ATWT Update Wednesday 6/5/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 6/5/02

by Loretta

Having a drink together, Barbara tells Marshall that she regrets him forcing her to attend Paul and Rose's engagement party this evening. Marshall insists it went well and it showed everyone that she is in charge. Barbara said she wanted understanding, compassion and forgiveness, not this public humiliating spectacle she had to endure. Marshall goes on to tell her what he plans to use as her defense in court, that the jury will hear what caused Barbara to act as she did, how her friends and family abandoned her. Barbara tells him she will not play a victim. Marshall tells her she does not have to be, as the facts speak for themselves. Rosanna is sitting nearby and hears this conversation.

Cleaning up at the engagement party, Emily chats with Hal about all that went on this evening: Carly and Rosanna's confrontation, Barbara and her one-man dream team. Emily sarcastically refers to it as just another night in Oakdale. Emily continues with her unhappiness about Alison, that she is pulling away from her. Hal advises her to just give her time. Emily insists Alison simply hates her and now is wreaking havoc on Lucy and Aaron.

Alison arrives at Craig's place. She tells him that Lucy needs to be warned about Aaron and that she overheard Lily and Holden discussing his police record at the party that evening. Alison also tells him that Lily and Holden are trying to keep Aaron's police records a secret. Craig questions Alison if perhaps she is telling him this as she wants Aaron for herself. Craig recommends that if she wants to start a smear campaign, she should go into politics.

Lucy and Aaron arrive at Holden and Lily's house. He tells her he has a surprise for her, says he has it stashed in Luke's room as he did not want to carry it around all evening with him. Lucy immediately says she is not into that sort of thing. Aaron is puzzled.

At Java, Rose speaks to Paul on the phone. Paul tells her he can help her, while Henry yells in the background that Rose must not allow any interference. Mitzi pulls Henry by his ear and drags him away from the phone. Paul tells Rose to trust him.

Marshall is still trying to convince Barbara about the abandonement she received from her family and Hal, how her son Pal took over her BRO and how she turned to medications for comfort. He asks her after her brush with death from the fire, who came to her rescue? Frustrated, Barbara tells him she cannot go along with this defense. Marshall tells her that she needs to decide if she wants freedom or popularity as she cannot have both. Barbara tells him that BRO is in financial kaos, she is not quite as wealthy as she thought. Marshall advises her to sell BRO and her home Fairwinds as soon as possible and she'll have her freedom. Marshall gets up to leave and tells Barbara that this all shall pass, they will discuss this further in the morning. Rosanna walks over to Barbara's table.

Aaron tells Lucy he does not take drugs. He insists he does not drink, smoke or get high ... the only thing he gets high on is from riding his motorcycle. He tells her she needs to learn how to take a joke. Lucy is embarrassed as Aaron goes to get her present.

At the police station, Paul tries to urge Rose on the phone to accept his help. He tells her that perhaps Henry really doesn't even know where her diamond is? They hang up. Rose then angrily questions Henry and his legitimacy. Henry states Rose will have her proof. Rose then phones Paul and tells him to meet her alone at Java. Just then, a messenger arrives and hands Rose an envelope. Inside Rose retrieves her father's Saint Christopher medal, which he never takes off. Rose grabs Henry and asks him what he did with her pop? Paul tells Margo and Lucinda that he is going to meet with Rose.

At the bar, Rosanna and Barbara discuss their past. Telling her about her brief marriage to Craig, Barbara calls him an expensive mistake. Barbara tells Rosanna what her attorney Marshall Travis plans to use as her defense at her upcoming trial.

Aaron brings Lucy a big wrapped box. Lucy opens it to find a pretty motorcyle helmet, she tries it on for her. Telling her she will be the prettiest girl on two wheels, Lucy's smile changes. She tells him she cannot accept this helmet as she promised her father she would not ride on Aaron's motorcyle anymore.

Paul arrives at Java but finds Mitzi only, who informs him that Rose just left with Henry and two plane tickets to Mexico. She tells him about the envelope which contained Rose's father's Saint Christopher medal. Paul advises Mitzi to calm down and head to the police department to inform Margo of what is going on.

Lucy apologizes to Aaron for not telling him that her father has forbid her to take any motorcyle rides. She says her dad is over protective, but she cannot ignore his requests. Aaron insists they go for one last ride this evening, as it is clear and the stars are out. He promises to drive slow and safe. Lucy agrees.

Alison tells Craig that Aaron is a juvenile delinquent and she does not want to see Lucy get involved with a "wild man." Craig then questions Alison's friendship with Lucy and if she really has Lucy's best interest on hand? Alison asks Craig to keep her visit with him a secret. Craig tells Alison she is just like her sister Emily, which does not go over well with her.

Still cleaning up after the engagement party, Emily tells Hal the difference between Daniel and Alison, how Alison seemed always a little too confident, like an old soul and she scares her sometimes. Hal tells her she cannot save Alison from everything, she is just her sister. He tells Emily that he would never second guess any decisions she makes and to him she is the smartest, fiercest and dangerous woman to have survived her recent kidnapping ordeal. He won't judge her and trusts all her decisions. Upon hearing this from Hal, Emily starts to cry and they kiss. Hal dims the lights and they start to dance a slow dance.

Rosanna and Barbara discuss their arrivals in Oakdale. Rosanna jokingly says she was greeted with a ticker tape parade and Barbara tells her she received a ribbon cutting ceremony. They laugh. Rosanna tells her how Craig maneuvered her into being her date this evening. Barbara says Craig's specialty is maneuvering. Barbara tells her about her happy and uncomplicated life with Hal which she gave up for Craig and BRO. Rosanna tells her she has been searching for a happy and uncomplicated life forever.

Lucy arrives home. Craig reminds her that she should have been home earlier. Lucy apoligizes for her lateness and that Aaron drove her home - in a truck. Craig looks at her suspiciously. Lucy tells him that Aaron is nice, sweet, funny, shy and full of contradictions. Craig tells Lucy she is smitten with Aaron. He asks Lucy how she feels about Alison as a friend, Lucy says she does not know her that well yet. Craig then asks Lucy if she minds not seeing Aaron for a few days while he has him checked out? Lucy is shocked. Craig then tells her he was only joking. After Lucy goes to bed, Craig tells himself he will indeed have Aaron checked out.

Having a good time, Rosana and Barbara make a toast to their new friendship and order a bottle of champaign. They agree it was great to finally have someone to talk to.

Between sneezes, Mitzi arrives at the police station and informs Lucinda and Margo that Rose just left with Henry Coleman and to check the airport. Rose boards a plane with Henry. Henry asks Rose if he can sit by the window as he does not like flying. Rose says sure, he took her diamond and her pop, so he might as well take her seat too. After sitting down, Rose is shocked to see Paul sitting in the seat next to her.

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