ATWT Update Friday 6/21/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 6/21/02

by Loretta

Holden helps Lily clean up around the house. He asks her how she is feeling, since she cramped the day before, but she insists she is fine. Their answering machine indicates Lucinda is coming over. Katie soon arrives.

After telling Aaron and Lucy that since her dad is going away with his new girlfriend, she is forced to hang out with them (while sneering at Lucy).

Over drinks at Rosanna's, Craig and Jack chat. Craig tells Jack that if he marries Rosanna, that will make Jack his brother in law, which means they would spend time together at endless barbecues, Sunday picnics and bowling. Jack now has a sick look on his face.

Having forgotten to find that bottle of wine at Craig's, Rosanna tells Carly that she was better in bed with Craig then she. Carly asks her if Craig keeps a scorecard. Rosanna tells Carly that she does not have as much experience in bed with men as she. Carly tells Rosanna she is only a consolation prize to Craig in a twisted way, and they both belong together. Rosanna tells Carly that it kills her that Craig wants her.

Waiting in the car in Chicago, Alison insists she can wait in the car for a few hours while Lucy and Aaron attend the concert. Disgusted, Aaron tells them they'll just go back home.

Katie shows Holden the telegram she received from Simon. Shortly Lucinda arrives and reads the telegram, which states "Complications in Ivanya - I need help - Come to the Old Capitan Hotel ASAP.

Taking part in a game of poker in an Ivanya bar, Simon is asked by some men what business he has here in town. He tells them he is trying to find a fantastic diamond.

Katie announces she is going to Ivanya. Lucinda says she is also going. They agree to go together.

Aaron reads his map, but still can't figure out how to get back to Oakdale, as many roads are closed in Chicago, due to the concert. Lucy now worries, as she has to be home in 45 minutes. Aaron now finds out that Lucy lied to her dad about this evening. After Lucy and Aaron leave the car to ask someone for directions, Alison tosses Aaron's car keys out the window.

Rosanna and Carly are still at each other's throats about Craig. Rosanna tells Carly she never should have tried to have an adult relationship with her. Carly calls Rosanna a spoiled brat and a whore. At this remark, Rosanna smacks her sister in the face. Carly smacks her back. Carly pulls Rosanna's hair and shortly the two are on the couch physically fighting. Just in the nick of time, Craig and Jack walk in and break them apart. Craig announces that two fights don't make a right. Leaving with Carly, Jack says they will take a rain check on dinner. Craig tells Rosanna that he likes a girl with claws, then they agree to order dinner.

Once back in the car, Aaron realizes he cannot find his car keys.

Lucinda makes reservations for her and Katie to leave for Ivanya. Katie says she has to make arrangements for Snickers while she is away. Lucinda says she cannot believe she is going to such a dangerous place like Ivanya with the mother of a rabbit (Katie). They both leave to pack.

Dressed like Indiana Jones, Henry arrives at the Ivanya bar. Nervously, he gives the bartender descriptions of Rose and Paul, and asks him if he has seen them. Soon Simon shows up to tell Henry that he is in charge now.

When Aaron announces he lost the car keys, Lucy immediately stares at Alison. Lucy asks Alison is she knows anything about these lost keys. Alison denies having anything to do with this.

Simon roughly grabs Henry and asks where Rose and Paul are. Henry tells him that after arriving at the airport, he and Rose hitch hiked in the jungle, then Paul showed up. Henry realized having Paul around posed too much danger, she he ditched Rose and Paul. Henry believes Cooley has the diamond, but Simon does not believe this. Having gotten the providence away from Henry, Simon leaves.

Afraid to tell their family the truth, Alison and Lucy agree to lie further. Alison calls up Susan and says she is spending the night with Lucy. Lucy calls Craig to say she is spending the night with Alison. Then they wait for the tow truck to arrive.

Looking out the window, Holden is worried as Aaron is late. Lily tells Holden she is cramping and spotting, she phoned Dr. Samuels. Holden hugs Lily.

While dining, Craig asks Rosanna about her fight with Carly. After kissing, Rosanna asks Craig to spend the night, but he declines, as he needs to be home with Lucy.

Back home, Jack chats with Carly about her fight with Rosanna. Jack tells Carly he feels Craig will keep his distance from them for the time being. They kiss.

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