ATWT Update Tuesday 7/23/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/23/02

By Loretta

Arriving at Java Underground, Bonnie has flashbacks of the robbery. Lisa arrives and tells Bonnie she must leave for court as she received a subpoena from Marshall Travers. Bonnie says that if it weren't for Marshall stopping the robbery, she may not be alive. Isaac stops by and apologizes to Bonnie for not being at Java when the robbery happened. They hug.

Abigail has a session with Dr. Michaels. Abigail explains that a man who Molly met in a NYC bar, just came to visit her, and she is upset by this, as her and Molly made a deal that it would just be the two of them, no outsiders. Abigail says she moved back in to take care of Molly, but Molly doesn't need her any more.

John briefly gets re-acquainted with Chris at the hospital, before checking out Margo's lab results. After reading them, John is upset.

Rosanna walks in to the courtroom and waves at Barbara. Margo, not feeling well and who is to be a witness, arrives with Tom. To Jessica's questions, Margo explains Barbara's arrest and taking the Fifth Amendment and how the police received James' sworn statement that Barbara planned the kidnapping.

Abigail tells Dr. Michaels how Chris' return to Oakdale has upset and confused her. Dr. Michaels explains that having gone through what she did with Nick Scudder, it is only natural to feel a little scared, as she is protecting herself. Dr. Michaels makes Abigail realize that she needs to stop worrying about what to do and just live.

Questioning Margo, Marshall points out that the police department does not have James in custody and has no clue where James is. He further tells the court how James was to be prosecuted but while he was in a coma, Hal abducted James, and when James was returned, he was helped to escape by Craig Montgomery - pointing out that Margo is his sister. Marshall insists that since Margo could not prosecute James, she went after innocent Barbara.

In the hospital, Chris tells Ben that Oakdale Memorial was his last choice to do his internship at. Ben encourages Chris, telling him that if he stays at Oakdale, he can go anywhere. Chris sees Abigail. When Abigail tells Chris she just came from her shrink's office, Chris asks if it is because of him. Annoyed, Abigail says no.

Marshall states that since James is not expected to show up for questioning, he requests that all of James' statements be ruled omissible, since he is considered an accomplice and they are without an opportunity to question him. The judge agrees.

Marshall then explains that Barbara's son Paul Ryan first came to Margo with his suspicions about his mother and a kidnapping plot, but now when his mother is on trial for this, Paul is out of the country with his girlfriend. With this, the judge allows Marshall's request that Paul's statements be excluded. When Marshall asks for the charges against Barbara be dropped, the judge declines.

Marshall continues to question Margo, pointing out how Margo cannot recall the dates that Carly, Emily and Rose were abducted or that twice, Hal failed to bring Barbara in for questioning.

During a recess, Rosanna tells Carly that Craig is not testifying. Carly tells her she knows that Rosanna gave Barbara money to back up BRO, so she can compete with her. Getting loud, Jack goes over to quiet them.

Jessica next calls Carly as a witness. Jessica tells the court how Carly was lured out of the country, abducted in Paris, then taken to the spa. When it is Marshall's turn, he twists Carly's story to show how Barbara was so jealous of Carly that she offered her a job at BRO, with the potential to make Carly a wealthy woman.

Tired of being paraded by his dad (Bob), Abigail tells Bob that she and Chris are headed for some coffee. When Bob leaves, Chris and Abigail agree to meet at a later date for coffee.

Questioning Emily, Marshall points out that Barbara never threatened Emily and that Barbara stabbed James in order for Emily to escape from Singapore.

Outside the courtroom, Carly, Emily and Lily are upset, as things aren't going as they hoped for in court. Carly walks over to Rosanna and tells her that Mike Kassnoff is in Oakdale. Rosanna is shocked and does not believe her.

John arrives at the courthouse to inform Margo that she has Hepatitis C and they must start treatments. Margo insists she does not.

Bonnie arrives to chat and wish her mom (Jessica) good luck. Jessica tells Bonnie she wants to thank her "knight in shining armor," meaning Marshall, for saving everyone at that robbery.

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