ATWT Update Tuesday 6/4/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/4/02

By Loretta

Wrapped up in a blanket, Katie and Simon finish making love. Margo phones to inform them that Dahlia has been sent back to Sacramento and will face jail for the rest of her life. Margo advises them to celebrate. Katie breaks down and cries.

Ready to leave Scotland, Ben and Billy ask Issac if Bonnie intends to return to Oakdale with him. When questioned by Billy, Issac denys his love for Bonnie. Billy tells him he cannot handle the truth and admit that he loves Bonnie.

As the guests leave Rose and Paul's engagement party, Alison still listens to Lily and Holden's discussion about Aaron's past police records. Lily and Holden then share a slow dance. Emily approaches Alison about her eavesdropping on Holden and Lily and questions her if it had anything to do with Aaron and Lucy. Paul and Lucinda try to figure out where Rose took off to. Nancie comes over and tells them that Rose left to check on her father.

At the Oakdale Police Department, Rose angrily confronts Henry about her father. Henry tells her he needs her letter which prooves she owns the diamond and if he does not get it, her father (Joe) is a goner. Henry informs her that his assistant is a man named Cooley and that she cannot let Mitzy or Paul know about this, as her dad's life depends on it. After Rose pays Henry's bail, Margo questions her and reminds Rose that if she needs anything to call her. Rose phones Mitzi to meet her at Java immediately.

Katie and Simon sit on the couch, discussing the last few months of their life with Dahlia and the pressures they have been under. Simon admits he loves adventures but not like the ones they have been through with Dahlia.

Emily accuses Alison of trying to come between Aaron and Lucy. After they finish bickering, Alison heads over to Lucy. She tells Lucy she had hoped Aaron would like her, but she is happy for Lucy and Aaron as they make a cute couple. Emily tells Hal about Alison's planned attempts at revenge on Lucy and Aaron and Hall tells her to mind her own business. When Lucinda figures out that Henry may have something to do with Rose missing, she and Paul head to the police station to look for Rose. When Paul and Lucinda arrive at the police station, Margo informs them that Rose just bailed Henry out.

Billy asks Bonnie why she and Issac cannot commit themselves. Bonnie tells him she could never promise Issac anything. Billy asks Bonnie if the castle will really make her happy? Ben tells Issac to stop guarding his ego and tell Bonnie he loves her.

Discussing their life prior to Dahlia Ventura, Katie tells Simon she just wants to relax and be a wife. Simon tells her he has many secrets and his past history is not impeccable. Simon then holds Katie and tells her they must trust, lust and communicate in their relationship. Katie asks what about love? Simon tells her he feels love is scarey and they must learn to accept what cannot be controlled, and do not try to manage the risks. They embrace.

Alison and Lucy discuss Aaron. Lucy confesses her feelings for Aaron to Alison, but apologizes to her as she knew Alison has feelings for him also. Lucy admits to Alison that she wonders what it would be like to kiss Aaron. Sitting together, Carly asks Craig if Rosanna's financial offer to back up her business was his idea?

Issac has a quiet visit with Bonnie. She thanks him for everything he has done for her in Scotland and in Oakdale, and for showing her that there is something to celebrate in everyone she meets. They look into each others eyes and Issac kisses her hand. He tells her this has been the pleasure of his life and leaves.

Getting ready to leave the party, Aaron reminds Lucy that he is not interested in Alison and asks her if they can hang out. Lucy beams. Carly and Craig continue to discuss Rosanna. Craig tells Carly about how he got lots of cash out of his fling with Barbara and admits Rosanna has class - and cash. Craig asks Carly if she wishes to come to his apartment so they can make love all night. Carly says no, then leaves. Craig asks if he can take a raincheck on that offer. As Craig leaves, Lucy tells him that Abigail will drive her home. Aaron offers Lucy a ride home, she accepts. Aaron asks her if she would accept a ride from him if her father said no. Lucy says does what she wants. When Aaron calls her Serious Sally, Lucy tells him she is not that naive. As Craig is heading out the door, Alison starts to follow him but is stopped by Emily.

Henry and Rose meet up with Mitzi at Java. Listening to them talk, Henry makes a snide comments about their New Jersey accents. Rose hands Mitzi a note to give to Paul. Mitzi refuses to give it to Paul. Mitzi reminds Rose that she is no longer alone and that Paul can perhaps help her. Paul phones and Mitzi hands the phone to Rose.

Back in the wooded cabin, Simon suggests he and Katie celebrate the rebirth of their marriage by jogging naked out to the highway. Katie looks at Simon like he is crazy and accuses him of reading too many of her self help books.

Paddington stops to chat with Bonnie and compliments her earrings. She is wearing the pair which was a gift from Issac. Sadly Bonnie remembers when he gave them to her and asks herself if Issac was the one for her.

Trying to convince Katie to be his buddy in the buff, she admits she is afraid if the neighbors see them. Pretending she will not strip naked and run outside, Katie suddently pulls off her shirt and jogs for the outside door. She is followed by Simon.

Carly and Emily say goodbye at the party and agree next time they have a party, they won't allow any sisters. Hal and Emily share a long kiss. Lucy leaves with Aaron.

Having left the party, Alison arrives at Craig's door. She tells him she is worried about Lucy and that Aaron has a shady past.

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