ATWT Update Thursday 7/11/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/11/02

By Loretta

In her El Capitan hotel room, Katie tells Henry (upon finding the plastic surgery photos) that this is the proof they need. Henry wants to go to the police, but is stopped by Katie. When faux Simon arrives, Henry hides from fright behind Katie.

Molly arrives at the bar and sees Mike. She tells Mike she is staying in NYC a little longer. Mike makes a toast to Molly's future with him in it.

Emily visits with Carly to get wedding dress ideas. Emily screams in excitement about her wedding to Hal, but has some concerns about their kids, work and Barbara's trial. Both have been given subpoenas. Carly says that Marshall will attack her on the witness stand, like bringing up the fact that she kissed Craig on his wedding day to Barbara.

Lucy is still against Rosanna staying with her while Craig is away. Craig insists Rosanna won't spy on her. Lucy asks Craig if she can tell Rosanna anything and it won't get back to him, like that she plans to elope with Aaron?

At the Lakeview lounge, Rosanna meets with Barbara. Rosanna orders her to keep Craig from testifying or else their deal with BRO is off. Seeing Rosanna has fallen for Craig, Barbara warns her that Craig will destroy her. When Rosanna leaves, Barbara phones Marshall.

When faux Simon arrives, Katie tells him that Henry ransacked their room. Simon asks Henry if he was looking for the providence. Before faux Simon can hit Henry, Katie stops him. Henry then leaves in a hurry. Seeing the room scattered with papers, Katie offers to clean it up but is stopped by faux Simon. Faux Simon suggests they have drinks that evening.

Craig tells Lucy he knows she is joking, as she told him that Aaron is no longer her cup of motor oil, and she is just being difficult. Rosanna arrives.

Carly insists that the trial will also upset Jack and as it is now, he already questions her feelings for Craig. Emily asks her is she has feelings for Craig.

Mike tells Molly that he knows his toast bothered her. Molly tells him this is too fast for her. Both agree that they have a comforting connection with one another. Mike then tells Molly about his old girlfriend and how he messed things up by getting involved with her sister.

Rosanna insists that she and Lucy will have a great time while Craig is in Monteyga. Craig says goodbye. Rosanna starts giving Lucy advice on men, how she needs someone who is more in her income bracket. Rosanna tells her about her romance with a race car driver (Mike) who broke her heart when he became distracted. Rosanna feels men who are not quite wealthy are easily distracted. Lucy says "like her dad"? Lucy's remark doesn't sit well with Rosanna.

Katie tells Lucinda that she has found plastic surgery photos of the faux Simon. To prove this Simon is a phony, Katie suggests her and Lucinda get faux Simon drunk and ask him questions he cannot answer. Lucinda agrees and pays Desi to water their drinks. Faux Simon arrives and orders drinks.

Carly tells Emily that the only feeling she has for Craig is contempt. Emily tells her how Craig and Rosanna have become an item. Hearing this, Carly tells Emily that she has this fantasy in which she gives Craig the greatest sex he has ever had, then she lets it slip out to Rosanna, making Craig and Rosanna disintegrate. Craig arrives. Emily leaves.

At the Ivanya bar, Katie tells faux Simon to tell Lucinda about their streaking in the country incident. Faux Simon tells Lucinda everything correctly.

Molly tells it is too soon for her to become involved with anyone. Mike makes a 2nd toast saying they can spend as many days together as they can get.

Craig tells Carly that having their past exposed at Barbara's trial will destroy Lucy. Craig asks Carly to avoid being a witness. He suggests that since she was exposed to various treatments at the spa, which surely must have affected her mind, she wouldn't be a credible witness. Carly says no; she will deal with it.

Having called Marshall to meet with her, Barbara tells him to keep Craig off the witness stand; or else it will destroy BRO. Marshall guesses that she is being blackmailed. When Marshall says no, Barbara tells him she wants to be treated with some respect.

Faux Simon tastes Lucinda's drink and finds out its water. Angry he threatens Desi and orders him to bring them whisky, without a bill. Later faux Simon carries off a drunk Katie. Lucinda (drunk also) has her head on the table - confused about this Simon.

Barbara tells Marshall that since he works for her, he'd better start treating her with respect and keep Craig off the witness stand. Marshall says he will work around Craig but this will be the last favor he will do for Barbara.

After phoning Craig and finding out he was at Carly's, Rosanna visits Carly, saying that Craig forgot his shaving kit and she is bringing it to him.

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