ATWT Update Thursday 7/4/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/4/02

By Loretta

At Java, Bonnie, Ben and Jessica pack food for the annual 4th of July picnic at the Snyder farm. Brandy arrives and tells them to have fun, while she is working at Java. Before Bonnie rushes off, Brandy hands her a letter she found stuck behind the bar. Opening it, Bonnie says the letter, from the Liquor Control Board, states that Isaac's liquor license is about to be revoked. Bonnie tells Ben that she feels her mom (Jessica, since she is the District Attorney) can take care of it by paying off someone from the Liquor Control Board.

At their house, Lily and Holden prepare food they are bringing to the Snyder picnic. Their talk soon switches to Aaron. Lily tells Holden she just does not know about Aaron and this affair he had with a married woman. Outside, Aaron is searching for a job in the classifieds. Alison arrives to pick up her backpack.

Craig arrives home with a bouquet of flowers for Lucy. Lucy tells him she called Montega and left a message indicating she will stay in Oakdale. Craig tells her that by revealing Aaron's past, he was protecting her from being harmed by Aaron. Lucy tells Craig she will not forgive him for a very long time.

Sitting in their Lakeview Hotel bathrobes, Jack tells Carly he wants to skip his family's picnic. Carly wants to go as she has a maternity dress for Lily, mentioning Lily is about five months pregnant. Mentioning the word "pregnant" causes Jack to recall looking at Julia's pregnancy test results with Barbara, who insisted the results, did indicate Julia was pregnant. Jack tells Carly they should stay here to make their own fireworks and babies. Carly asks Jack if his remark about babies has anything to do with Julia.

Left alone, Brandy phones Marshall and asks him how much money would it be worth if she found out that Jessica might bribe the Liquor Control Board.

Holden reminds Lily that Aaron has made mistakes, but does not wish to disappoint either of them. Lily says that while she is not defending Craig, if Lucy were her daughter she would feel the same way as Craig. Holden says while Aaron has issues, he is a good kid.

Lucy tells Craig that since she forgave him for cheating on her mom, she eventually will forgive him, but she never forgets what he did to Aaron. Lucy tells him he should hire a private investigator to follow her around.

Aaron mentions to Alison that he and Lucy are having some problems. Alison offers to help.

Craig gives Lucy her flowers. Attached to them is a membership to the Groves Country Club. Lucy tells Craig she knows that he loves her, but still cannot forgive him. Sulking, she leaves. Rosanna arrives and offers to talk with Lucy. Craig tells Rosanna it is hard being a single parent and he appreciates Rosanna's help.

Jack tells Carly he does not want to discuss Julia. Jack asks Carly if she wants children. Carly says yes, but not now. Jack says he wants to marry her before they have any children. They agree to attend the family picnic.

Lucy arrives at the Groves Country Club pool area. She sits alone reading a book.

Alison asks Aaron to take her to the Snyder picnic. When Alison gets a phone call from Lucy, inviting her to join her at the Country Club, she takes off. Aaron goes inside the house and asks Lily if he can talk to her. Aaron tells her about his affair with that married woman in Seattle. It seems the woman was a cashier in a record story, she was about 19 or 20 and was married to a violent man who used to beat her. Aaron says he wanted to help her and he didn't want the affair to happen.

Lisa, Nancy and Kim arrive at the picnic, followed by Jessica, Ben and Bonnie.

Marshall arrives at Java. Brandy tells him the water pipe busted so she shut off the main water valve. She is going to call Bonnie so she can take care of it (Brandy says this with a smile). Marshall asks Brandy if she is sure that she heard Bonnie saying that Jessica would pay off someone at the Liquor Control Board. Marshall hands Brandy some money.

Carly and Jack arrive at the picnic. Kim says that Tom and Margo had to skip the picnic, as Margo was not feeling well. Holden says that since Bob could not make it, Ben should make the traditional toast. Ben makes his toast saying: Holidays and a kid he remembers being dragged off to picnics, now he appreciates as a nation we are trying to comprehend this past is hard to imagine there is a lesson to be learned from the tragedy...who we are as individuals gives us solid ground and deep inside there is a faith in God...what we share is a desire to understand what it is to truly be is a conviction...when we struggle to respect each our neighbors...create, learn...this year gave us an opportunity to get connected to each let us pray to God to the men and women overseas who are protecting this great country...lets stay strong and united as friends and family and America. Happy Birthday America....Everyone toasts.

Ben asks Holden how old America is today? Holden says 226 years old. After Ben's speech, Jessica hugs him.

Lily thanks Aaron for telling him the details of his affair in Seattle. Aaron tells Lily that he won't see Lucy ever, she is gone from his life. Lily asks Aaron to drive her to the picnic. When Aaron leaves, Lily phones Sierra. Outside, Aaron phones the country club to ask if they are interviewing for the waiter position.

Alison joins Lucy at the Country Club pool, mentioning the Snyder picnic. Lucy asks Alison how she knew about the picnic and how did she become so boy crazy.

Rosanna asks Craig if he has plans. Craig says no, he normally sits alone, dressed up, and listens to John Philip Sousa music, while setting off sparklers. Rosanna asks Craig to go for a ride with her, since he has no other plans. He agrees. Rosanna says first they must stop by the picnic, since she promised Emma Snyder she would stop by.

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