ATWT Update Friday 6/7/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 6/7/02

by Loretta

At Java, Susan sees Lucy and Aaron leaving together. She tells Emily she was hoping Lucy and Alison would develop a friendship, but now she is obviously going to get left out. Alison needs a friend. Alison arrives at the farm with her camera in hand. She calls out Aaron's name to make sure she is alone, so she can find herself a spot to hide and take pictures of him and Lucy (Daddy's Little Girl) breaking her promise to her father.

Molly is awakened from sleep by the doorbell. She has been drinking. Tipsy, she answers the door. A messenger holds a box in his hand. Molly tips him. Holding the box, she says she had forgotten this.

At the Lakeview Towers Lisa greets Barbara (Rosanna is nearby and overhears their conversation). Lisa tells Barbara of her meeting with Carly and how she told her that BRO is going downhill and that she is through. Barbara says Carly is correct, now since Paul has left the company and she is faced with legal problems, she cannot afford to keep BRO and will probably sell Fairwinds.

Inside the Oakdale Police interrogation room, Carly informs Jack that her meeting with Lisa went pretty good, so now is Jacks' payback time. They kiss. Outside, Craig arrives looking for Margo.

Opening the box, Molly retrieves a wooden box which holds Jake's ashes. Abigail arrives with good news about school (she just started her college summer session). Abigail questions why Molly has an empty bottle of alcohol on the table. Molly says the bottle was near empty anyway. Molly tells Abigail that she is going to clean out Jakes closet and toss all his belongings away. Abigail offers to do this task. Molly insists she needs to do it. Molly shows Abigail Jake's ashes and tells her cannot scatter his ashes as he wished, if she does, he will not appear to her anymore.

At Java, Emily thanks Susan for helping her out with Daniel while she was kidnapped. She tells Susan she now wishes to make a clean slate out of their past troubled relationship and get rid of the past.

Planted in her hiding space at the farm, Alison fantasizes about her and Aaron sharing a tender moment. Just then, Lucy and Aaron arrive, they have just finished studying for Aaron's tests. Now they suggest they celebrate. Lucy suggests they take a ride on his motorcycle. Aaron asks her if she is sure. Lucy says all her life in Montega, she has been constantly watched by guards, her mother, etc. Now living with her father it is the same thing. She is tired of constantly being watched, so now she makes her own decisions. She will ride on his motorcycle as long as he is careful and does not speed. They climb on his motorcycle - and Alison snaps away.

Sipping on coffee, Emily tells her mother she wishes very much to change the tone of their relationship. They both agree and make a toast. Susan apologizes to Emily for Alison's recent behavior towards her. Emily finally tells Susan that she wishes to tell Alison the truth, that she is her biological mother.

Abigail questions Molly as to why she says she will never see Jake again. Tearfully Molly tells her that ever since Jake was shot, he has appeared to her. She cannot scatter Jake's ashes, as she feels she will never see him again and if they sit on her mantle for 50 years - so be it. She does not want closure, she wants Jake. After Abigail tries to comfort her, Molly asks her what happened after she left the engagement party the other night. Abigail tells her how Rosanna showed up with Craig, then Rosanna and Carly had a fight. Molly says she cannot stand Rosanna. Abigail has to leave for her class but offers to stay with Molly if she likes. Molly says no. Abigail leaves, then Molly starts talking to Jake's ashes. She tells him they should go for a drink.

At the Lakeview Towers, Barbara admits to Lisa that Carly is a fabulous designer. She reminds Lisa she must sell "everything" to pay for her legal fees. Barbara tells Lisa she is a great friend and business partner, but the time has come for her to dissolve their business partnership. Lisa insists she will not turn her back on her. Barbara tells her she will not allow her to be drawn into her mess. Lisa insists that she will rise again and no matter what happens with Carly, she will always be in Barbara's corner. Barbara begins to cry. As Lisa leaves, Rosanna walks over to Barbara and hands her a tissue to wipe her tears with. Barbara tells Rosanna how she just had to dissolve her business relationship with Lisa. Rosanna tries to encourage her and tells Barbara she needs to think what she will do with the rest of her life. Rosanna announces to her that she wishes to invest in BRO.

Back inside the police interrogation room, Carly and Jack are getting very intimate, but are interrupted by the phone, which calls Jack away. Carly tells him he can still collect from her later. Jack leaves and in walks Craig. He tells Carly (whose blouse is undone) he remembers the smell of her hair and tells her - it is still there, do you feel it to? They look for awhile at each other in silence. Jack walks in and orders Craig to leave.

Upset, at what Emily just told her, Susan gets ready to leave. Emily insists that Alison will eventually find out that she is her biological mother, by gossip or at school or someplace. Susan refuses, she says she has worked too hard to give Alison a good life. Emily says yes, Alison is still spoiled and lazy. Susan says it's genetic!

Having been told she would like to invest in BRO, Barbara tells Rosanna that she is aware of her history and she wants no part of it. Rosanna insists she is not trying to get back at her sister Carly. Barbara reminds her that this right now, is going to get back to Carly, how her sister is having coffee with the woman who disfigured her. Just then Molly arrives and orders two very dry martinis. Molly sits down and places Jake's ashes on the table. Ready to pour down her martini, Molly says "Cheers babe" and Jake appears. Jake tells Molly to ditch that (referring to his ashes) or this will get her a room at the psycho ward. Molly puts Jakes ashes back in her purse and giggles. Molly asks Jake if she should settle a score for Carly? She gets no answer from him but take it as a yes. Molly starts calling over to Rosanna. Rosanna tells Barbara she will just ignore Molly. Rosanna again asks Barbara if she will accept her offer for financial backing. Barbara says no, she will not be a pawn in a family game, she did that with her first husband James and says now look at her. Rosanna says she will take her offer someplace else. Molly walks over to their table and tells Rosanna she wants to talk to her.

Lucy and Aaron arrive back from their motorcycle ride. She takes his keys and he chases her for them. Lucy falls and thinks she has hurt her ankle. After examining Lucy's ankle, Aaron takes off her helmet and takes her face in his hand. They look into each others eyes.

After seeing Craig with Carly in the interrogation room, Jack questions her. Carly says it was nothing, Jack reminds her that she was half dressed. Jacks insists he will go and be sure that Craig has left, but Carly says no, and they start to kiss. Outside Margo arrives and sees Craig. Craig informs Margo that he is worried about Lucy's boyfriend as he has a police record. Margo reminds him that he also has one. Craig says that is exactly why he is worried, that he does not want his daughter going out with a guy like himself.

Margo says she is too busy but will try to find out information on Aaron, even though his police record is sealed. Craig tells Margo that they sent some drunks inside their interrogation room and they are starting to wreck it (Craig is aware that Carly and Jack are inside making out and wants them to get caught by Margo)! We then hear Margo say aloud "Jack, this is not a motel."

Back at Java, Susan reminds Emily that she had to raise Alison as a single parent, and she thinks she has done a pretty good job at that, and that Alison would break if she were told the truth. Emily insists she may never tell her.

Outside Craig's place, we see Alison sliding a picture under his door way, of Lucy and Aaron on his motorcycle.

Standing at Rosanna's table, Molly yells at her to make sure she keeps out of Carly's face and ... giving her a shove ... tells that to Barbara too. While Barbara stands off to the side, Rosanna calmly asks Molly why doesn't she sit down and they can share some coffee? Molly loudly orders her to leave Carly alone or else...

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