ATWT Update Monday 8/12/02


As the World Turns Monday 8/12/02

By Loretta

As Mike and Molly kiss passionately, Mike stops and says he can't continue as he feels they will "be doing it" in Jake's bed. Mike feels Molly is pretending she is making love with Jake. As Mike leaves, Molly stops him, tells him she wants him, and she is just confused.

Alison and Chris arrive at the hospital to check on Margo, but they find her missing.

Margo, resting on her couch in her home, chats with Katie. Adam arrives and Margo tells him not to tell Tom that she is home. Adam leaves for the wedding. Margo wishes she could also attend Hal's wedding. Margo says how she now envies people who do such simple tasks as going for a walk, and how they take that for granted. Margo, in tears, says she wishes she could have her life back.

At Emily's wedding, while Barbara verbally battles with Hal for Will, Alison dressed in her leather outfit and hat, dances around the guests. As Alison runs back in the house, Susan chases her. Kim tries to stop Barbara, but doesn't get far. Hal tells Barbara that Will has been through enough Hell the last few months, then Barbara says the Emily is using Will to punish her.

Caught kissing by Craig, Lucy purposely plants another kiss on Aaron right in front of her dad. When Craig airs his displeasure at seeing them together, Lucy tells Craig that she hates him.

After finding out that Margo left the hospital on her own, Chris tells Abigail how as a patient she has every right to leave. John catches Chris telling Abigail this and reprimands him, saying he has breached a patients right to privacy. Abigail and Chris then leave for Emily's wedding.

Susan tells Alison she looks ridiculous and made a fool out of herself. Susan insists Alison shall see a therapist the next day. Tom arrives and Kim informs him about Barbara and Marshall trying to take Will away from Hal. When Barbara insists that Emily has kept her from seeing Will, Carly throws frosting at her. Barbara then calls Carly a slut. Emily begs Barbara to just let Will stay for one hour, then they will drive him to Fairwinds. When Barbara and Hal begin more fighting, Will starts to cry. Kim grabs Barbara to talk, telling her to "move it."

Craig tells Lucy that she insists she wants to be with Aaron, just to get back at him. Lucy tries to tell Craig that she simply likes being with Aaron and he should give him a chance. Holden steps in and tells Craig to let Lucy and Aaron decide if they are right for each other. Abigail chats with Adam, she tells him that Chris, an intern, are just "friends" (Chris seems slightly jealous).

Katie convinces John from forcing Margo to go back to the hospital. Katie invites John to dinner that evening, so he can hang out with Margo. John agrees.

Molly tells Mike she cares for him and wants to see him when he returns from Valenzuela. Since Mike has three hours before his flight, they decide to spend it together. They kiss, then look at the pictures they took together at a photo booth. Mike tells Molly he doesn't know what he will do without her. Just as they kiss more on the couch, Abigail and Chris walk in on them.

Susan forces Alison to change into a "simpler" evening dress. Just then, Aaron and Lucy say goodbye, Alison tries to go with them, but Susan stops her.

Katie checks in with one of Margo's doctors, then she tells Margo they are going to a wedding.

Will says he doesn't really want to go to Fairwinds and he asks Marshall if he has to. Marshall tells Will he should let his mother know this. Kim tells Barbara that one day Will is going to hate her. Barbara then tells Kim to shut the Hell up and stay out of her life. Hal tells Emily he will give in and let Barbara take Will, then he hugs Emily.

As Lucy and Aaron are trying to make a run for it in the limo, Craig stops them.

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