ATWT Update Thursday 7/25/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/25/02

By Loretta

At the hospital, Abigail catches Chris chatting to fellow doctors about some blonde he pursued in the past. He is embarrassed. Chris accepts Abigail's invitation to go to Java.

From his jail cell, Simon tells Henry that Donovan took an ill Joe away, he then asks Henry if Donovan touched or hurt Katie (he grabs Henry by the neck).

Donovan warns Rose that if he does not get the diamond in 24 hours, her dad will die a slow, painful death. Rose and Katie insist they do not have the diamond. Donovan plays a message from Joe for all to hear. In an ill voice, Joe tells Rose not to worry about him and that he loves her. Rose cries that Donovan is killing her pop.

Rosanna runs into Mike at the Lakeview Lounge. Both smile especially Rosanna. Mike tells Rosanna that he knows that the last time they saw each other, seven years ago, it was under unpleasant circumstances. Rosanna tells Mike they should forget the past and they order drinks. Mike asks Rosanna why she is here.

In the courtroom, Marshall Travers asks the judge for a mistrial, since it is an act of revenge for his client. Lily cries out loud that Carly, Rose and Emily will not get any justice. Barbara stands up and hysterically, asks to be locked away.

At Java, Chris asks Abigail why she keeps pushing him away. Abigail apologizes and says she had acted like a brat. Chris asks her to be friends and to forgive him.

When Rose hears Joe's message, she becomes hysterical and insists that he is ill. Paul offers to become the hostage in order to free Joe, but Donovan doesn't go for it. Katie assures Rose they will find Joe.

After Lily and Barbara's outbursts, the judge removes the jury and announces she will consider Marshall‘s motion. The judge leaves. When Barbara insists to Marshall that James is paying him to wreck her life, Marshall tells her to calm herself. Bonnie walks over to Marshall and tells him that he manipulates the law just to get his own way. Emily angrily tells Hal that he still carries a torch for Barbara and she deserves prison.

Henry tells Simon that Katie saw right through his imposter (Donovan). Simon tells Henry to go back to the hotel, and bring him back explosives.

Mike guesses that Rosanna has a man in her life. He tells her that he came to Oakdale to search for Molly McKinnon. As Rosanna praises Molly, Mike tells her he can see right through her. Mike asks Rosanna if she is trying to seduce him. Rosanna giggles and denies this. Seeing Mike with luggage, Rosanna encourages him to stay in Oakdale. Mike asks Rosanna what is going on.

Rose, still hysterical, insists her pop will die. Henry returns and tells everyone that Simon has asked for dynamite to blow up the jail cell. Paul then tells everyone what he needs to make explosives. Henry teases Paul and tells him he doesn't want to know where the young Mr. Stenbeck learned to make explosives. Henry tells Katie that Simon is fine. Left alone, Katie begins to cry from the stress.

Hal tells Emily that if Barbara goes to prison, that leaves Will without a mother. When Emily insists that Hal has feelings for Barbara, Hal says she is ridiculous. Hal tells Emily that if Tom were in Barbara's shoes, could she tell Daniel that her father is in prison? Emily says yes, she would tell Daniel all about the dirty things his father has done. Carly defends Hal to Emily, saying that Hal and Jack could not lie in the courtroom, and Marshall would have twisted their stories anyhow.

Abigail tells Chris he always made her feel secure and kept her secrets. Chris asks her if they can still count on each other. Chris promises to never hurt or push Abigail away again, as he never wants to lose her.

Rosanna apologizes for her behavior, she says she was nervous meeting him like this and it is natural to still have some feelings. Mike agrees. Rosanna asks Mike that if she weren't involved with someone else, would things change? Mike smiles, says he is too irresistible and agrees to stay in Oakdale. Mike asks Rosanna what will she do if he decides to leave. Rosanna replies that she would have told him to go to Hell.

The judge arrives and declares Barbara's case a mistrial. Carly, Emily and Lily are shocked. While Emily is near hysterics, Carly reminds her that they won as they still have what Barbara tried to take away from them. As the courtroom empties, Marshall reminds Barbara that while she is free, life won't be easy for her. He wishes her good luck and leaves. Barbara apologizes to Carly. Carly tells Barbara she is happy that Will won't grow up without a mother and she should try to be a good one. Carly continues to tell Barbara that while she tried to control everything in life, now she is left with nothing, no Hal, Paul or Jennifer. Barbara then sits alone in the courtroom.

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