ATWT Update Wednesday 7/24/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 7/24/02

by Loretta

In Ivanya, Paul assures Rose they will not leave until they find Joe. After they kiss, Rose tells Paul that he must wish he never met her, then she compares herself to having four tires blow out on the NJ Turnpike.

Katie tells Lucinda that Donovan knows where Simon and Joe are, but he ran off. Lucinda tells Katie she should move back into her own hotel room (now that Donovan has left), Lucinda doesn't like having Katie as her roommate. Just then, Henry is chased into the bar, as he was caught trying to break into the safe.

At Java, Margo is upset (she just learned she has Hepatitis C). Tom and John soon arrive. Tom tells Margo she needs to listen to what her body is telling her and stop running away from this.

Outside the courtroom, Carly, Lily and Emily agree that Marshal Travers is a swift lawyer. Emily is sure Barbara will walk away free. Carly says that one way or another, Barbara will pay. Marshall tells Barbara that while she won't be the most popular woman in Oakdale, she will be free. Barbara tells Marshall that his brilliant plan may backfire. Marshall tells her she definitely won't go to jail as he is preparing to unveil his Trojan horse, then he smiles. Seeing this smile, Barbara asks him if he plans to bring James into the courtroom? Grinning, Marshall tells Barbara to trust him.

John tells Margo she has high levels of Hepatitis C in her blood. Margo says she doesn't have time for this, she has things to do. Tom asks her to please go to the hospital. Margo tearfully agrees.

Katie tells Simon that by him trying to steal that providence, he could have jeopardized the safety of Simon and Joe, so Henry must pay her back and be useful. Katie explains to Henry how faux Simon turned out to be Donovan Curry who wants the providence.

On the witness stand, Marshall questioned Hal. Marshall twists Hal's testimony to show how Hal told Barbara that unless she made a full confession, he would not let her see their son. After Hal admits that he was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward (due to James' brainwashing), Hal is forced to admit that he feels Barbara was a victim and she should not be locked up. During a recess, Emily tells Hal she does not know how she can live with the fact that he helped Barbara go free and she leaves upset.

Questioning Jack, Marshall proves to the court that Jack let Barbara trade herself for his girlfriend (Carly) and his co-worker Hal. At this, Carly stands up and says that Marshall is twisting everything around.

Katie orders Henry to follow Donovan, then find Simon and Joe. When Katie tells Henry that Desi will find him something to wear, Lucinda says she hopes he doesn't find him a dress.

At the hospital, Margo reads brochures on Hepatitis C and tells John she doesn't think she really has it, as the literature explains you get this disease from needles and sexual transmission. John tells her that it is possible to acquire the disease through unusual or violent sex. Margo then recalls her rape 10 years ago, which gets her more upset. Tom assures Margo that she can get treatment. John tells Margo that she may also have an enlarged liver and he intends to do a sonogram and a liver biopsy to see is she has liver scarring or cirrhosis. When Margo asks John if treatments will help, John tells her to take one day at a time. Margo then cries in Tom's arms.

Henry now dressed as a soldier calls himself GI Joe. Henry then goes off to follow Donovan.

The judge tells Carly that if she doesn't be quiet, she will give her a contempt citation. Jack admits he let Barbara go with James, so Carly would be returned and Hal would be safe. Marshall then twists the other witness' testimony: Lily conspired with Barbara's son to trick her (when Lily pretended to be Rose in hopes that Barbara would admit to the kidnapping), Lisa and Bob knew Barbara needed emotional help, but did not try to get her any, Kim was aware Barbara was taking pain killers but wasn't aware she was abusing them and she neglected her.

Marshall then calls a shocked Jessica to the witness stand. Marshall explains how Barbara cost Jessica her biggest case of her career, the attempted murder case against Craig Montgomery. Marshall tells the court that since Barbara embarrassed Jessica (Jessica tries to state that Barbara had lied), this whole case is just revenge on Barbara. Marshall then says that he declares these proceedings a mistrial.

In the Ivanya jail, Donovan tells Simon that he slept with Katie. When Simon tries to hit Donovan, a soldier pulls him away. Donovan leaves, taking Joe with him. Donovan arrives at the El Capitan bar offering to tell Rose, Katie and Lucinda that he has Joe and that if he doesn't get the providence and diamond in 24 hours, Joe will die.

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