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As the World Turns Monday 6/17/02

By Naila

Hal convinces Barbara to accept Rosanna’s offer.  She can’t believe him when he tells her he still trusts her.  Emily walks in to see them embracing.  Much to Hal’s surprise, Emily’s is not mad at him.  In fact, she says she understands. 

Alison shows up to ask Emily for money.  Emily decides to take her home, where Alison spends time with Will and Daniel. 

Emily tells Hal she wants them to be a real family.  Emily gets down on one knee and proposes to Hal.   

Holden and Rosanna interrupt Craig and Carly’s kiss.  Rosanna tells her sister to enjoy her guilty pleasures; she wants to have nothing to do with Craig.  Holden demands to know what Carly was thinking/doing. 

Carly leaves and Holden warns Craig not to threaten his son again.  His mistakes are in the past and he’s paid for them.   

Lucy and Aaron spend time together in the barn.  She opens up Alison’s gift and finds a very expensive bracelet.  Aaron wonders if Alison is trying to buy Lucy’s friendship back.  The two discuss Craig; Lucy doesn’t think that he’ll be a problem because Margo said she’d take care of it.  They kiss again and Holden walks in.  Lucy takes off and Holden tells Aaron he talked to Craig.  Aaron lets him know that Margo has agreed to help him.  Holden cautions his son – because Craig can’t get into his records doesn’t mean that he’ll give up; Aaron realizes that he needs to earn Craig’s trust. 

Carly goes to Jack and tells him what happened with Craig.  Jack leaves, furious!  He finds Craig at Java Underground and they come to blows.  Well, to be fair, Jack threw all the punches. 

Barbara goes to Rosanna and sees that she’s upset.  Rosanna admits that she came back to town to get back at Carly but she lost again.  Barbara warns her not to get herself involved with Craig or it’ll cost her dearly.  Rosanna agrees to consider backing BRO. 

Rosanna refuses to let Craig in when he knocks on her door but he pleads with her and she finally relents.

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