ATWT Update Thursday 7/18/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/18/02

By Loretta

Abigail arrives at Java and meets Chris.  They hug.  Chris tells Abigail she looks great.  Abigail tells Chris about how the last few months have been so painful for her and that Chris wasn't here for her.  Chris apologizes.  Abigail tells him she feels like all of her friends have disappeared.

Carly arrives at Molly's and tells her about the robbery, how it was terrifying.  Molly tells Carly that the reason she stayed in NYC was she met a man.

Marshall comforts Bonnie who is upset from the robbery. Bonnie tells him he was so calm and collected, and he is amazing.  Isaac arrives and learns about the robbery from Bonnie.

Rosanna tells Lucy she is in big trouble.  It seems Rosanna made some phone calls and through an acquaintance of hers (Chase's mother), found out a Sinclair family doesn't exist.  Chase's mother knew about the old mill party and told Rosanna that her son (Chase) came
home beaten, as a boy hit him over a girl who sounded just like Lucy. Lucy tells Rosanna that Chase was all over her and Aaron saved her. Lucy tells Rosanna that she is only baby sitting her, as she wants to look good in front of her dad (Craig).  Lucy tells Rosanna to drop her act.  Rosanna warns Lucy to never pull another stunt like she just did and she is to have no contact with Aaron.  Lucy tells Rosanna she won't  listen to her.  Rosanna (grabbing Lucy's arm) threatens to call Craig in Monteyga and tell him all about her lies.

Molly tells Carly how Jake appeared to her in a NYC bar, and then she met a man who began to hit on her.  Then this sweet guy walks in and saves her from being hit on.  This sweet guy shared a few drinks and laughs with her, and he gave her lots of coffee.  Molly says he reminded her of Jake, but she didn't sleep with him.  Carly asks her if this Saint has a name.

Isaac and Lisa thank Marshall for stopping the robbery, they tell him all his drinks are on the house.  Bonnie apologizes to Marshall for her earlier behavior, and then Isaac shakes his hand.  When Brandy arrives Marshall tells her he wants to know everything that happened with the Liquor Board.

Molly tells Carly that the man in NYC was named Mike.  Carly encourages Molly to find this Saint Mike.  Molly tells Carly his last name is Kassnoff.  This surprises Carly.

Mike arrives at Java Underground and asks Isaac if he knows a Molly McKinnon. Isaac, trying to protect Molly, asks what he wants with a Molly McKinnon.  Lisa arrives and recognizes Mike, then gives him Molly's address.

Lucy tells Rosanna she dares her to phone her dad, then asks Rosanna if she has forgotten that her dad is still in love with Carly?  Lucy then tells Rosanna that she should see the way her mom and dad still act around each other, despite them being divorced.  They are still crazy about each other.  Rosanna then makes Lucy a deal: she won't tell her dad about her seeing Aaron as long as Lucy doesn't do anything stupid with Aaron.  Lucy agrees.

Abigail tells Chris about Nick Scudder and how she feels uncomfortable around men sometimes.  Chris tells Abigail he is doing his internship in Oakdale.

Carly can't believe she is hearing about Mike after all these years and asks Carly if he mentioned her (while giggling).  Molly apologetically tells Carly she only had drinks with Mike and he is simply a friend.  Carly tells Molly to not let him get away.

In front of Rosanna, Lucy phones Aaron to tell him she was busted. Later Rosanna tries to give Lucy advice about men but Lucy tells her she won't live her life like her.

Carly encourages Molly to call Mike.  When Carly leaves, outside she stops to collect her thoughts.

Sitting alone, Rosanna takes out a ring, which makes her recall spending time with Mike at the beach, when they shared a box of Crackerjacks, and the prize inside was a ring, which he placed on her finger (this is the ring Rosanna holds).

Isaac happily tells Bonnie that his liquor license is renewed and that her mom (Jessica) came through for them.  When Brandy leaves, she meets Marshall outside to tell him the DA (Jessica) used special favors to renew Isaac's liquor license.  Then Brandy wants to know what is up with him and Bonnie, but Marshall won't  say a word. 

Chris tells Abigail he is unfortunately stuck in Oakdale, since this is the last place he wanted his internship and will have no privacy.  Still feeling uncomfortable, Abigail leaves.  They agree to meet another time for coffee.

Feeling bad, Rosanna tells Lucy she doesn't want her to get the wrong idea about her, she just acts like this as she puts up barriers to live.  She doesn't want to see Lucy make the same mistakes she has made.  Lucy tells Rosanna she intends to live her life as she sees fit.

While Molly talks to Jake's picture, she gets a message from Mike.

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