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As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/13/02

By Loretta

At the cabin, Katie tells Simon she knows he desires adventure in his life. Simon insists he does not, and is content to stay home and just repair their roof. They kiss. As Simon heads outside, he receives a call from Lucinda, who orders him to meet her at Java Underground.

At Java, Lucinda sees Craig and asks where Lucy is. Lucinda informs Craig that Sierra is seeing somebody in Montega. Rosanna arrives and greets Craig. Lucinda leaves his table and mutters to herself that she cannot see what women see in Craig.

Lucy arrives at the police station and asks Margo to help her with Aaron and conceal his police records. Lucy argues that Aaron did not do anything wrong in the past and if his police records are looked into, his life will be ruined and he is trying now to pass his GED tests.

At the farm, Aaron accuses Holden of telling people about his police record. Holden denies this. Aaron tells Holden how Craig is not pleased with him seeing his daughter Lucy, and now he found out about his police record back in Seattle, and has threatened him. After hearing all this, Holden says he is going to shove his fist down Craig Montgomery's throat.

Lily receives a call from Paul in Ivanya. Paul tells Lily he needs lots of money as he used up all that he had in trying to get information on Rose and Henry. He tells her Ivanya is a dangerous place and that Cooley has kidnapped Joe. Paul tells Lily they need someone there to help who is trustworthy to get him some money; he then loses the connection to Lily.

Sitting down with Craig at Java, Rosanna asks him what is wrong. Craig tells her that Lucy has discovered boys, and explains his difficulty accepting her relationship with Aaron and his motorcycle. He says he just wants to protect her, since he lost his son Bryant at age 16.

Lucinda meets up with Simon at Java. Simon tells her he cannot go off to Ivanya. Lucinda says he has always come to her when he needed a job and she gave him many, plus offering good money. Lucinda tells him that given her many worldwide business connections, Rose's life is in danger. Simon insists he cannot, as he loves his wife dearly.

Katie visits with Lily. She tells Lily she will not allow Simon to go off to Ivanya, no matter how much money Lucinda offers, it is not enough. Lily begins to cry and says she is sorry but she does not know what else to do.

At the farm, Holden insists that he kept his mouth shut about Aaron's past, and Craig has no right to threaten his son. Aaron says that Craig will just send Lucy back to Montega because of him, so he feels responsible. Holden insists he will help his son.

At the police station, Margo tells Lucy she is sorry Craig has interfered in her relationship with Aaron, but since she is her niece, she worries also. Margo advises Lucy that Aaron may be trouble, and she has seen boys like him before. After much convincing, Margo agrees to not look into Aaron's police records and keep them private, but asks Lucy to let her meet with Aaron, to ask him some questions.

Rosanna advises Craig he should purchase a house for him and Lucy, this way she will have a place to entertain her friends. She tells him how when she was a teenager, she enjoyed hanging around the Snyder farm also. Carly comes up in their discussion. Craig tells Rosanna that Carly is no longer an issue for him.

Lucinda is still trying to convince Simon to work for her; she tells him he is the best man for this job. Lucinda is afraid that if someone in Ivanya finds out Rose's link to Lucinda, they will kill her.

Katie fixes Lily some tea while they chat. Lily, obviously under strain, tells Katie all the problems they have been having with Jake passing away, their concern for Abigail and Aaron, plus she being pregnant. Katie says she is sorry for her but Simon is not going, she needs him also.

Katie leaves but heads now to the police station to visit with Margo. Katie complains to Margo how everyone seems to go to Simon when they need help. Angry, she wonders why Simon has to be the one to bail everyone out? Katie tells Margo she thinks she has made a mistake with Simon.

Lucy visits with Aaron and tells him that her Aunt Margo invited them to dinner that evening. Aaron says he won't go, and will not be questioned by a police officer, plus her husband Tom, a lawyer being there also.

Holden comes home and tells Lily he is sorry things did not work out with Katie. He says he will go off to Ivanya himself. Lily says he will not, with all that has happened in their lives lately, they need him home. Holden tells Lily how Craig found out about Aaron's past, and his displeasure with him and Lucy's relationship.

Katie tells Margo how she made Simon promise not to go to Ivanya. Margo advises she cannot do that to Simon, as that is not the man she married. Katie insists he is never around. Margo tells her to just accept Simon as he is.

At Java, Simon continues to tell Lucinda all the reasons he cannot go to Ivanya. Lucinda offers to buy him and Katie a house, and just put his private life off for a little while. Simon says he is sorry, and leaves.

Still discussing Carly, Craig tells Rosanna that he stumbled upon Carly and Jack being intimate and it broke his heart. Rosanna tells Craig that Carly still has feelings for him. Craig says he knows it, but he is moving on. They kiss.

Still trying to get Aaron to come to dinner at Margo's, Lucy tells him that Margo just wants to get to know him better. Aaron is very uncomfortable with this. Lucy insists Margo will not embarrass him.

Lucinda sees Rosanna and Craig kissing at Java. At this, Lucinda warns Rosanna that Craig's last ladylove was burned, then broke (Barbara). Lucinda walks off. Rosanna and Craig discuss that they do want a relationship together and want to get to know each other better. Craig asks for the check.

Katie arrives back at the cabin. She finds Simon doing some home repairs with his hammer. Simon tells her he declined Lucinda's offer. Katie tells him if he declines, he will just get restless for adventure and eventually he will hate her for it. Katie tells him he is who he is - and go for it.

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