ATWT Update Tuesday 7/30/02


As the World Turns Tuesday 7/30/02

By Loretta

Mike visits Lily.  He tells her he is back in Oakdale because of a beautiful woman.

With her wedding only two weeks away, Emily is on the phone, frantically trying to book a hall for her reception.  When Carly arrives, Emily tells her she is glad that she is designing the wedding dresses.  Carly tells Emily that since she never heard back from her, she assumed Emily decided to buy something off the rack.  Emily asks Carly if Alison dropped off her check for the designs.  Carly replies no. 

Talking to Alison on the phone, Lucy finds out that Alison told Aaron that a bus hit her (Lucy).  This angers Lucy, but Alison insists that now Aaron is sure to return.

Chris arrives at Abigail's, followed soon by Aaron.  When Aaron tells Abigail that Lucy Montgomery has been in an accident, Chris immediately phones the hospital to find out some information.  Chris tells them that no one by her name has been admitted or seen in emergency.

Sensing Lucy’s down mood, Craig offers to take her to visit Aunt Lily, then they can check on Aaron’s whereabouts.  Lucy asks Craig not to make any trouble and that she believes Aaron is gone for good.

While Chris makes coffee, Abigail chats with Aaron and asks him why he ran away.  Aaron said he needed to think.  After Aaron leaves, Chris invites Abigail to go out.

At the Lakeview, Barbara sees John Dixon and practically begs to join him at his table.  Although he is in a hurry, he makes time for Barbara.  John tells Barbara how he is troubled by Margo’s illness.

When Alison arrives, Emily immediately asks her about the check she was to give to Carly for the dresses.  When Emily starts to yell, Carly tells her to go easy on Alison.  Alison tells them that she felt Carly’s designs were geared towards "old ladies," so she bought her own dress off the rack.  Now Emily insists that Alison bring her this dress to show her what she will be wearing at her wedding.

With paint all over their clothing, Chris and Abigail arrive home from visiting the arcade.  Abigail tells Chris that while he takes a shower, she will fix them some lunch.  Abigail tells Chris that she had fun spending time with him this morning and it felt good, since now they are also friends. 
They kiss.

Eager to lend a sympathetic ear, John asks Barbara what she is up to, now that she is a free woman.  Barbara tells him that she intends to sue Hal for full custody of Will.  John tries to persuade Barbara from taking this action.

Mike tells Lily about meeting with Rosanna earlier.  Little Faith and Luke arrive and open their presents that Uncle Mike has brought for them.  The doorbell rings and it is Craig, who introduces himself to Mike.

Emily and Carly discuss Barbara and how Jack discouraged Jessica from re-opening Barbara’s trial.  Emily says she is sick of Barbara and that when Rose gets back, she will raise Hell when she learns Barbara’s trail was declared a mistrial.  Emily asks Carly (along with Rose) to be her
bridesmaid.  They hug. 

Alison arrives at Lucy’s to ask if she can borrow one of Lucy’s evening dresses to show Emily (Alison refuses to show Emily the real dress she will wear).  Alison tells Lucy that she really bought a dress to wear at a shop that also sells incense and leather.  When Lucy goes to retrieve a dress, Alison says to herself that in the end, she will get Aaron.

Believing that Craig already knows, Lily mentions the college party that Lucy and Aaron attended, and which he got into a fight at.  While trying to calm Craig down, Lily defends Aaron, saying that he protected Lucy.

Alison arrives with the dress Emily believes she will wear to her wedding.  Emily tells Alison that she has asked Carly to be her bridesmaid, this way she can take care of things before the wedding.  Carly tells Emily how she invited Mike to dinner at her house with Jack, and she intends to fix Molly up with Mile.

Aaron arrives at Lucy’s and they hug.  He tells Lucy that although he messes things up whenever he is around her, he cannot leave her, ever again.  They kiss.

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