ATWT Update Friday 6/28/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 6/28/02

by Loretta

Margo visits with Hal, informing him about the Henry Coleman case. While they are outside, Margo collapses in Hal's arms.

Simon's imposter dines with Katie for breakfast. Katie is shocked when he orders alcoholic beverages at that time of the day. She asks him what is going on? He warns her not to get on his back.

At station WORK, Molly arrives. Obviously drunk, she tells the current TV anchor to leave, as she will be anchoring the news herself. The anchor informs Kim of this. Kim chats with Molly. Molly tells her she needs to go on the air to say goodbye to all the wonderful people, who sent her cards and flowers after Jake died, since she will be going away.

Rosanna visits Craig. He updates her about Lucy's Chicago adventure, the lost car keys, and that he does not think Little Fabio (Aaron) is right for Lucy, since he also has a police record.

Carly is sleeping. She has a dream that she is the maid of honor at Craig and Rosanna's wedding. Just as the justice of the peace asks if there is anyone who feels these two (Craig and Rosanna) should not be joined in holy matrimony - Craig speaks. Craig says "I only want one woman," then walks over to Carly, and they kiss. Jack arrives and wakes Carly. Carly tells him that she has not heard from Molly since yesterday and is worried. Jack tells Carly that Molly cannot be perfect all the time, especially now. Carly tells Jack she doesn't know what she would do if she lost Jack. Abigail arrives and says that Kim called and informed her that Molly is at station WORK. Carly, Jack and Abigail leave for the station.

At WORK, Molly informs Kim that she is leaving Oakdale for someplace she can live without Jake. Kim asked her if she would consider going for therapy. Molly tells her that crying, people, walks, waking up, sleeping, even ice cream doesn't help her anymore. Kim tells her running away won't either.

Hal tells Margo to call the doctor now. Sipping water, Margo insists she just needs some sleep. Hal tells Margo that if he covers for her for a week, she has to cover for him for the week he marries Emily. Margo starts to cry.

Katie asks Simon what is going on. Simon (imposter) says that if anyone doesn't like his behavior, he'll bounce a coconut off his or her head. Katie says she is leaving. Simon (imposter) wishes her Bon Voyage. We now see the real Simon breaking open the window off his jail cell. He escapes.

Margo apologizes to Hal for crying. She says she is starting to like Emily and wishes them only the best. Hal offers to cook Margo a breakfast of eggs, sausage and fried onion. Margo says she is too queasy to eat. Hal asks her if she is pregnant. Margo says no.

Rosanna tells Craig she understands what Lucy is going through. She tells him how when she was Lucy's age, she ran away and lived at the Snyder farm. There she met and fell in love with Mike Kassnoff, whom her father tried to keep her away from. Rosanna said she hated her father for keeping her from Mike. Rosanna warns Craig that his closed mind will ruin his relationship with Lucy. Craig tells her about his planned dinner with Aaron and Holden. Rosanna tells him she knows he is up to something and she offers to help him with his etiquette at the dinner.

Molly asks Kim if she can have five minutes on the air to say goodbye to her audience, as her flight leaves in two hours. Kim agrees but tells her she has to be sober first. Molly agrees to take a nap first in Kim's office. Abigail, Carly and Jack arrive at the station and are told by Kim of Molly's flight. Bob arrives to tell Kim that Christopher is coming home before he begins his medical internship (they hug). While everyone chats outside, Molly sneaks out and runs off.

Lucinda joins Katie for breakfast. Katie tells her about Simon's unusual behavior. Katie announces that she is leaving. At the bar, Simon (imposter) is sitting at a table with Cooley. Cooley tells Simon to give him the providence, and then he'll give him Joe. Simon (imposter), holding a knife, orders him to tell him where the diamond is. Cooley states he does not have the diamond, Katie has it. Simon (impostor) stabs Cooley. At the breakfast area, Rose arrives screaming "Ms. Walsh; I need your help!" Rose is with several men.

At Jacks, Carly chats with Abigail. Abigail tells her how hearing the news about Christopher (her first love) returning to Oakdale is bringing up old memories for her. Carly tells her you never forget your first love. Jack arrives and says no one has seen Molly. Abigail says she will go home and wait for Molly. Carly hugs Jack and thanks him for trying to find Molly.

Rosanna tells Craig that he needs her to be present at his dinner with Aaron.

She says that without her there, he will offend everyone and she can help him reach a compromise. Craig receives a delivery; it is the news on Aaron he was waiting for. Craig agrees that Rosanna should join his dinner party.

After going out for a brief time, Hal returns and brings Margo a home pregnancy kit. Margo goes upstairs.

The phone interrupts Jack and Carly's make out session. Jack learns that Molly is flying off to the French Riviera.

On a plane bound for the French Riviera, Molly (sipping a drink) informs the flight attendant that she will stay on in New York instead.

Rose tells Lucinda they are going to put her in jail, if she doesn't give these men some money. After giving them money, they free Rose. Rose tells Lucinda she does not know where Paul is.

At Katie's room at the El Capitan Hotel, Simon (imposter arrives). Katie tells him she is leaving. Simon (imposter) says he can't let her.

We see the real Simon captured once again, and thrown back in his jail cell, this time, handcuffed to the bars.

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