ATWT Update Thursday 6/27/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/27/02

By Loretta

Lucy tells Holden that Aaron had left her a message indicating he was leaving Oakdale. She says it is her fault.

Seeing Emily and Hal kissing (Emily has accepted Hal's proposal), Alison decides to leave, but is convinced to stay by Aaron. Emily greets Alison with a hug.

In Katie's El Capitan hotel room, a note is slid underneath her door. It says "meet me on the veranda." She goes to the veranda and meets Henry who says he does not know where Simon is. Henry tells Katie that he sent her the telegram to come to Ivanya, so she would distract Simon. Henry tells her that Simon stole the providence from him, so he can legally steal the diamond. Katie doesn't believe Henry and tells him to just leave her alone and she runs off. Katie finds Simon in the hotel room and questions him. Simon snaps and tells her that if she is going to nag, she can leave. Simon insists he took the providence to protect Henry. Katie asks him why he doesn't give it to Lucinda, since she has lots of contacts in Ivanya. Annoyed at her, Simon tells her to go play with someone else.

Sipping on a cocktail in the El Capitan bar, Lucinda is warned by the bartender that Simon is a dangerous man and to watch out for him.

Visited by Margo in the hospital, Lily informs her how Lucinda and Katie had left for Ivanya. Margo offers to help and find out about Rose and Paul in Ivanya, plus keep tabs on Lucinda and Katy. As Margo is leaving, she stumbles.

Holden tells Lucy that Aaron is still in Oakdale and that he probably went off somewhere just to cool off. As he is leaving, Holden finds Alison's purse, which makes Lucy say that she thinks Aaron ran off with Alison.

Aaron tells Emily that he and Alison just came from Java. Alison tells them that Aaron convinced her to come back. Emily and Hal thank Aaron for this. Aaron leaves. Emily explains to Alison that since she was locked up in that spa, she learned many things about herself, one of them is about being truthful.

After telling Katie to leave if she doesn't like it, Simon throws her out of the room. Katie furiously leaves. We next see the real Simon locked up in a jail cell.

Aaron arrives back home and admits to Holden he had planned on running away. Holden tells him he cannot always run away from problems. They discuss what happened in Chicago and Holden apologizes to him for the way he behaved. Holden tells Aaron that Craig invited them all to dinner the next night, which pleases Aaron. Aaron goes to find Lucy.

Alison tells Emily that she always felt like a stranger in their family and now she feels like a freak. Emily tells her she will help her and she is welcomed at their home anytime. Alison accepts Emily's invitation to spend the night with her. Hal prepares Jennifer's room for her. Suddenly Hal and Emily hear Italian music and waiters arrive, bringing a romantic dinner for two. Alison hears all this commotion, runs downstairs and instantly says she has ruined their evening. Emily and Alison then chat about her upcoming wedding to Hal. Emily is pleased that Alison is showing some interest and had even complimented on her new engagement ring.

After almost passing out, Margo eats some crackers. She tells Lily she has been exhausted and queasy lately. Lily suggests perhaps she is pregnant. Margo says no way.

Katie arrives at the hotel bar and is joined by Lucinda. Katie tells her what happened with Simon. Lucinda advises her to sit tight and be the good wife, later they can both exchange reports. Lucinda offers Katie the couch in her room, since Simon threw her out.

In a jail cell, we see Simon screaming for help. He then tries to find a way out of this cell.

Lily tells Holden that she asked Margo to check things in Ivanya. Outside Lily's room, Margo is ill again and has to sit down.

Alison eavesdrops on Hal and Emily's conversations about her. Hal warns Emily to keep calm, where Susan is concerned, as he doesn't want their current situation to turn into a mother war.

Aaron goes to visit Lucy. Aaron tells her that he convinced Alison not to run away and that he just dropped her off at Emily's. Lucy asks him why he was going to run away and not say goodbye to her. Aaron says if he did, then he wouldn't be able to leave. Aaron tells Lucy about their planned dinner for the next evening. This makes Lucy happy and they kiss.

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