ATWT Update Wednesday 8/14/02


As the World Turns Wednesday 8/14/02

By Loretta

Meeting Molly at Java, Abigail tells her she is happy that she has found Mike. Molly tells Abigail that Mike has just left for Valenzuela and will be gone for six months. Abigail announces she will get her own apartment, as they need their own privacy.

Alison complains to Lucy and Aaron that no one cares about her and this has been the worst day of her life. Aaron keeps telling Alison to make up her mind where she should be dropped off, as he wants to take off with Lucy.

After admiring her new engagement ring, Carly tells Jack that he is the love of her life. Hal tells Margo that he could not be happier having her as his best man. Tom supports Margo's wish to remain at home, as long as she follows her doctor's orders. The justice of the peace arrives.

Molly is not thrilled with Abigail's plans to get her own apartment, but she gives in. Abigail tells Molly that if she is so happy being with Mike, she should tell him before he leaves for Valenzuela. Molly then heads to the airport to find Mike, but his flight has already left.

Barbara arrives with Will at Fairwinds, but since the place is so dark, he is too frightened to go inside, so he waits outside. Barbara insists that they will make a new life for themselves, Will does not seem too happy with this.

Alone with Emily, Margo asks her if she loves Hal. Emily says she has waited her whole life for Hal. Margo says she needs to know that Emily will have a strong marriage with Hal, in case anything happens to her she wants to know that her children will always have a home. Emily says of course, then they hug.

As Aaron still tries to convince Alison she needs to be dropped off someplace else; Craig arrives and threatens Aaron with jail. Aaron asks Craig if him loving his daughter is a crime. After heated words, Lucy agrees to go with Craig, but she says her mind will never change about Aaron. While Craig waits in the car for Lucy, Aaron asks her to go off with him.

Barbara tells Will that she pulled him out of Hal's wedding in order to protect him. After waiting outside Fairwinds for Barbara, Will becomes frightened of all the noises he hears. Finished packing for their hotel stay, Barbara tells Will that if he protects her, she will protect him. They leave for the hotel.

As the wedding starts, we see Adam walking down the aisle with Susan, Hal and Margo, then little Daniel and Carly and finally Emily follow them. After Hal and Emily are announced husband and wife, they spit in each other's hands, then shake hands and kiss. Hal tells Emily they are up to any challenges that arise, they kiss more.

Lucy tells Aaron she cannot go off with him, besides her dad would then say that Aaron kidnapped her. Aaron makes Lucy promise not to listen to anything her dad may say about him. After each says I love you, Lucy and Aaron kiss goodbye. Alison then tries to talk to Aaron, but he refuses to listen to her and tells her he wants nothing further to do with her.

Jack tells Carly that this wedding really got to him. Carly teases him and asks him if he cried. Molly arrives and says she wasn't sure she could handle a wedding. Carly shows Molly her engagement ring. Molly tells Carly about her and Mike and that she intends to fly out to Valenzuela to be with him.

Back home, Craig tries to make up with Lucy by offering to order up some ice cream. Lucy tells Craig that with the way he treated Aaron this evening and other people, she has lost all respect for him.

As Emily and Hal cut the wedding cake, Alison arrives and watches from afar. Molly tells Carly that her and Mike almost made love. A surprised Carly advises Molly to give Mike a few weeks, before she flies out. Getting tired, Margo asks Katie to take her home. As Emily prepares to throw her bouquet, Jack rounds up all the single women: Susan, Molly and Carly. Carly catches the bouquet. As Hal and Emily leave, everyone tosses birdseed at the happy couple. With the guests gone, Alison walks up to the wedding cake, takes the bride couple cake topper and places them upside down in the cake.

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