ATWT Update Wednesday 6/12/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 6/12/02

by Loretta

Lucy comes back to the farm to visit with Aaron, who is obviously irritated (Craig just finished having a discussion with him).

At home, Lily is viewing the photos taken from Rose's engagement party. With Holden looking at the photos with her, she tells him she is worried about Rose. Holden tells her that since Rose survived James Stenbeck, she with survive Henry Coleman.

At the police station, Margo is ordering some lunch. Lucinda arrives, asks Margo what has been done on Rose's case. Margo tells her that Rose, Paul and Henry took a flight from Mexico City to Ivanya - that is all they know. Lucinda tells Margo that if she spent as much time on Rose's case as she does on ordering ribs and coleslaw, Rose would be here now. Margo advises Lucinda to hire someone herself to find Rose, she suggests Simon.

At the cabin Katie chats with an architect. Simon arrives with a package. After the architect leaves, Katie questions Simon what his package contains. Not willing to share the package contents, Katie grabs it from him. She finds some books on Ivanya and realizes Simon wishes to go on this adventure to search for Rose.

At the castle, Paddington tells Bonnie that she seems out of sorts, that maybe she is lonely and that she should have a party or invites Isaac over. Bonnie tells him Isaac is home in Oakdale and is probably spending time with his many girlfriends.

Margo reminds Lucinda that Rose is a grown woman and that she should consider hiring Simon, or else look in the Yellow Pages under "super hero." Lucinda leaves, but tells Margo to be sure to enjoy her spare ribs.

Katie is upset as she senses Simon is not content to have a simple home life, that he requires adventure. Katie tells Simon all the things she wishes for their new home; how she wishes to decorate the nursery, the master bedroom and to raise their children.

Lily tells Holden she wishes Rose had come to her first before she ran off to Ivanya with Henry. Holden tells her he firmly believes Rose will be fine. Lily tells him she wishes she and Rose had known each other as children, perhaps it would have made a difference.

Katie and Simon continue to bicker. Simon insists that just because he does not want to hire an expensive architect does not mean he does not want a life with Katie. Katie is afraid she will not have the life she has always dreamed of with Simon and she is sick of their recent adventures with Dahlia and of helping other people with their problems.

Bonnie tells Paddington she will fly to England and start living again. Just then, Isaac arrives.

Surprised at Aaron's cranky disposition, Lucy tells him he needs to enroll in a course on good manners. She tells Aaron how that picture taken by Alison got her in so much trouble with her dad. Lucy says that her dad cannot pick her friends for her, she is stopped when Aaron tells her that her dad can and would send her back to Montega. Aaron also admits that her dad had just visited him. Lucy says that ever since her brother Bryant was killed, her dad has seemed to keep her in a plastic bubble. Aaron tells her about his police record back in Seattle, how he was arrested for burglary. He tells her he did not take anything, he simply wanted to visit the home of an elderly couple next door, who were always nice to him, that is all, to see how they lived and what they were surrounded with. Lucy believes him. Aaron tells her that if she is so smart, she will walk away.

Bonnie tells Isaac she is going on a trip to England. Isaac tells her about Jakes' death, Molly and her losing the twins. He reminds her how Jake did not waste time and he made him realize many things. When Isaac has difficulty explaining more to Bonnie, she asks him what Jake would say at this moment. Isaac replies that Jake would say to shut up and kiss me. They kiss.

Returning from the pond with Emma and the kids, Lily suggest that she and Holden head upstairs, but are interrupted by the doorbell. It is Lucinda. Lucinda announces that Margo suggested she hire Simon to search for Rose. Lily says no way.

Simon tells Katie they should just live. Katie tells him she wants to settle down and just be Simon's wife, but it is difficult between his adventures. She tells Simon that he cannot just breeze in and out of her life in between his many adventures. Angry she runs upstairs.

Aaron and Lucy discuss their unhappy childhood; they both have this in common. Lucy tells Aaron she will repair this situation with her dad, she will fix it.

In bed, Bonnie admits to Isaac she was too stupid to admit she was in love with him. Isaac tells Bonnie he wants what Jake and Molly had - with her.

Lucinda continues to discuss the possibility of hiring Simon, she feels he is the best man for this job. Lily says no, she cannot do this to Katie, putting Simon's life in danger.

Chatting in bed, Isaac (wearing Bonnie's tiara) and Bonnie discuss all that has happened at the castle recently. Bonnie says she does not know if she can handle being a duchess. Laughing, Isaac tells her she has always been a duchess to him. Bonnie asks him if their relationship has a prayer, Isaac says they do and they go for another kiss.

Lucy arrives at the police station and pleads with Margo to help her. Lucy says her dad is ruining her life.

Simon tears up his book s about Ivanya, and tells Katie that if she wants a nest, we have a nest. Katie says yes she does, but not if it means changing Simon.

Listening to Lily's pleas, Lucinda agrees not to hire Simon. Lucinda leaves and Holden hugs her goodbye. Rose receives a call from Paul, he tells her Rose is not with him and he does not know where she is.

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