ATWT Update Friday 8/9/02


As the World Turns Friday 8/9/02

By Loretta

On her wedding day, Emily is crying. When Susan asks her what is wrong, Emily says that when she woke up and realized it was her wedding day, she knew that everything would go wrong. Susan tries to comfort her and tells Emily that she has turned her life around and people love her.

Barbara is meeting with Marshall regarding custody of Will. Marshall has pulled a few strings and managed to get the judge to grant Barbara temporary custody of Will. Barbara wants to serve Hal the papers now, but Marshall advises her it is not wise to take Hal's child away on his wedding day.

Carly waits for Jack, he is late. When Jack arrives, he explains that he had an errand to run, and that he has a surprise planned at the wedding.

Lucy walks out all dressed for the wedding. Craig asks Lucy if she is sure she wants to go to the wedding, since Aaron and Alison will be there together. Lucy says that she and Aaron were never that serious. Craig gets ready for the wedding.

Aaron picks up Alison in the limo. After zipping Alison's dress up, she plants a huge kiss on Aaron.

Mike arrives at Molly's to find her holding her wedding veil. Molly is upset, as the last time she attended a wedding, it was she own. Molly says she had Jake for only eight months, and he was gone, and now Mike is about to leave her and she is too upset to go to the wedding.

Katie arrives at Craig's and learns of Margo's condition. Upset, Katie hugs Craig.

John reassures Margo that she is on the waiting list for a liver transplant and that she must stay in the hospital to be stabilized. Margo still wants to go home. Adam arrives dressed for the wedding. John tells Margo she cannot go home.

Alison arrives with Aaron for the wedding dressed in "appropriate" wedding attire and looking like a princess. Carly and Jack arrive. Lucy arrives, sits down and immediately phones Aaron who sits a few chairs away from her. When Lucy sees Craig arrive, she tells him he only came to spy on her. Lucy tells him that she knows why her mom divorced him, and sometimes she wishes she could also.

Barbara insists she wants her son now. Marshall tells her that taking Will today will provoke a war. Barbara tells Marshall she is tired of being pushed around by him, James and Hal.

Katie arrives at Margo's hospital room, bringing Margo a big white toy rabbit (from Snickers). Margo tells Katie they will not let her go home. Katie tells her that if she wants to go home, she will.

Susan warns Alison not to ruin her sister's wedding. Emily tells Alison that she looks pretty. When Carly arrives, Alison leaves. Since the wedding is to start soon, Emily leaves to get ready. Jack arrives and getting on his knees, he hands Carly an engagement ring and asks her to marry him.

Molly tells Mike she cannot ask him to give up his new job when she doesn't have her mind made up yet about their relationship. Molly tells Mike she just wants to hold him before he leaves. Mike asks Molly if she is sure. Molly says yes as Mike is a giving person. They kiss.

After Jack proposed, Carly screams "yes." The kiss, as Craig watches. Lucy, fed up with being told what to do, tells Alison she does not care what anyone thinks about her and Aaron, even her dad. When Susan grabs Alison by the arm and tells her to stop chitchatting, as the wedding will start soon, Alison threatens to call social services on her mom. Barbara then arrives with Marshall, who hands Hal a temporary custody order for Will.

Katie helps Margo leave the hospital by having Margo sit in a wheelchair, holding a huge flower arrangement (to cover her face). Dressed as a doctor, Katie wheels Margo out.

Carly excitedly tells Emily that she can have a Halloween wedding. As Craig sees Lucy kissing Aaron, he comes up to them. Lucy tells Craig she will kiss Aaron again, and does. Hearing that Barbara has arrived with custody papers, Carly, Emily and Jack run outside. After Barbara hands Hal the court order, Alison, now dressed in leather, puts on loud music which blares out in the wedding area, then dances outside to the music in front of the wedding guests.

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