ATWT Update Wednesday 7/3/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 7/3/02

by Loretta

At the bar, Mike tells Pete to back off. Pete leaves. Mike orders Molly some coffee as she stumbled when she walked back to their table. Mike tells Molly he can tell she is nursing a broken heart.

Alison tells Susan she intends to stay with Emily. Angry, Susan tells Emily that Alison can stay with her, so she will send her things over.

After Aaron tried to unsuccessfully explain things to Lucy, she tells him to go and leave her alone. Lucy then phones her mom (Sierra) in Montega.

Leaving the Lakeview restaurant, an angry Holden tells Jack that he wants to break Craig's face for using him and setting up his son (Aaron). Aaron arrives and says he is sorry that he did not tell Holden everything about Seattle.

At the restaurant, Carly and Craig discuss there past relationship. Craig tells her she still has feelings for him and is safe with Jack. Carly admits that she is weak, but that if she had stayed with him, he would continue to always let her down, just like he did with his daughter this evening. Rosanna listens from a distance. Craig tells Carly that at least Rosanna has given him the benefit of the doubt (Rosanna is smiling). Rosanna arrives at their table. Carly leaves. Rosanna suggests to Craig that he should head upstairs and talk to Lucy.

Before Carly and Jack head to the room they booked at The Lakeview, they see Aaron. Carly tells Aaron not to let Craig get to him. Holden tells Aaron that he will learn from his mistakes and suggest they return home.

Alison eavesdrops on the heated fight between Emily and Susan. Emily tells Susan that she is impossible and thinks she is always right. Susan tells Emily that she is feeding Alison ammunition and turning her against her. Hal finds Alison sitting on the steps, listening to their conversation.

Returning home, Lucy asks Craig how he could hire a private investigator to dig into someone's past. Craig apologizes but says Aaron's life is problematic. Lucy questions Craig about his many affairs and the fact that he has been in jail.

At their Lakeview hotel room, Carly and Jack receive a bottle of champagne. This gift is from Rosanna who wrote on the gift card that she is sorry that Carly had to settle for 2nd best. This angers Carly terribly.

Molly thanks Mike for saving her from Pete and admits that she is talking to her dead husband. Mike has to leave but asks Molly to stay at his place, since he has an extra bedroom. Molly says she cannot, as she is a married woman (showing him her wedding ring). As Molly rises from her chair she stumbles again. Seeing her condition, Mike again offers her his extra room. Molly agrees.

After finding Alison eavesdropping on Emily and Susan, Hal tells her to pack her bags as she is going home with Susan. When Alison tries to take him on verbally, Hal tells her she will do as she is told. He tells Emily and Susan that headstrong Alison set the two of them back in their relationship and he is tired of it. He suggests they set limits, telling Susan she needs to act like Alison's mother and Emily needs to act like Alison's sister. Alison runs out the door angry, followed by Susan. Emily asks Hal how he could take Susan's side. Hal explains that Alison was using her and suggests they eat some ice cream. Emily tells Hal he humiliated her.

Craig tells Lucy he did the right thing by exposing Aaron's past this evening. Lucy tells him he made her feel pathetic and he deserves to lose everyone that he loves. Lucy tells him she called her mom and told her to come and get her. This upsets Craig.

Carly tells Jack about her discussion with Craig and Rosanna this evening. Jack tells Carly that he thinks Rosanna really has feelings for Craig. Carly tells Jack that she feels she finally got to Rosanna and that she hopes Craig leaves Rosanna worst off than Barbara Ryan.

Rosanna and Craig discuss Aaron's past. Rosanna compares Aaron's past to Craig and Carly's big public kissing scene at Java the other week. Rosanna asks Craig why he hates Aaron so much and is it because Aaron may remind him of himself?

Hal apologizes to Emily and says he should have taken her aside first to explain his intentions. Hal says he had to step in when he saw Alison using Emily. Emily tells him he has to respect her and can't understand why he threw her sister out of their house. Upset, Emily runs upstairs.

Mike introduces himself to Molly. Molly agrees to spend the night at his place. Mike takes her suitcase. As they leave the bar, Molly looks back to where she was sitting and says to Mike that Jack is gone.

At their hotel room, Carly and Jack are in bed, drinking their bottle of champagne from Rosanna. Concerned about being disturbed, Carly tells Jack she already placed the "do not disturb" sign outside their door.

Rosanna tells Craig that she is crazy for him and offers to talk to Lucy for him. Craig tells Rosanna that he is afraid he will lose Lucy, since she just phoned her mother. Rosanna shares her past about how when she was Lucy's age; she was kept apart from a boy she cared about also (Mike Kasnoff). They kiss.

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