ATWT Update Friday 7/5/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 7/5/02

by Loretta

At the Groves Country Club pool, Lucy asks Alison if she had seen Aaron that day. Alison tells her she is still obsessed with Aaron. Aaron arrives and sees them.

After agreeing to accompany Rosanna to the Snyder picnic, Craig promises to behave.

At the Snyder picnic, Isaac arrives and is greeted with a hug from Bonnie. Carly tells Jack she still feels strange about their discussion about babies. Abigail arrives with a cake and tells Kim she has not heard yet from Molly.

At the bar, Mike sees a sober Molly arrive. She orders a drink. Apparently Molly left Mike's apartment without saying goodbye. Mike tells her to relax, as "nothing happened" between them the night before.

Lily arrives at the picnic. Lisa suggests to Isaac that the following day, he should go down to the Liquor Control Board and talk with them. Bonnie tells Isaac her mom can help him out. Isaac thanks her, but says he can handle it himself. Carly tells Jack she feels there is still something he is hiding about Julia. Jack informs Carly he does want children with her. Rosanna and Craig arrive.

Alison asks Lucy what is up with her and Aaron. Lucy tells Alison that she doesn't trust her and she is a sneak. It starts to rain. As the men climb out of the pool, Alison starts to rate them. Aaron is still there in the background.

Abigail and Holden arrive back home. Holden will try to find out if Molly got off the plane in NYC.

Molly asks Mike why she woke up in his bed naked. Mike tells her he didn't touch her. Mike tells Molly that when she got to his room (in her drunken state), she had started stripping, dancing and singing. This morning Mike had left to get them lunch and when he got back, Molly had gone. Molly doesn't believe him. Mike tells her that when he goes to bed with a woman, he wants her awake.

Abigail tells Holden about Molly's drinking problem. Holden is upset as he feels he should have been told this earlier.

Molly offers to pay Mike for letting her spend the night at his place. Mike tells her she can pay him by making this her last drink, and seeing NYC with him on this 4th of July. After some convincing, Molly says it's a deal.

Jessica asks Isaac about the letter he received from the Liquor Control Board. Brandy arrives soaking wet. As Craig goes over to chat with Carly and Jack, Carly tells him to go away; while doing so she also causes his plate of food to fall on the floor. Lily asks Craig why he demoralized Aaron.

Aaron tells Lucy he is at the Country Club to interview for a job. He tells her she needs to listen to his whole story about Seattle and what really happened.

Brandy tells Isaac that the back room at Java is flooded as some pipe broke. Lisa asks why Brandy came all the way here to tell Isaac that, instead of calling. Lisa tells Brandy she will be watching her closely.

Holden gets a phone call and is made aware that Craig arrived at the picnic. He tells Abigail he must leave to go deal with Craig.

Since it has started raining, Mike and Molly arrived back at the bar. They order a ginger ale. Molly asks Mike why he is hanging out at this bar. He tells her he is nursing a broken heart for some beautiful woman from Spain.

Jessica offers to help Isaac and find out why he is being singled out by the Liquor Control Board. Isaac thanks Brandy for coming to the picnic like she did, when it's raining. Isaac leaves to tend to it. Lisa and Nancy leave. Rosanna runs into Carly. Rosanna tells Carly that she just saw Parker and he kissed her. Carly tells her that she has seen Parker kiss his socks before too. Rosanna tells Holden she is sorry for Craig's behavior towards Aaron the other night. Lily sees Craig and tells him that while she loves him, he tries too hard and that she called Sierra, since she is her sister.

Lucy agrees to listen to Aaron's story. Aaron tells her how the married woman he had an affair with was 19 or 20 years old and was physically abused by her husband. He told that woman if she ever needs his help to call him. Aaron continued that on one night she was badly beaten and called Aaron and it just happened - and it was only one night. Her husband came home, found Aaron and beat him up. Lucy asks Aaron what other secrets he is keeping from her.

Marshall arrives at Java and asks Brandy if she has more information. She hands him over her notes. Marshall tells her he needs more information, even on Jack Snyder. Marshall gives Brandy some money and walks away. Lisa, who has arrived at Java, asks Brandy where she got all this money.

At the bar, a familiar song comes on the jukebox, which makes Molly cry. Mike tells Molly about the "love of his life," a woman from the Midwest whom he loved a long time ago. Mike asks Molly to dance. Molly says she does not dance any longer. This makes Mike go and ask an imaginary friend at the bar to dance. Mike then dances with this "friend." Watching him, Molly remembers Jake doing this exact same thing.

Lucy tells Aaron she has grown up with secrets and lies and is tired of them. She tells Aaron he should have told her the truth from the beginning. Aaron asks Lucy is it is over between them. Lucy says she doesn't know.

Lily tells Craig that Sierra is coming down to Oakdale. Jack tells Carly that before Julia left, she was carrying his baby.

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