ATWT Update Monday 7/8/02



As the World Turns Monday 7/8/02

By Loretta

As Mike dances with his make believe friend, Molly pulls the plug out of the jukebox and tells him to stop it. She is reminded of Jake doing this same thing.

Nancy arrives at Margo's with some food from the picnic. Margo doesn't look well, so Nancy phones John to come over.

Seeing Brandy holding loads of money, Lisa tells her she knows where she got that money from and she is watching her. As Marshall and Barbara arrive, he apologizes for ruining her holiday. Barbara tells him that he didn't, she gets no invitations from anyone. Marshall informs Barbara that after today, she will be as confident as he is.

At the picnic Kim and Bob welcome Huck Stovar, who introduces himself as a farmer who lives nearby. Craig tells Lily he is upset as she went behind his back and phoned Sierra. Holden tells him to leave. Carly tells Jack that she cannot believe that Julia may be pregnant with his child.

John arrives and checks Margo out. He admits she looks pale. Margo states she has been so tired the last few weeks. John takes some blood from her. Upset and scared at feeling so ill, Margo hugs John.

Molly apologizes to Mike to telling him to stop dancing and says she will leave. Mike asks her to stay for his sake. Molly puts down her bags.

Lisa tells Brandy that she knows she is getting a kick back. Angry, Lisa leaves. Marshall tells Brandy to be more careful.

Jessica says all the city offices are closed for the holiday (she was trying to help Isaac with his liquor license). Bonnie tells Isaac that he doesn't need Java anyhow, he can always go to Scotland. Isaac says no way. Abigail asks Holden if she can come to NYC with him to look for Molly. Holden says no, he would like her to stay and keep her eye on Lily.

Mike tells Molly he just finished a big construction job the other day and felt sad. Then Molly walked into the bar, and looked sadder than him. Mike tells her she was cute, charming and needed TLC. Mike tells her to stay in NY until she feels a little better.

Carly, Jack and Parker arrive home. Carly is still mad from learning that Julia may be carrying Jack's baby. Carly tells Jack that if Julia is pregnant, they will be dealing with "this nut" (Julia) for the rest of their lives. Carly asks where Julia is. Jack says he has no idea. Angry, Carly tells Jack she doesn't understand how he could have let Julia do that to him (rape him). Angry, Jack storms out the door.

Molly tells Mike her life cannot be happy any more. Mike suggests they hang out a few more days. Molly agrees - but as friends only. Mike tells Molly goodbye, and he'll see her the next day.

Rosanna and Craig stand outside in the rain, waiting for a cab (her car won't start). Craig is upset as Lily phonesd Sierra. Rosanna asks Craig if he and Sierra had a friendly divorce. Craig tells her that Sierra blames him for Bryant's death somewhat, that is why he is tougher on Lucy.

Tom arrives home to find John phoning in lab work for Margo. Tom asks what up. John leaves. Tom asks Margo if she is pregnant. Margo says at this point, she hopes that are what it is.

Lisa chats with Barbara at Java. Lisa assures that once the trial is over, people will forgive her. Lisa also asks Barbara how she could use Marshall Travers as her attorney, when James sent him to her. Barbara insists she hired Marshall. Marshall makes a phone call, saying that Lisa just left for the Snyder farm. Jack arrives at Java and orders a drink from Brandy. Brandy tries to chat with him, but Jack keeps quiet. After Brandy told Jack that he must have had girlfriend trouble, Jack leaves.

Kim invites Abigail to dinner with her and Bob. Abigail accepts her invitation. Kim mentions to her that Chris is coming home. Farmer Huck decides to make a speech at the picnic. Slowly reaching for his pocket, he says he wishes to show his appreciation to everyone and that he likes fireworks. He leaves a stack of letters and leaves. Isaac passes out these letters. Kim, Bob and Lisa have received subpoena's to testify as witnesses of the defense at Barbara's trial. Jessica's letter is from Marshall, wishing her a Happy 4th of July.

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