ATWT Update Thursday 6/20/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/20/02

By Loretta

Putting the finishing touches on their welcome back celebration party at Java for Isaac, Lisa and Ben wait for his arrival. Outside Java, Isaac and Bonnie share a kiss. They enter and yell "Surprise."

Aaron prepares for his trip to Chicago with Holden giving him some road directions. Holden and Lily invite Aaron to spend the night at their house, since he will be home late from Chicago anyhow.

Lucy arrives home and thinks Craig is not there. Craig soon arrives and sees that Lucy is preparing to go out for the evening. Surprised, she sees Craig.

Before they leave, Carly and Jack still argue about there pending dinner with Craig and Rosanna. Carly tells Jack she does not want Craig to report him and urges him to go.

Lucy lies by telling Craig that she is spending the evening with Alison. Craig tells her to beware of Alison and asks her if she is still upset about him forbidding her to go to the concert. Lucy says it would have been a good concert. Soon Alison is at the door. Afraid she will leak out their real plans for the evening (headed for Chicago) to her dad, Lucy quickly says they are headed to the mall and will rent a movie. Once outside, Lucy reminds Alison that she had better not leak this out to her dad.

After seeing Aaron off for his evening, Lily tells Holden she is worried sick about Rose and Paul. Holden tells Lily he feels Aaron is falling for Lucy, much to Craig's disgust.

Barbara arrives at Java with her attorney Marshall Travers. When Barbara sees Jessica is there, she wants to leave, but is urged to remain by Marshall. Earlier this day Marshall had Barbara's original confession (for her involvement in the kidnappings) thrown out.

Bonnie tells the guests how she missed everyone in Oakdale too much to remain in Scotland, plus living in a castle is useless when you are alone. Isaac tells his story of how he was reminded of Jake saying that our time on earth is limited and how this urged him to go back for Bonnie. Hearing this, Brandi walks over to Bonnie and tells her this story of hers is awesome and she should sell it to a tabloid for lots of money.

Jessica tells Ben the state has a legitimate case against Barbara and that her upcoming trial (to start in two weeks) is sure to get ugly, as Marshall Travers is a shark.

Barbara is upset since Marshall had her confession thrown out. Marshall tells Barbara she is innocent and she was not in a good emotional frame of mind when she and James planned the kidnappings. When Marshall leaves to get a drink, Lisa comes and sits with Barbara.

Jessica congratulates Marshall on his day in court with Barbara. Marshall asks her to have a drink, but she declines.

As they get ready to leave for Chicago, Aaron goes to kiss Lucy; she stops him and tells him she still does not trust Alison. She feels Alison is still spying on them.

Jack (in a suit and tie) and Carly arrive at Rosanna's. Rosanna promises them there will be no surprises this evening. Craig arrives and immediately goes for Rosanna to share a quite lengthy kiss. Rosanna and Carly leave together to bring back the bottle of wine which Craig forgot to bring with him. Now left alone, Craig denies to Jack that he intended to report him to the commissioner. They discuss their mutual love for Carly. Eventually Craig agrees to refrain from interfering in Jack's love life, finally encouraging Jack to get a sense of humor.

Rosanna and Carly arrive at Craig's to retrieve the bottle of wine. Carly immediately digs into Rosanna and insists Rosanna just needs an audience, they go on about their relationships with Craig and Jack.

At Java, Barbara tells Lisa how she went back to Rosanna for financial help. Lisa tells her she is quite confident Rosanna will do that. Keeping his eye on Bonnie and Jessica, Marshall asks Brandi about them. Marshall offers Brandi many Rolex watches and more expensive gifts if she researches Bonnie and Jessica for him. Brandi agrees.

Holden and Lily take an evening stroll in their yard. Lily who is pregnant, suddenly gets cramping, but insists to Holden she is fine.

Arriving in Chicago, Alison leaves the car to see if her dad is home. Aaron and Lucy then steal a quick kiss. Soon Alison returns to tell them that her dad is going off with his girlfriend to Aspen, and she will just get in their way - so she has to spend the evening with Lucy and Aaron.

Rosanna tells Carly she is quite aware Craig likes her for her money, but tells her she has seen a different side of him.

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