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As the World Turns Monday 7/1/02

By Loretta

At the Lakeview Towers, Lisa chats with Marshall. She confides to him that she does not feel comfortable dissolving her partnership with Barbara and her consideration to go into business with Carly Tenney. She is concerned how this will look in front of a jury. Lisa tells him this whole situation can get messy. When Marshall leaves, Lisa phones Carly and tells her to come down and meet with her.

Rosanna arrives at Craig's. She tells him she is not crazy about him ruining his daughter's love life. Aaron and Holden arrive for dinner with Craig.

Margo, still at Hal's discovers she is not pregnant. Hal tells her to go to the doctor. Margo tells him she could never have another baby, as she is so stressed already with her life. She starts to cry.

After her arrival at the El Capitan Hotel, Rose sits with Lucinda. Rose tells her that she and Henry hitch hiked through the jungle. When Paul showed up, Henry ran off. Rose also tells her how some man who looked exactly like Simon, was throwing harpoons at them.

Katie tells Simon (imposter) she is leaving. Simon (imposter) asks her where the diamond is, then pushes her. This angers Katie and she tells him to go ahead and kill her if he wishes. She tells him to go find the diamond himself - then she leaves.

Jack tells Carly he feels responsible for ruining her chance to go into business with Lisa, due to his fight with Craig - and their damage to Java. He goes off to apologize to Lisa (before Carly can go with him).

Lucy runs up to the apartment and greets Rosanna. Lucy hugs Craig and tells him he is the best dad in the world, and that she is glad he is giving Aaron a chance. Rosanna tells Craig to behave at dinner.

Rose tells Lucinda how soldiers captured her and Paul. She says Paul had tried to talk it out with them, but they hit him over his head with a gun. Lucinda tells Rose they cannot trust Simon. In the bar, Katie sees Cooley who is barely alive. Katie tries to ask him if he has Joe or the diamond. He tries to speak, but dies.

Margo still insists she is stressed and will go purchase more vitamins. Hal says he will tell Tom she is sick. Tom arrives, followed by Emily, who invites them all to stay to dinner.

Marshall is seen speaking with a man. Marshal tells him he must find out al he can on the Hughes', Grimaldi and Dixon, since they must all take the stand at Barbara‘s trial.

Jack apologizes to Lisa for the damage he caused at Java. Carly arrives and asks Lisa if she has considered her business proposition. Lisa tells Carly that although she has some problems with her, she is primarily concerned about Barbara and what it may do to their friendship.

Marshall chats with Brandy. Brandy tells him it is kind of hard to get information on Bonnie, as he requested. She feels like she must become Bonnie's instant friend, which is hard for her to do. Later Jack recognizes Brandy. Brandy tells him she now works at Java and that she desperately needs this job. Jack asks her if Lisa knows how she helped Craig succeed in James Stenbeck's escape from the hospital.

Margo tells everyone that the pregnancy kit they saw is for a case she is working on with Hal. Tom makes a toast to Emily and Hal. He wishes them nothing but joy and happiness.

Simon (imposter) visits the real Simon in jail. He tells Simon is real name is Donovan and he has followed him for years. Donovan tells Simon he has a tough wife. Simon tells him he does not know where the diamond is, and asks Donovan not to touch Katie.

Aaron, Holden, Lucy, Craig and Rosanna sit down to dinner at the Lakeview restaurant. They make small talk. Lucy and Aaron cannot get their eyes off of one another.

Still discussing the business, Carly asks Lisa when was the last time she was in the limelight with her business. Carly tells her if she takes her on, Lisa will have it all. Lisa tells Carly she feels like a traitor, since if she goes into business with Carly, then Barbara may go into business with Rosanna, which will make Barbara her competition. Lisa finally agrees to take Carly on as her business partner.

Tom and Margo leave Hal's. Once outside they kiss. Emily is thrilled that Tom finally said some kind words to her. They kiss. Emily smiles and tells Hal that everyone is nice to her because she is the future Mrs. Hal Munson.

Katie tells Lucinda that Cooley is dead. Lucinda tells Katie she should stay in Ivanya and go back upstairs and play the good wife to mean Simon, and get some answers.

Back at the jail, Donovan asks Simon how to win Katie over and make her stay. Simon says he will, if they make a deal. Donovan must promise not to touch Katie. At this, Donovan laughs and says he only wants the diamond. Simon then tells Donovan how to make Katie stay.

After much small talk at dinner, Craig finally brings up Seattle. Craig asks Aaron exactly what kind of trouble he was involved with in Seattle. Aaron eagerly explains it all. Lucy asks Craig why he is bringing all this up again. Rosanna tries to defend Aaron. Craig then asks Aaron what is the real reason he left Seattle. He gets a blank stare from Aaron.

After discussing her shady past in Oakdale, Brandy again tells Jack she needs to keep her job at Java and hopes he does not tell Lisa about her links to Craig and James Stenbeck. Lisa arrives, and Jack says nothing (Brandy smiles at him).

Donovan (as Simon) arrives back at Katie's hotel room. He apologizes to her and has brought her a pet rabbit, like her one back home named Snicker Doodle. He also tells her he has caught a contagious disease recently and she must not come near him. Concerned, Katie gives him a big kiss. After her kiss, Donovan asks her why she did that since now he will have to wash up? When he leaves to wash, Katie says he is not Simon.

At dinner, Craig pulls out a photo of Aaron in which he is badly beaten up. Craig announces to everyone that this picture was taken of Aaron after he was beat up by the husband of the wife Aaron slept with.

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