ATWT Update Tuesday 7/9/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/9/02

By Loretta

Barbara meets Kim and Bob for lunch. Barbara explains to them that she has moved into a hotel temporarily as the press was bothering her at Fairwinds. Bob informs Barbara that he, Kim, John and Lisa received subpoenas to testify at her trial. Marshall arrives. Barbara looks puzzled.

John arrives at Margo's. John tells her that her blood work showed nothing. Tom arrives.

Lucy arrives at the Grover Country Club pool to meet Alison. They sit and chat. Lucy tells Alison that she has to figure things out as sometimes she feels her and Aaron did and didn't break up.

Aaron tells Holden he is upset, as he told Lucy his whole Seattle story. Holden informs Aaron he is headed to NYC to search for Molly. He asks Aaron to keep his eye on things while he is away. Aaron informs Holden he got a job at the Grover Country Club as a waiter. Holden tells Aaron he is proud of him getting a job and of the way he handled Craig. Aaron tells Holden that now Lucy does not want anything to do with him, but he still wants to try and make it work with her.

Craig talks to Sierra on the phone. Rosanna arrives. Craig tells her that Sierra has postponed her trip to Oakdale. They kiss, then Craig announces he has an idea - he is going to Montega to straighten things out.

Barbara announces she didn't know her family and friends would have to testify. Bob tells them how Farmer Huck served them their subpoenas at the July 4th picnic. Marshall asks Barbara to chat with him in private. They leave. Angry, Barbara tells Marshall that the subpoena's were served in a "pure Stenbeck" fashion. Handing Barbara his bill, Marshall tells her that James Stenbeck taught him to always pay on time. Barbara tells Marshall that her friends and family have no idea that they are not character witnesses. Marshall tells her to take it or leave it - and his bill is due by the next morning, paid in cash or certified check only. Marshall leaves. Lisa asks Barbara if everything is ok. Barbara tells her yes, but she needs to leave.

Lucy tells Alison that she can make her own choices in her life, not her father. Alison asks her how her boyfriend is. Lucy insists that Aaron is not her boyfriend, but then again when she is with Aaron, he makes her feel alive. Alison looks annoyed.

Craig tells Rosanna he is headed to Monteyga to fix things. He says Sierra understands his protective instincts. Before leaving to inform Lucy of his plans, Rosanna tells him to be gentle with Lucy. After Craig has left, Barbara arrives to ask Rosanna if she has made a decision yet about BRO. Barbara tells her that she needs one million dollars by this evening. Rosanna agrees, on some conditions.

John tells Margo that although her lab work came out ok, she is still obviously not herself. Tom agrees. Margo still thinks John is hiding her diagnosis and asks him for the truth.

Abigail arrives at Holden's to tell him that Molly phoned and is ok and staying sober. Abigail tells Holden that Chris is returning to Oakdale and she is uncomfortable with that.

Aaron arrives at the Country Club pool for his day at work. Lucy wants to go swimming, and then Alison tells her that only nerds and losers go swimming at this place. Aaron walks over to Lucy to ask her if she is going back to Montega. Lucy says no. Aaron pleads with her and tells her he cannot let her go. Just then, Craig arrives. Trying to shield Lucy and Aaron from Craig, Alison walks over to him and chats. Craig then sits with Lucy to tell her that her mother's solution to her problem would be to take her back to Montega. Lucy says she does not want to leave Oakdale and her friends. Craig says to Lucy that if he can convince Sierra to let her stay in Oakdale, would she be willing to give up one of her friends (Aaron). Lucy agrees.

John tells Margo she is a pain in the butt and that he truthfully does not know what is wrong with her. He advises Margo to go to the hospital for more tests, like monitoring her liver function. John tells her to be at the hospital the next morning. Tom says Margo will be there.

Rosanna tells Barbara that if she helps her out financially, she wants to be sure she isn't found guilty, she does not want the Cabot name affiliated with an inmate in federal prison. She tells Barbara that she hopes her lawyer has some good tricks up his sleeve. Barbara tells Rosanna how Marshall's strategy is to show how her friends and family ignored her condition, which was responsible for her actions. When Barbara tells Rosanna she plans to warn her family and friends of Marshall's strategy, Rosanna advises her not to. Agreeing to also pay her legal fees, Rosanna orders Barbara to think only of business in their partnership, not friendship.

Alison eavesdropped on Lucy's conversation with Craig, then tells Aaron how Lucy promised to have no contact with him. Once Craig leaves, Aaron asks Lucy if this is true. Lucy says no; she lied to her dad.

Barbara arrives back at her dinner with Bob, Kim and Lisa. Kim asks Barbara to tell her what is going on.

Craig asks Rosanna to check on Lucy for him while he is away. Rosanna agrees and mentions her business commitment with BRO. Craig tells her BRO is a dinosaur company.

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