ATWT Update Friday 6/14/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 6/14/02

by Loretta

Hal returns to the police station, it is his first day back on the job and he brought along some donuts. Barbara immediately shows up to tell Hal the IRS is going to shut down BRO and she has no idea where Paul is, he may be in trouble.

At the cabin, Katie tells Simon he can go to Ivanya if he wishes, she does not want him to stay in Oakdale just for her. Simon insists he will stay for Katie's sake. Katie reminds him he loves to travel and help people and she will not deny him this.

Lucy still tries to convince Aaron to come to dinner at Margo's. She tells him Margo just wants to get to know him better, not get a DNA sample. Not convinced he will come, Lucy leaves.

At Java, Rosanna and Craig are planning to spend a romantic evening together. Afterwards, Rosanna leaves as business calls her. They kiss goodbye.

Carly arrives to see Lisa, but she is not there. Craig greets Carly.

Katie lists all the reasons why Simon should go to Ivanya, except risking his file. She also reminds him that if anything should happen to Rose, they would never forgive themselves. They kiss.

Lucy arrives at Margo's for dinner. Margo has ordered ribs from Mabel's. Lucy tells her Aaron is not coming and she is sorry. Margo knows that Aaron is mad since Lucy told her about his past in Seattle, but says this is typical of a male. After they chat, Tom arrives with the ribs and Casey.

Alison visits Aaron. He tells her he is not in the mood for her right now and that she is pathetic. Alison tells Aaron she is sorry but she was jealous, she was becoming friends with Lucy, up until Aaron showed up. Alison shows Aaron a gift she has for Lucy and asks that he give it to her, with her apology.

As Rosanna is preparing for her intimate evening with Craig, the doorbell rings. It is Holden and he tells her he is not leaving until Craig shows up.

Seeing Carly at Java, Craig asks for her to join him at his table. He asks her if she is afraid of what might happen between them. Carly explains her plans to work with Lisa, and about Barbara losing BRO. Carly tells Craig she is enjoying this conversation with him, talking about business. Craig tells her he loves her and wants her in his life.

At dinner, Margo continues to give Lucy advice on boys, and that she will not always feel sad like this. Lucy tells her she is right, Aaron is not worth waiting for. Just then Aaron arrives for dinner.

Hal clues Barbara in on Henry Coleman and Rose's diamond. Barbara questions Paul's involvement in this case. Hal asks Barbara why she is ridding herself of BRO. Barbara tells Hal the Government has frozen her assets, how she put her attorney on this issue, and that BRO is going on the auction block. Hal tells her to take Rosanna's financial help.

At Rosanna's, Holden insists he will not leave until Craig shows up. He then warns Rosanna to beware of Craig.

Craig tells Carly that she is trying to run from him, but there is a pull between them. Craig gets a call from Rosanna but does not answer it. He tells Carly he and Rosanna are planning to make love this evening, and asks Carly to give him a reason not to. Craig tells Carly he misses everything about her.

Rosanna still tries to phone Craig at Java. Getting no answer on her phone, she asks a Java clerk if Craig if there and is he alone. The clerk replies Craig is with someone. Holden then says he will head to Java.

Aaron sits down to dinner at Margo's. Summoned with questions, Aaron tells them about his motorcycle. Margo goes outside with Aaron, then asks him questions about his past in Seattle.

Simon calls Lily to inform her he will go Ivanya. Lily is grateful and says if Katie needs anything, even home repairs, Holden will do it. Katie says Holden cannot repair her heart. Simon is to fly off that night - Katie is surprised. Simon asks her if she is sure she is okay with this decision. Katie says she trusts him but will worry, they kiss.

Outside the house, Aaron tells Margo about his police record, he admits it was dumb. Margo says most people do dumb things at one time or another in their life. Aaron tells Margo he likes Lucy. Margo tells Aaron Lucy likes him also.

Craig and Carly start to bicker. Craig tells Carly that although he likes the lug (Jack) she can go back to Jack and a death by boredom. Carly tells him he is jealous. Locking eyes, Craig tells Carly she wants him. Observing Carly trembling, he kisses her.

Having left Margo's, Lucy thanks Aaron for coming. Aaron admits he was wrong about lots of things, then gives her the gift from Alison. Lucy asks if it ticks. Lucy and Aaron share a kiss.

Katie and Simon say goodbye. Simon asks her if she is sure she will be ok, alone in the woods. Katie says she will be fine, she has Snickers the attack rabbit. A car comes to pick up Simon and they share another long kiss.

Asking Hal for advice, Barbara tells him she cannot accept any offers for financial help, she does not want to bring anyone into her mess. She continues that when she left Hal and the children, she threw her life away. Hall tells her to accept Rosanna's financial offer. Barbara is unsure.

At Java sharing a kiss, Carly stops Craig and slaps him in his face. They resume their kiss - she slaps him again. They kiss once again, and are now seen by Rosanna and Holden, newly arrived at Java.

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