ATWT Update Wednesday 6/19/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 6/19/02

by Loretta

Alison arrives at Hal's to see if Emily is there. After chatting, Hal tells Alison that any sister of Emily is a sister of his. Hal asks her what she really came over for?

Lucy awakes to find her dad (Craig) not there. Aaron arrives.

After spending the night with Rosanna, Craig wakes up and tells her he must leave, as Lucy will be worried. Craig says his bruises mean Jack views him as a threat to him and Carly. Rosanna asks him if he and Jack are still competing for Carly?

After a night of passion, Carly tells Jack she will change his name from G-Man to Wild Man. A visitor at their door who turns out to be Margo interrupts them. Margo confronts Jack about his fight with Craig. Jacks tells her if it costs him his badge, he will never apologize to Craig.

Hal tells Alison that Emily and Susan are trying to work out a problem between them. Alison wants to know what is going on with them and wants to know if they are sending her away?

After sharing a hug, Aaron asks Lucy to accompany him to a concert that evening in Chicago. He promises to get her home by midnight.

Although Craig is dressing to leave, Rosanna asks him to stay for breakfast, but he cannot. Rosanna reminds him how the other night, Craig told her that he could love her. Craig says yes he did, but then that word "commitment" always comes up. Rosanna says that is ok, as she could not get used to an emotional and sensitive Craig.

Emily arrives at Hal's. Hal tells her about Alison's visit earlier and how she got upset and left. Hal feels Alison "smells a secret." Hal apologizes to Emily about how he reacted to her marriage proposal. Emily asks him if they will get married or not?

Craig tells Rosanna she has more fire in her than any other woman he has known. Rosanna then pulls him on her couch and kisses him. They agree to have dinner that evening.

Jack tells Margo he feels Craig will not press charges against him, as Craig does not want to look weak. Margo asks him how the fight started. Jack tells her it had to do with everything, such as Craig's interference in the Stenbeck case. When Margo leaves, Carly tells him that between her kiss with Craig and Jack's fight, she cannot live like this.

Aaron tells Lucy he wants to be her boyfriend. Lucy is thrilled. Just as they hug, Craig walks in. Seeing Lucy in her pajamas hugging Aaron upsets him and he asks what is going on. They insist nothing happened and Aaron leaves. Lucy asks Craig where he has been and who hit him. Craig tells her Jack hit him. Craig apologizes to Lucy for over reacting. When Lucy asks Craig if she can go to the concert that evening with Aaron, he says no.

Carly tells Jack that when Margo said that whenever trouble starts, it's always because of "the blonde," (referring to Carly), this remark hurt her and she is tired of getting blamed for everything, including Barbara's kidnapping mess. Yelling, Carly tells Jack she wants his trust. Jack yells that he is sick of Craig. Standing outside their door and hearing their fight, Rosanna rings their doorbell. Carly opens the door and sarcastically says her day is getting better (at seeing Rosanna). Rosanna tells her that she and Craig have reached a solution, which may benefit them all.

Having Emily sit down, Hal brings her some flowers. He tells her he loves her more than bacon and eggs. Even when he does not like her - he loves her. He asks her to be his wife. They kiss and Emily says no. Emily tells Hal she does not believe his proposal. Hal tells her marriage is a good idea and they should think about it. Emily says she will give him one week.

Alison goes to visit Aaron, they chat about Emily and Susan not getting along. When Alison tells Aaron her dad lives in Chicago, he offers to drive her there that evening, when he takes Lucy to the concert. Lucy arrives and tells Aaron her dad said ok about the concert.

Rosanna tells Carly that the fight may cost Jack his career. Rosanna invites Carly and Jack to dine with her and Craig to discuss things. Carly tells her she would rather tap dance on the turnpike, but later agrees, as she cannot resist a freak show.

Rosanna visits with Craig and tells them Craig and Jack will join them at dinner.

Jack says no to Rosanna's dinner invitation. Carly reminds Jack that his fight with Craig and the damage they did to Java cost her the chance to work with Lisa. Jack finally agrees.

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