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As the World Turns Monday 7/22/02

By Loretta

Molly tells Mike she is not sure if she can go forth with a relationship with him, it is too soon. When Molly suggest perhaps they can be just friends, Mike smiles and kisses her on her forehead. They agree to meet that evening at the Lakeview for sodas.

Alison offers Lucy her help to let her spend time with Aaron. When Lucy questions why Alison jumped into the pool with Aaron, Alison says that since Lucy stated her and Aaron were history, she thought she would check Aaron out.

Angry, Holden tells Lily that Aaron and his bike are missing and this is his usual pattern, running away from a problem. Lily is off to court.

Jack and Carly have coffee at Java before leaving for court. Carly is concerned that Rose will not be there to testify and that Barbara will get off free. Kim, Bob and Lisa arrive. Lisa tells Carly that she intends to do everything she can on the witness stand to help her dear friend Barbara. Carly tells Lisa she will not let her friendship and dedication to Barbara, interfere with their business deal.

Checking out of the Lakeview Hotel, Emily thanks Hal for giving her a night she will always remember, especially now, when the trial is starting. Emily tells Hal that answering Marshall Travers' questions in court will not be worst than what James and Barbara put her through.

In court, after seeing letters from James, Barbara insists she will plead guilty. Marshall insists she will not and admits to receiving correspondences from James.

Abigail arrives at Molly's to find Mike there. She is cold to him. When Mike leaves, Abigail tells Molly she thought it was just going to be the two of them from now on. Molly insists her and Mike are just friends and that he grew up in Oakdale and they have many mutual friends.

Alison tells Lucy that since her sister is getting married soon, she will need a date for the reception, so she would like Aaron to be her date, then at the reception, Lucy and Aaron can take off on their own. Lucy questions Alison why she is suddenly concerned about her. Alison states she just wants her and Lucy to be friends. When Alison leaves, Lucy leaves a message for Aaron telling him to come over.

As Jessica walks into the courtroom, she over hears Barbara insisting she wants to be cut a deal and plead guilty. Jessica asks Barbara if she would like to do this, but Marshall insists no. As Marshall and Jessica leave the courtroom to speak to the judge, Barbara visions herself being found guilty and all of Oakdale has arrived to burn her at the stake. Emily and Carly place Barbara on the stake. Preparing to burn her stake we see James, who tells Barbara that she will now join him for a rendezvous in Hell. Hysterical, Barbara tells Marshall that James sent him here to set her up. After calming Barbara down, Marshall tells Barbara she may have to go through a mandatory psychological evaluation and she will not be put on the stand. Marshall encourages her to work with him, be quiet and he will win.

At the courthouse, Carly tells Jack she is concerned that Marshall will drudge out her past mistakes. Soon Emily arrives. Both Carly and Emily say they wish Rose was going to testify. As Carly and Emily enter the courtroom, they meet Barbara's stare.

Holden visits with Lucy, to tell her that Aaron and his bike are gone. Holden tells her that Aaron may lose his job at the country club, over that fight he had the other night with Chase. Holden asks Lucy if she has spoken to Aaron. Lucy tells him no.

Molly argues with Abigail that she would never bring another man to live at Jake's and apologizes to her for running off like she did to NYC. Molly tells Abigail she had to find herself and she was desperate. Abigail tells Molly it looks like she found more than herself (meaning Mike). Abigail now intends to move back out of Molly's apartment.

Lucy tells Holden she wonders if Aaron has run away in order to protect her. Holden says since Aaron arrived in Oakdale, he can't seem to avoid getting into trouble, just then he receives a phone call from Molly. Molly tells him about her and Abigail disagreeing and asks Holden to come over to talk with her. When Holden leaves, Lucy leaves a second message for Aaron.

Jessica gives her opening statements to the court, explaining how Carly, Rose and Emily were ripped from their lives and used as guinea pigs by a madman. Jessica also states that the only thing these three women had in common is that they were all hated by Barbara Ryan.

Holden arrives at Molly's and finds Abigail with her bags packed. Alison tells Molly that ever since she came back from NYC, she is suddenly all better because she met a man. Abigail insists to Molly that it is "always a man" with her. Before Molly leaves, Holden tells her that if she wants to see Mike, it is her business, but right now Abigail needs her undivided attention. Confused, Molly leaves. Holden then chats alone with Abigail, telling her that Molly should have the right to live her life as she sees and that Molly just needs some space.

Marshall makes his opening statements to the court. Marshall explains that everything Jessica stated was true, but Barbara was the fourth victim. While placing stones around the courtroom, he stresses that Barbara, a mother herself, was abused, neglected, forbidden to see her child and betrayed by her friends and family - and addicted to painkillers. Marshall goes over to Barbara and makes her stand up in front of the court, dramatically telling the court to go ahead and stone the accused (Barbara).

Meeting Alison at Java, Lucy starts to cry and tells her that Aaron is gone. Alison hugs Lucy and tells her she will come up with a plan to work for them.

Meeting Mike at the Lakeview lounge, Molly tells him she cannot do this, not even a friendship. Mike insists he came on too strong and apologizes.

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