ATWT Update Wednesday 6/26/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 6/26/02

by Loretta

At Java, Isaac chats on the phone with Bonnie, who is just outside Java's door. Bonnie enters and they kiss. Marshall Travers arrives, looks at them and asks if it is Happy Hour yet?

Holden arrives at the hospital to visit Lily. He tells her how he blew up at Aaron and admits he acted like a jerk. Lily defends him, saying that Aaron was out the whole night, she cannot blame Holden.

Lucy gets a phone message from Aaron indicating that he is leaving Oakdale. After hearing this, Lucy tells Craig that she must break their deal for her not to see Aaron - before their family dinner, as she must talk with him.

Hal orders Italian food, while he looks at the ring he bought for Emily. Emily arrives and tells Hal that she told Alison the truth, and how she flew off in a rage.

At the farm, Aaron tries to convince Alison from leaving, telling her she cannot just run away and become a dancer in Las Vegas. He warns her that there are "sick people" out there. Alison tells Aaron exactly what happened, how Susan, then married to Larry (a younger man) wanted a baby, so Emily donated her egg. Alison insists that she is a freak.

Sipping a Bloody Mary, Marshall introduces himself to Bonnie and tells her he is handling Barbara's case. He tells Bonnie that her and her mother (Jessica) are beautiful. Lisa discusses inventory with Isaac, then tells him her displeasure at Brandi working at Java. Lisa insists Brandi is trouble. Isaac insists she is a good waitress. Brandi then arrives and tells Lisa and Isaac she just finished doing the inventory herself and cleaned up behind the bar - without being asked to do so. Impressed, Isaac thanks her.

Emily tells Hal she never should have told Alison the truth. Hal says Alison could have heard it from a stranger, which would have been worst. He tells Emily to calm down. Susan arrives with a note from Alison indicating she is running away. Susan tells Emily that now everything is going to Hell in a hand basket.

Holden tells Lily that he tried hard to make things right with Aaron and now he blew his chance.

Alison tells Aaron that Emily and her parents do not care about her. She also says Hal does not want her around since he has so many kids himself, with nearly every woman in Oakdale. Aaron tells her that Holden wants a kid who doesn't screw things up like him, so he is heading back to Seattle. Alison asks to come with him.

Brandi apologizes to Lisa for coming between Adam and Abigail. While Lisa sneers, Brandi tearfully explains that she is on academic probation at school, her mother is mad at her and does not want to see her. Lisa doesn't believe her tears. Bonnie continues to chat with Marshall who tells her that if he died looking at her face, he would die a happy man.

Aaron tells Alison that Emily and Susan did everything to have her and feels they love her. Aaron tells her that if she runs away to Seattle with him, the cops will eventually find them and blame him.

Craig allows Lucy to go visit with Aaron. Lucy tells Craig he is the best father in the world. When Lucy leaves, Craig is on the phone explaining that he needs all the information he can get on Aaron Snyder.

Isaac asks Bonnie what Marshall wanted. Bonnie says he wanted to see if she was on the menu. Bonnie and Isaac compliment Brandi on her works (Lisa still sneers at Brandi).

Susan and Emily continue fighting about Alison. Hal tells them that maybe Alison just needed some time to think. Hal says he will notify some squad cars to be on the lookout for Alison. Susan leaves.

Aaron tells Alison that before the Chicago incident, things were looking great for him and Lucy. Alison tells Aaron he is right - she cannot run away. She asks him to drive her to Emily's.

Craig visits Lily in the hospital and brings her a bouquet of flowers. He says he has come in peace. Craig invites Holden, Lily and Aaron to dinner the following night. They agree. When Craig leaves, Holden wonders what Craig is up to, making Lily laugh. Holden kisses Lily.

Brandi thanks Lisa again. Brandi goes over to where Marshall sits. Marshall asks her if she has considered his offer to find out all she can on Jessica and Bonnie. Brandi agrees.

Emily thanks Hal for putting up with her and her crazy family. Hal tells her she is the best thing to happen to him in a long time. He then takes out a ring and asks Emily if she will become the 14th Mrs. Munson. Emily tearfully says "yes, yes." They kiss. Alison outside sees their kiss. Disgusted by this she tells Aaron she wants to leave.

Lucy arrives at the farm and tells Holden he must fix things with Aaron, as he intends to go back to Seattle.

Craig is on the phone again telling someone that he must have all the information on Aaron by the next day.

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