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As the World Turns Monday 6/10/02

By Loretta

Ready to share a kiss with Aaron, Lucy finds Alison's cigarettes. Lucy shows them to Aaron and asks if Alison is still here? Aaron tells her she has not been here at the farm. Lucy asks Aaron if he thinks Alison had been hiding and spying on them. Aaron agrees.

Craig finds the picture of Aaron and Lucy on the motorcycle, left underneath his door by Alison.

Repairing some shutters at the cabin, Simon recalls with Katie about their streak in the woods the night before. Katie says she enjoyed this liberating stunt and they should do it more often, and she sees no reason why they must wear clothes around the house. She starts to take off her top, but is stopped by Simon when he tells her that in order for him to get some work on the cabin done, she had better keep them on. Margo phones and tells them to come to the police station immediately.

After shoving glasses off the table, Molly continues to yell at Rosanna at the Lakeview Towers. Molly warns Rosanna to leave Carly alone or else. Rosanna tells her she is out of her mind when Molly grabs her. Barbara insists that they are not trying to hurt Carly, but Molly gives her a shove too. Just then, Jack arrives and asks Barbara to explain what has happened.

At the police station Margo asks where Katie and Simon were last night around 11pm? They say they were home at the cabin. Margo tells them that some boys, who were out camping in their area, had reported a couple who were streaking and they fit Katie and Simon's description. Margo then brings a little boy, Warren, out from the interrogation room and asks them if this is the couple he saw running naked in the woods last night.

At the farm, Lucy and Aaron figure out Alison's plot. Aaron tells her she should not be hanging out with her. Craig then phones Lucy and orders her to return to the penthouse immediately.

Alison arrives at Java and sees Emily having a cup of coffee. She tells Emily that she hopes she does not start hanging around here, as this is where she hangs out. Emily says no, there are plenty of other places she can hang out. Alison wants to know why Emily is suddenly so chummy with their mom and that she knows they both cannot stand her. Emily denies this and tells her she will not let Alison push her away.

After Jack pulls Molly away from Rosanna, Barbara explains to him that Rosanna offered her financial help with BRO, but Molly misunderstood and thinks they are plotting to destroy Carly. Rosanna declares that Molly obviously has a problem with alcohol. When Carly and Molly move to another table, Carly tries to pick up her tote (which contains Jake's ashes), but is stopped by Molly. Barbara comes over to Carly and tells her that this was all a misunderstanding and that she has nothing to fear from her. Carly tells her that as long as she is alive, she will fear Barbara. When Carly and Molly leave, Jack asks Rosanna if she wishes to press charges against Molly for assault.

Handing the photo to Lucy, Craig questions her about this. Lucy insists Aaron is a safe driver and slows down whenever she rides it.

At Java, Emily reminds Alison how she got kicked out of school and that she is irresponsible. Aaron soon walks in and hands Alison her cigarettes, telling her she left them at the farm.

Back at her penthouse, Carly tells Molly she is very concerned about her. Molly tells her she is not crazy, but helpless, and that Jake had visited her at the Lakeview Towers bar. She shows Carly Jake's ashes and tells her they just arrived that day. Molly says she does not want to be left behind.

Barbara urges Rosanna not to press charges against Molly, as that she has been under so much stress with losing her husband Jake. Defensively Rosanna says she had no intention of pressing charges, but wants it put in Jack's report that Molly had provoked her and started this whole misunderstanding today.

At the police station, little Warren identifies Katie and Simon as the couple he saw streaking through the woods last night. He asks Katie is she has a web site or something, so that next time him and his friends go camping, they can let her know. Katie giggles. Warren leaves. Katie and Simon tell Margo that their streaking, was a celebration that they were letting go of all the stresses that they were put under by Dahlia Venture. Margo advises Katie and Simon to grow up.

At the Lakeview, Jack advises Barbara not to accept Rosanna's financial offer, as she has enough charges facing her in the future. He leaves. Disgusted, Barbara tells Rosanna that Jack obviously thinks that she and Rosanna were plotting against Carly. Rosanna asks Barbara if she will reconsider her financial help for BRO? Barbara says no, she is not about to sell out to the first opportunist who makes her an offer.

Crying, Molly tells Carly that people expect too much from her and that she cannot get over losing Jake. She wants people to just leave her alone and let her suffer by herself. She says she only wants Jake and that after a few cocktails, he visits with her. Carly tries to comfort her and tells her that perhaps Jake visits her because he has some questions that he wants answered for him.

Craig tells Lucy that he is not going to lose another child. Lucy says she is not going to hide from the world because of Bryant's death, and she thought Craig would be more laid back, unlike her mother back in Montega. Craig tells her he loves her but if she continues to show no respect for his wishes, he will forbid her from seeing Aaron. Lucy tells him that she enjoys Aaron and likes riding on his motorcycle.

After questioning Alison about finding her cigarettes at the farm, he leaves. Emily asks Alison is she is a smoker. Alison says no but Emily sees right through her. Emily then lectures Alison on the harm, which can come from cigarette smoking, and she threatens to tell their mom. Emily tells Alison that her party is over and now she is going to answer to her!

Carly tells she believes that Molly does see Jake. Molly tells her she is an incredible friend to have. Before Carly leaves, she makes Molly promise that she will not have any more liquid lunches. Molly agrees. Carly tells her she will now visit with Rosanna.

At the police station, Margo tells Simon and Katie about Rose's current ordeal with Henry and that diamond. Margo asks Simon that she could really use his help on this case. Katie says no. Simon tells her that he has no interest now in any police work. Simon and Katie hug.

After talking the situation out, Craig asks Lucy to please remember this conversation the next time she goes for a ride on Aaron's motorcycle. Lucy says he wins and they hug. Craig then asks Lucy if she knew who would slide that picture under the door; he warns her that this person is trying to hurt her. Lucy announces it is Alison Stewart. Before she leaves, Craig tells Lucy not to let Alison get away with anything. Rosanna arrives and announces she needs a sympathetic ear. She tells Craig what just happened at the Lakeview, how Molly attacked her and how Barbara insulted her by calling her an opportunist, plus rejecting her financial offer. Craig insists she is an opportunist.

Sleeping on the couch in the dark, Jake appears to Molly. Looking at Molly, he says he does not know what he is going to do with her.

At Java, Emily announces to Alison that she is not going to give up on her. Arriving with the photo in her hand, Lucy asks Alison to please explain it and why she did this.

Laughing, Craig tells Rosanna he was not insulting her by calling her an opportunist, the truth is, she is one. He tells her that she is lucky he is a forgiving man. When Rosanna tells Craig he is lucky she is forgiving, they kiss but are soon interrupted when Carly knocks on the door. Carly tells Rosanna that Barbara should have accepted her offer since she intends to bury BRO, and she wants Rosanna to go down with it.

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