ATWT Update Tuesday 7/2/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/2/02

By Loretta

Alison who arrives through the front door (she kept the key Emily loaned her) interrupts Hal and Emily's quiet moment.

At a NYC bar, Molly is sitting at a table by herself drinking up a storm and talking to herself. Jake appears and tells her she speaks lousy French and she sees dead people.

Sharing drinks at the Lakeview, Jack and Carly discuss her new business venture with Lisa. Carly tells him after Fashions, she wants to take on Rodeo Drive, Europe and Milan. Jack tells her he will be right there with her and they shall see the world together.

At dinner, Craig shows everyone a picture of Aaron, after having been beaten up by the husband of the woman he was having an affair with back in Seattle. Lucy asks Aaron if this is true.

Jake tells Molly she is doing great. Molly tells him she cannot live without him and she does not belong anywhere now. As she speaks to Jake, Mike Kasnoff arrives and sits down at the bar. The bartender knows him and they chat. Molly says she is crazy as she is taking advice from a dead man.

Aaron tells Lucy he can explain everything. Lucy tells Aaron and Craig to both keep away from her and she runs off. Rosanna follows her.

Alison announces she does not want to attend college, which has made Susan angry with her. Emily tells her she should consider it, but then, it is her life. Alison runs upstairs to use more of Emily's expensive body lotion bath. As Hal and Emily chat, Susan arrives.

Carly sees Lucy crying and asks her if she is ok. Rosanna tells Lucy that her dad just tried to help her in the worst possible way. Lucy says he is playing games with her life and she tells Rosanna to stay out of her life too. Lucy runs off. Carly asks Rosanna if she is now fighting Craig's battles. Carly cannot believe that Craig hired someone to check into his daughter's boyfriend's past. Rosanna tells Carly to stay out of her personal life.

Jake tells Molly to let someone love her and love back. Mike at the bar, sees Molly talking to herself. A man arrives (Pete) and asks to sit with Molly. They introduce themselves and end up dancing together to the jukebox.

Susan tells Emily she is upset, as Alison never sent her registration forms to attend college prep classes, which will ensure her getting into a good college. Alison arrives and tells Susan she has no intention of furthering her learning beyond high school.

Back home Lucy is crying by herself. Rosanna arrives, as she just wanted to be sure Lucy was ok. Lucy tells her she is just trying to impress Craig by defending him like this. Rosanna tells her that although what Craig did was terrible, it is better she knows the truth about Aaron's entire past. Just then Aaron arrives.

Holden and Craig are bickering about what just happened. Jack keeps Holden from punching Craig. Craig tells Holden that his mission is accomplished and that if Lucy were Holden's daughter, he would do the same thing. Craig announces that Aaron will never touch his daughter again. As Jack and Holden leave, Carly (who has heard this conversation) comes and sits down with Craig. Carly tells him Lucy will never trust him again and recommends that he stop interfering in other people's lives. Craig defends himself and says Lucy is his only child. Carly tells him that he did the same thing, which broke them up. Carly says he is a control freak and if she ever married him, she would have been under his thumb for the rest of her life. Craig humorously asks her what she thought of his boyish charm.

Aaron tells Lucy to allow him just 15 minutes, and if she wishes, he will be gone from her life. Aaron apologizes to Lucy for not telling her the complete truth. Lucy tells Aaron that he is a liar and hurts people, and is no better than her father. Aaron leaves.

While dancing with Molly, Pete asks her to come home with him. Molly says she can't and she has to go. Pete asks her if she is a tease. Hearing this, Mike comes over and says Molly is with him. We see Jack smiling sadly.

Susan accuses Emily of taking Alison's part. Now they all are bickering. Susan tells Alison she can't run over to Emily's every time they have a disagreement, she has a perfectly good home with her. Alison says she does as long as the alcohol is locked up. Alison thanks Susan for being her "grandma" and that she is staying here with "mom" (Emily).

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