ATWT Update Tuesday 6/18/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/18/02

By Loretta

At Java, Lisa checks the damage report, caused by Craig and Jack's fight the night before. Ben is there and Lisa tells him she is tired of managing this place by herself and will be glad when Isaac returns. Ben tells her that Isaac will return shortly. Just then Brandi arrives, telling Lisa she works at Java now and Isaac hired her. Lisa tells Brandi, in her dreams she does.

Meeting each other outside Java, Katie and Molly agree to share a table inside.

After Emily (on her knees) asks Hal to marry her, he giggles and says he is speechless. Hal tells Emily although he loves her he cannot accept her proposal.

At Jack's house, Carly tells him she is sorry she kissed Craig. After much silence, Jacks informs Carly that after she told him about their kiss, he went to Java and beat the living daylights out of Craig.

Bruised and suffering from Jack's beating, Craig stumbles into Rosanna's apartment. Rosanna reminds Craig how he stood her up, kissed her sister and he is shameless. Craig asks Rosanna to help him; he does not want Lucy to see him in his current condition. Eyeing her luggage, Craig asks Rosanna if she is going somewhere. Rosanna tells him she is heading far away from him.

Lisa still does not believe that Isaac hired Brandi. Ben insists her and Isaac did; they were very short handed. Lisa still is upset with this, but her attitude changes for the better when Ben tells her that Isaac is headed for Oakdale.

On a plane headed for Oakdale, we see Bonnie snuggling up with Isaac.

Emily asks Hal why he turned her marriage proposal down. Hal tells her he loves her but there is too much stuff going on currently in both their lives, plus he has been married too many times and it never works out.

Jack explains to Carly how he beat up Craig the other night and how he is tired of his advances to Carly. In his anger, Jack throws items off a table. Carly asks Jack just exactly how angry is he?

After tending to his bruises, Craig tells Rosanna he wants her. Rosanna tells him she is tired of being the next best thing to Carly. Craig insists the kiss he shared with Carly was their last. As Rosanna tells Craig she is leaving, he stumbles to the floor in pain.

Over drinks, Katie tells Molly about Simon leaving to search for Rose; she continues about Henry and the whole diamond story. She says wherever there is danger, you will be sure to find Simon.

Hal tells Emily he is aware she is stressed out about Alison, and wants their whole family to be happy, but they just cannot marry and declare their household "one happy family." Hearing her name mentioned, Alison runs downstairs and wants to know what is going on.

Craig gets up off the floor telling Rosanna he thinks he may have a broken rib. Rosanna checks his rib area and says she will get some ice to put on the area, then they kiss.

Jack apologizes to Carly for blowing up. They argue about Craig. Jack tells Carly she never would have told him about her and Craig's kiss if Holden and Rosanna had not shown up to see it. Carly tells Jack that she is worried about Jack's job if Craig decides to press charges against him. Jack asks Carly what her reason for kissing Craig was. Carly does not answer him.

Emily tells Alison that she and Hal were just discussing some problems. Alison does not believe her and she runs out of the house. Emily tells Hal she cannot help herself, she worries a great deal about Alison and wants to tell her she is her mother and not Susan. Hal tells her she needs time. Emily tells Hal that Alison is her last chance to get things right in her life.

Carly tells Jack that her kiss with Craig was just a reaction, she does not want him. Jack asks her if Craig's kiss was that good and that he feels temptation had caused it. Jack tells her how before they officially got together, he remembers their secret kisses, also a temptation.

After their kiss, Rosanna starts to cry. She tells Craig that she has less than Barbara Ryan does, meaning Barbara has at least been loved. Rosanna feels she is only a sexual attraction to Craig. Rosanna tells Craig she wants desperately to be loved. Craig tells her he could love her and they kiss.

After telling Lisa that Isaac is on his way home, she asks about his relationship with Bonnie. Lisa tells Ben she hopes Bonnie and Isaac got together, they are meant to be.

On the plane, Bonnie thanks Isaac for rescuing her. She tells Isaac that she hopes her mother likes the idea of her having turned the castle into a museum, to be run by Paddington. Isaac reminds Bonnie that he loves her and they kiss gently.

Still arguing, Carly tells Jack maybe she simply cannot handle anything. She feels everything has changed since her return from the spa and Jack has changed. Carly feels she kissed Craig since it was familiar for her - Craig never changes.

Katie gets a phone call from Simon. When they start talking about how much they love and miss each other, Molly gets upset and leaves.

Hal tells Emily she is trying too hard with Alison. Emily admits she wants to make things right with the entire family and Alison, but she will love Hal forever and questions why he turned her proposal down.

In between their kisses, Craig tells Rosanna he does not want Carly. Rosanna asks him why she should believe him.

Carly asks Jack why he never tells her about his recent incident with Julia. Carly insists they both have changed. Jack tells her that although he may have changed, he still wants to spend the rest of his life with her, then they wildly kiss.

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