ATWT Update Tuesday 6/25/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/25/02

By Loretta

Walking in after her evening in Chicago, Alison arrives at Hal's. Susan is there. Emily tells her the truth (Alison demanded to know what is going on).

Emily tells her how Susan went to a fertility doctor, obtained an egg from a donor and it was planted inside of her. Emily tells her she donated the egg and is Alison's biological mother.

Carly arrives at Molly's apartment. Abigail tells her she is concerned as Molly has not been there all night and lately has been drinking quite a bit.

Bob tells Lily and Holden their baby is out of danger - but Lily needs lots of rest, a good diet and no stress. When Bob leaves, Holden tells Lily that Aaron has not been home at all.

Arriving home and sharing a quick kiss, Aaron and Lucy find Craig sitting in the living room. Craig immediately questions them. Lucy says they have a good explanation. Craig says he can't wait to hear it. Lucy tells him about the lost car keys, how Alison tagged along, then how she lied to Aaron that Craig gave her the ok to attend that Chicago concert. Tired of their explanations, Craig points Aaron to the door and tells him he is forbidden to see Lucy.

Molly finally arrives home, but drunk. Abigail finds her outside the door, on her knees, trying to find her door keys. Molly hugs Abigail and greets Carly.

Susan tries to explain to Alison exactly what happened. Alison wants to know why did they wait until now to tell her the truth. Emily tells her she was just too young. Then all three begin to bicker.

Carly tells a drunken Molly tht Abigail was worried sick about her. Molly apologizes and insists she will never do this again. Abigail asks Molly where she was all night long. Thinking long about her answer, Molly says she had gone fishing, then giggles. Carly tells her she is quite drunk. Molly says there is no harm done in having a few drinks.

In the midst of fighting, Alison tells Emily and Susan that she is the reason they constantly fight. Susan tells her she is wrong, as it is her and Emily that just don't get along. Emily tells Alison that is why she had to get this secret out in the open. Alison tells Emily she hates her and this "honest trip" is just a way to get rid of her guilt.

Aaron finally shows up at the hospital. He brought Lily some flowers. Holden takes him outside Lily's room to talk. Very angry, Holden tells Aaron he is irresponsible, made stupid choices on this night, spends too much time with his motorcycle and has yet to look for a job. Holden tells Aaron that he needed him here the night before, to help watch the kids.

Craig tells Lucy that when she goes out, she must be home by 9 p.m. Lucy says he is ruining her life and this is unfair. She wants Craig to give Aaron a chance. Craig tells her that he does not trust Aaron with her. He feels Aaron is just an accident waiting to happen. Lucy tells Craig that he and Aaron should have dinner together and get to know one another. Craig says no. Lucy then attempts to phone her mother, to let her know she will return to Montega. As she dials, Craig stops her.

Susan suggests to Alison that they both go home and talk this. Alison tells Susan that she just wanted a baby just so she could hold on to Larry. Alison runs out the door in anger.

Alone with Carly, Molly tells her she will not allow herself to cry over Jake. If she does, she will never stop. Drinking helps her a great deal, so for now she says "bottoms up." Carly suggests that she and Abigail come live with her and Jack. Molly thanks her but says no, she could not stand to see her and Jack together. Molly tells her she just needs to be left alone. Abigail offers to make Molly some toast, and Carly offers to go prepare her bed so Molly can rest. When they leave, Molly goes out the door, leaving a note, which says "gone fishing." She sticks it to the mirror in the lobby hallway.

As Aaron is preparing to take off on his bike (at the stables), Alison arrives. Aaron says he is leaving. When Alison asks to come with him, he says "no way." She tells him what just happened to her and that she considers herself a freak. Alison asks Aaron for a loan of money, as she has to get away from Oakdale.

Craig stops Lucy from calling Sierra (her mother). Craig agrees to have dinner with Aaron, as long as Lucy keeps her promise to be honest with him.

Abigail and Carly yell for Molly but she is not there. Soon they find Molly's "gone fishing" note.

Alison tells Aaron she is headed for Las Vegas and if she needs money, she will get a job dancing in a club. Aaron suggests she just chill. Alison insists she is not coming back to Oakdale, even if she has to steal money.

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