ATWT Update Thursday 6/6/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/6/02

By Loretta

Margo arrives at Lily's house, she informs all that Rose and Henry flew to Fort Worth, then boarded a connecting flight to Mexico City. Margo asks about this diamond story. Lucinda tells her the diamond, The Rose of Sharon, was left to Rose, and that unless Henry gets it and sells it, Joe will not return. Margo tells them that Paul is on their flight also.

Already in the air on their flight, Rose is getting air sick. Telling Paul that her belly is zigging and zagging, he offers to get her some club soda. As Paul leaves, Henry comes over to Rose and tells her she needs to unload her boyfriend. Rose says no way. Henry tells her that unless she wants to be engaged to a corpse, she had better get rid of Paul.

Greeting Jack in the morning, Carly shows him her brilliant portfolio of dress designs. Carly tells Jack she is eager to make it as a designer on her own and she would never design for Barbara or take money from her sister Rosanna. Carly says she needs financial backing, but Jack says he cannot help her with that. Carly asks Jack to call Lisa Grimaldi for her and ask if she will agree to look at her portfolio and that although Lisa hates her, she is quite fond of Jack.

While Craig chuckles while reading The Intruder tabloid magazine, Lucy bids him a good morning. Craig asks her why she is not sleeping until noon since this is her first day of summer vacation. Lucy says she is meeting Alison at Java, and not Aaron. As Lucy makes her way out the door, Rosanna arrives. Craig asks her if this is not an apology for dumping him the other night at the engagement party. Rosanna says she is here to tell him she has made a decision, then she complains about Carly, how she accused Rosanna of trying to steal her life. Rosanna confesses she is sick of hearing about Carly's recent spa ordeal. Rosanna tells him she is intrigued by Craig's recent ex-spouse, Barbara Ryan and wants to help her company. Craig is surprised and tells her Barbara was his biggest mistake. Munching on strawberries, Rosanna defends Barbara and says Craig still took her money when he needed it though. Craig tells her that this is not about Barbara but about Carly.

Carly still begs Jack to phone Lisa for her. Although he is uncomfortable doing this, he phones Lisa when Carly promises to make this up to him.

Still aboard the plane, Henry tells Rose that his friend will kill Paul and Rose's dear old pop unless she leaves him here. Rose insists Paul will stay. Henry tells Rose he hopes that Paul packed a nice dark suit, but no shoes, since we never need to see the deceased's feet. Rose is still air sick and has a bottle of motion sickness pills near her. Henry tells her to put two of those pills in Paul's orange juice, then leave him on the plane, so he will be alive for another 40 years.

Alison is surprised to see Lucy show up at Java. She asks Lucy if her dad questioned her about Aaron since he watched them like a hawk at the engagement party. Alison asks Lucy to tell her all the details of her evening with Aaron. Lucy says she is uncomfortable telling Alison details of anything about her and Aaron.

Rosanna tells Craig she honestly wants to help Barbara and revive her company. Craig calls her Saint Rosanna, Champion of the Deranged.

Jack phones Lisa and asks if Carly can come visit her and bring along her portfolio. Just the mention of Carly's name turns Lisa off - we gather from Jacks' frown. Jack tells her that because of Barbara and James, Carly has been through hell, and that Carly needs encouragement. Lisa finally agrees to see Carly at The Lakeview for half an hour.

Nancie arrives at Lily's house. Margo questions her about Joe the other night, asks her if he seemed frightened. Nancie shows Margo the photo Jack had intended to give to Rose of her grandparents. Margo notices that El Capital Hotel is written on the back of the photo.

Aboard the flight, Paul decides to take a nap. While he doses off, Rose assures him not to worry. As Henry eyes her, Rose puts two motion sickness pills in Paul's orange juice while she tells him that she will never let anything happen to him. She wakes Paul and tells him to finish his orange juice, he does.

Alison still tries to get Lucy to tell her about time with Aaron after the engagement party the other night. Lucy asks Alison not to tell anyone, and reveals that Aaron gave her a gift, the motorcycle helmet. Lucy tells her her dad would kill her if he found out.

Rosanna asks Craig not to tell Carly about her plans to help Barbara out financially. Craig tells her he enjoys her company and likes having her around. Craig and Rosanna kiss.

At The Lakeview Towers, Lisa meets with Carly. Lisa reminds her that last time she got into business with Carly that she almost lost her shirt and she vowed never to get mixed up with her again in any business ventures. Lisa tells her she also cannot desert her dearest friend - Barbara.

Mitzi arrives at Lily's and aks if they have any clues. Margo tells her that Ivanya was written on the back of Rose's photo of her grandparents. Lucinda tells them this place is the capital of a small country in the Carribean. Mitzi says you can only get there from Mexico City, so Rose and Paul are probably headed for Ivanya.

Carly pleads with Lisa to help her. She says that when Barbara declares Chapter 11, does Lisa want to empty her pockets also? Carly promises her international fashion shows and cutting edge designs. Lisa agrees to view her portfolio.

With the plane ready to land, Paul is asleep. Henry tells Rose to sing him a lullaby and leave. Rose leaves but tells Henry they when they come back home, she will make his life a living Hell.

As Lisa discusses business with the bartender, Rosana arrives and sits down. She over hears Lisa phone Barbara. Lisa tells Barbara she has something important to discuss with her.

At Java Lucy hopes she did not hurt Alison's feelings, she tells her that she likes Alison very much. As Alison leaves, Craig phones Lucy and she accuses him of trying to spy on her. After hanging up, Craig phones Margo to see if she can do a check on Aaaron. Margo is not there, so Craig says he will stop by in person.

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