Alison awakens. Hal, Emily and Susan arrive and discuss Alison and of her seeing a psychiatrist.

Aaron phones Lucy and tells her that nothing will ever again come between them no matter what. Lucy tells Aaron she will come by soon and they can go for a walk. Lucy tells Craig she is going to visit Aaron.

Carly arrives with coffee at Molly's. Shortly Rosanna arrives bringing with her a book on racing and asks Molly to give it to Mike when she sees him. Carly tells Rosanna that Molly and Mike are hot for each other and that she will not find that inside a crackerjack box. Carly asks Rosanna if she is behind Mike's new job in Valenzuela. After she denies this, Rosanna leaves.

Molly decides to investigate this further with research, so she calls her TV station and pretending she working on a news story, asks for information on the Cabot Foundation. Molly is faxed some information indicating that Rosanna is behind Mike's job in Valenzuela.

Having been called, Marshall arrives at Craig's. After first discussing "Bar-Bar's" trial, they make a deal. Craig tells Marshall his wishes to keep Aaron Snyder away from his daughter Lucy. Marshall agrees to take Craig on as a client, if The Intruder newspaper supports his candidacy for District Attorney. Craig agrees and promises Marshall glowing endorsements - in return Marshall promises Craig to place Aaron with a restraining order against seeing Lucy.

Aaron explains fully what exactly went on with Craig the night before at the Old Mill, how he pushed Craig out of the limo door. Lily comes in and tells Aaron to let Craig cool down first before going near Lucy and not push any more of Craig's buttons.

Tom arrives at Hal's to give him his counter petition for Will's custody. Emily suggests that herself, Susan and Alison all go for family counseling. Susan agrees. When Susan and Emily go inside the house, Hal comes outside and tells Alison that she can come out of hiding. Alison then stands up.

Katie drives Adam to the airport (he is heading back to Los Angeles), while Casey watches Margo. Adam hugs Margo goodbye. After seeing Adam off, Katie sees on the TV that a severe hurricane is headed for Avanya. She is now worried more about Simon's safety.

Simon explains that Slade's crew were loading the boat with supplies and weapons and trying to get to a higher ground due to the coming hurricane. Rose worries about Joe not being rescued. Simon assures them that Slade will not leave without the diamond. Simon learns that Katie has left the island after receiving a message that Margo was quite ill. Simon does not believe this and feels it was a trick to get Katie out of the way.

Aaron tells Holden and Lily that he and Alison were pretending to be dating and using this as a cover so he could see Lucy. Marshall arrives with a restraining order for Aaron, which will prevent him from coming more than 50 feet from Lucy. Aaron says a restraining order will not keep him away from Lucy. The doorbell rings and it is Lucy.

After chatting with Alison and managing to get through to her, Hal tells her to focus on one thing in her life. Alison picks Aaron Snyder. Hal advises Alison to be a real friend to Aaron, be the best friend she can be and she is sure not to be invisible.

Rosanna visits Craig and tells him she managed to pull some strings to get their problem (Mike) out of the way. Rosanna tells Craig she still wants him.

Simon tells everyone that he has a plan to rescue Joe and get them all off the island.

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