ATWT Update Tuesday 7/16/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/16/02

By Loretta

In the kitchen, Emily is preparing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, when the doorbell rings. It is Tom who announces that he is taking Daniel and Will this evening and Hal knows. Tom then points her to the horse and carriage that is parked outside her front door to take her to The Lakeview Hotel.

At Java Underground, Isaac snaps at Brandy (he is upset as his liquor license expires in a few hours, which may force Java Underground to close). Isaac tells Bonnie that the reason the Liquor Board is on his back is due to a Mervyn Warner who seeks revenge on him.

Over coffee at Java, Carly tells Jack she hopes that Julia is not pregnant. Carly says she has been so consumed with this thought that now her design sketches all look like Julia. Jack tells Carly that he is done feeling guilty about him and Carly causing Julia's mental illness.

At the pool, Aaron finds Lucy to make sure they are still to meet at the college party later that evening. Alison arrives. Lucy tells her she has decided to attend the party with her. They will meet at Alison's house. Rosanna arrives and the girls lie to her about the party. They tell Rosanna they are attending a barbecue to be given by the Sinclair family. Rosanna tells Lucy she will drive her there and meet the Sinclair's.

Hal greets Emily at the honeymoon suite in a tuxedo. Hal tells her they will spend a night out on the town and take in an opera. When a thrilled Emily tells Hal she is concerned about smelling like peanut butter, Hal brings in her personal stylist, Claudette. Hal apologizes to Emily for his behavior towards Alison and shows her a new evening gown she will wear.

While Brandy listens in, Bonnie coaches Isaac on his planned speech he is to give to the Liquor Board (Jessica has pulled some strings). Brandy leaves a message for Marshall, indicating she has some information. Ben sits with Jessica, who is nervous about Barbara's trial, scheduled for the next day. Jessica tells Ben she is concerned as Marshall has given subpoenas to half of Oakdale and she wonders what kind of strategy he will use. Marshall arrives and sits at the bar.

Jack insists that Julia's illness was there from the beginning, it wasn't caused by him and Carly. Jack tells Carly he has had a search going on for Julia and no trace of her was found. Carly tells Jack that if Julia just happens to be pregnant, he will not turn away.

Rosanna tells Lucy to meet her at the Lakeview. Rosanna leaves to attend a board meeting downstairs with Lisa. Annoyed, Lucy tells Alison she will think of something to keep Rosanna from ruining their plans. Lucy phones Carly and asks for her help. Interrupting her kiss with Jack, Carly speaks to Lucy. Lucy tells her how Rosanna insists on driving her to a barbecue (which they lied about) when she is really planning a visit with Aaron. Carly tells Lucy to meet her at Java and she will think of something. Lucy arrives and asks Carly to keep Rosanna busy for an hour.

In their honeymoon suite, Emily is wearing her new pink halter evening gown. After sharing some kisses Emily suggests to Hal that they skip the opera and just stay in. Hal says that works for him.

Jessica introduces Ben to Marshall. Marshall tells Jessica that he has filed a petition for a change of venue. He says that Barbara will not get a fair trial in Oakdale. Jessica tells him that she intends on keeping this trial in Oakdale.

At their meeting, Rosanna asks Lisa to reconsider staying with BRO. Lisa says she cannot as she has a problem with Rosanna and that is Craig Montgomery. Lisa says Craig is the reason Barbara is in this mess. While Brandy informs Marshall, a stranger asks her to make change for him from her cash register. Later Marshal warns Bonnie of this stranger, suggesting they should keep their eye on him as he is acting weird. Carly sees Rosanna and tells her they need to talk.

Alison arrives at the pool, phoning Lucy to tell her they will instead meet at the Old Mill for the party.

When she sees Aaron she grabs his helmet and insists she won't give it back unless he first takes a swim with her. Aaron says he cannot; besides he doesn't have his swimming suit. Alison says that is ok, she doesn't either. When he declines, Alison takes off her top, causing Aaron to fall backwards in the pool. Alison jumps in.

Hal and Emily discuss their upcoming wedding. Emily says she wants a big church wedding and a reception. After Hal says he did that "big church wedding thing" too many times, he gives in. Emily then grabs a rose and makes a pledge to Hal to not let Susan and Alison come between them any longer. They kiss.

Lucy arrives alone and frightened at the college party. She is met by Alison's two boyfriends and is led into the party.

In order to waste time for Lucy, Carly tells Rosanna that Parker has been constantly asking for Aunt Rosanna and french fries. Rosanna is touched, but tells her that she must leave, as she has to drive Lucy someplace. Just then, the stranger who hung around Java holds a gun and announces "nobody moves - this is a holdup."

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