ATWT Update Wednesday 7/17/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 7/17/02

by Loretta

Molly arrives home and is greeted by Abigail. Molly tells her that something happened in NYC, which made her not feel awful when coming back to this apartment. Molly says that now she can remember and love Jake, but doesn't have to sacrifice everything and can start living again.

At Java Underground when the robber yells "everyone put your hands behind your head," Bonnie refuses. Marshall tells Bonnie to listen to the robber. Carly and Rosanna are hiding behind a table.

In the pool with Alison, Aaron tells her he has to leave as he has to be somewhere. Alison asks him why he is mad at her? Aaron leaves.

At the Old Mill party, one of the college boys offers Lucy a drink. Lucy says she doesn't drink and is waiting to meet her boyfriend. When Lucy tells him she has to leave, the boy tells her that she can't leave until she gives him a kiss. When Lucy declines his request, the boy grabs and kisses her. Just then Aaron rushes in and punches him out. Everyone leaves. Lucy thanks Aaron.

At Java Carly manages to grab her phone and call the police, informing them of the robbery happening. Bonnie pleads with the robber to let the customers and her employees go. The robber says no and orders her to open the cash register. Marshall tells the robber he will never get away with this, as there are a dozen witnesses who can identify him.

Nancy meets Kim, Bob and Chris for dinner. Bob tells Chris that he managed to get him to do his internship at Oakdale Memorial and he will work for John Dixon. This does not please Chris, who says Oakdale was the last place he wanted to live, as everyone will know about his past mistakes.

Molly tells Abigail about meeting Mike Kassnoff and how he is the ex-boyfriend of Carly and Rosanna. She tells Molly how she saw Jake at the NYC bar several times and he gave her a sign to let him go and start living again.

Marshall tells the robber to put his gun down and end this robbery now. Marshall continues to say that he will explain to a jury his behavior and that he will defend him for free, as he is an attorney. The robber puts his gun down, and then Jack and a police officer arrive. The officer and Jack take statements from everyone. Marshall tells Jack that the robber is his client. Jack asks Carly why she was hanging out with Rosanna and that he is sure it has something to do with Craig. First Carly tells Jack that Parker asked for his Aunt Rosanna, but then she tells him the truth, how she was helping Lucy out. They hug. Bonnie tells Jack that Marshall was a hero today and she owes him her life.

Chris explains that he wanted to work with inner city kids who don't always get a chance at good medical care. After assuring Chris that he will be fine, Bob makes a toast to "his son the doctor."

After explaining to Lucy how Alison held him up at the pool, he gives Lucy a present inside a tiny blue box. It is a pearl necklace, which Aaron places around her neck. Aaron tells Lucy he has never felt like this before. While they kiss, Alison arrives.

Abigail asks Molly if she would be interested in Mike Kassnoff? Molly says no, as he was Carly's ex-boyfriend. The discuss Chris Hughes and Abigail tells Molly that his return to Oakdale bothers her.

Jack tells Carly that Craig is sure to find out about her helping Lucy. He tells Carly that he hopes one day he won't get so angry at the mention of Craig's name. Carly tells Jack that her and Rosanna connected tonight during the robbery.

Lucy tells Alison the truth, how her and Aaron planned to meet tonight. Alison agrees to keep this a secret. When Lucy and Aaron leave, Alison sits alone depressed, holding the box that Lucy's necklace came in.

Molly leaves a message for Carly, indicating they have to talk. Abigail arrives at Java and meets Chris.

Bonnie, now alone at Java, recalls the recent robbery. Flooded with fright, she begins to cry. Just then, Marshall walks up behind her.

When Lucy arrives home, Rosanna tells her she knows what happened and that Lucy is in trouble.

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