ATWT Update Tuesday 8/13/02


As the World Turns Tuesday 8/13/02

By Loretta

At Java, Bonnie gets snippy with Ben. When Ben questions Isaac about Bonnie's new attitude, Isaac says she is quitting, as he refused Bonnie's request at becoming a partner at Java. Ben says he thinks Bonnie has some good ideas about improving Java.

Abigail and Chris walk in on Molly and Mike "getting cozy" on the couch. Abigail instantly asks Molly if Mike will be moving in.

As Craig orders Lucy to step out of the limo, Aaron shoves him away and orders the limo driver to take off.

Alison manages to leave the wedding on her bike and take off after Lucy and Aaron. After Hal pleads with Barbara to let Will stay at the wedding to be his best man; Barbara still refuses and takes Will with her. Susan is then seen running through the guests telling Alison not to bother coming back. Then Craig wants to know what kind of circus this wedding is, as he was just almost run over by a limo. Carly walks over to Craig and tells him to stop complaining all the time; she points out that Barbara just took Will away from Hal. Hal makes an announcement to the guests that there will be a delay, but all should still try and enjoy themselves.

Craig asks Jack for his help as he states he wants to file a claim for assault against Aaron Snyder, plus kidnapping his daughter Lucy. Jack tells him he is off duty and cannot help him.

In the limo, Aaron and Lucy both agree it was great not having to pretend at the wedding. Aaron tells Lucy that he loves her, they kiss. Later the limo driver stops and says that a young lady is flagging them down. It is Alison and she gets in the limo.

Abigail is offended at seeing Molly with Mike and decides to leave. Molly tells Abigail they need to talk and they agree to meet at Java later. Molly and Mike say goodbye.

Hal finds Emily crying. Emily says that her wicked past has caught up with her on this day. Hal insists they are going to go on with the wedding, as if they don't Barbara and Alison will be getting what they want. Adam arrives with Daniel. Adam tells Hal that Margo is home from the hospital and mentions she may have liver cancer. Hal is shocked.

After chatting with Holden, Craig decides against pressing charges against Aaron. Kim and Bob try to console a teary eyed Susan, Carly also does and advises Susan that she needs to give Alison some space. Susan tells Carly that this is a stupid remark.

Alison tells Lucy and Aaron that nobody wants her around and that her mom is planning to make her see a psychiatrist. Aaron tells Alison that Susan is right. Lucy tells Alison that she likes playing a victim. When Alison starts to cry on Lucy‘s lap, Lucy comforts her.

Molly offers to drive Mike to the airport, but Mike says he doesn't want a long teary goodbye, plus he points out that she needs to speak to Abigail. Molly and Mike kiss goodbye.

Lisa senses tension between Isaac and Bonnie. Bonnie tells Lisa that Isaac feels she only is capable of shopping and turned down her offer to become a partner. Lisa tells her that Java needs her and asks her to stay. After they hug, Lisa tells Bonnie that 25% of Java is hers.

Hal is upset as he feels everyone knew of Margo's illness except him, then he asks Bob about her condition. Hal and Emily decide they want to spend their honeymoon with Margo. When Adam and Jack both offer to be Hal's best man, Margo arrives and asks if a best man can be a woman? Hal hugs Margo.

Having left the wedding, Craig phones the limo company and is able to track down the whereabouts of Lucy and Aaron.

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