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As the World Turns Monday 6/3/02

By Loretta

Clutching her bridal bouquet, Bonnie is shocked to see Issac arrive to interrupt her wedding. Issac states he has proof that Ian is not a true McClaren heir and tells the guests how him and Billy were locked up in Ian's dungeon. Issac reveals to the wedding guests that Bonnie is a true Dutchess.

After grabbing the gun from Dahlia, Katie accidentally fires it, causing broken glass to injure Simon where the sun does not shine. Dahlia insists Simon tried to rape her and begs Katie to give her the gun. Dahlia manages to get the gun from Katie and immediately points it at Katie.

At Rose and Paul's engagement party, Aaron arrives. His face lights up when Lucy arrives. Rosanna and Craig arrive. Unhappy, Rosanna is having second thoughts about accepting this invitation and allowing Craig to talk her into being her date. Craig insists he will be the perfect date this evening. Rose and Paul cannot understand why Craig is here. Rose says she forgives Craig and Emily advises her not to get carried away with her forgiveness.

Outside the party Barbara is ready to make her grand entrance with Attorney Marshall Travers, but at the last minute she has second thoughts. She gets some needed confidence when Marshall reminds Barbara to do whatever she sets her mind to and that she is the mother of the groom.

Back at the cabin Simon manages to grab the gun from Dahlia when Margo arrives on the scene. Katie tries to explain what happened, that Dahlia tried to kill Simon, then her. Margo starts to read Dahlia her legal rights. Simon suddently bends over in pain, he is obviously hurt.

As the startled wedding guests look on, Issac tells them that Bonnie is the real Dutchess, the true McClaren heir and if Ian marries her, he will keep the title. He explains Bonnie's title is from her mother's side. Jessica looks at Issac like he is crazy. Issac continues to explain that Ian's family stole the crown from a man named Emmanuel Griffin and that the Government was ready to review Ian's claim to the title. Ian accuses Issac of lying. After hearing all this Bonnie is confused.

Paddington arrives and explains that a crescent moon is the determining factor in all this. Billy reminds Bonnie about the poem on the grave of McClaren which said: Here lies the McClaren bones...He met his death by one thousand stones...He returned again to a crescent moon. Bonnie then lifts her skirt to reveal a crescent moon on her leg, the sign of a true McClaren heir. Ian still denies Issac's story. Lisa tells Ian to put a sock in it, she leaves to call the sheriff.

Issac reminds Ian that he and Garrick are not about to skip town when he held him and Billy prisoners in his dungeon. Just then Garrick and Ian grab swords and begin fighting with Issac. Jessica accidentally hits Ben on the head with a vase and knocks him out. Bonnie begins in the fight, prompting Ian to place a sword on her throat. Issac steps in and wrestles Ian to the floor. The guards arrive and Bonnie announces she is the true heir, ordering them to leave Issac and Billy alone.

Back at the party Alison flirts with Aaron. Carly is annoyed that Rosanna and Craig are there, but Jack tells her to just ignore them. Carly walks over to Rosanna and tells her she hopes they have a great time. Craig sneers and tells Rosanna that Carly and Jack make a great couple. Rosanna tells Craig that she insists on being a better sister to Carly. Lucinda takes the stage and makes a toast to Rose and Paul. In her toast she starts to dwell on Rose's recent kidnapping ordeal, Rose reminds her to just stick to the point. Just then Barbara walks in with Marshall. A shocked Lucinda asks Barbara if she is mad? Barbara walks over to Paul and Rose and tells them this was important for her to be here. She wishes them the best of luck and tells Paul she loves him. Paul is angry that Barbara came. As Emily and Carly begin to confront Barbara, Hal walks over and asks Marshall to take Barbara home. Hal reminds Carly and Emily that they do not need to open old wounds. As Barbara goes to get herself a drink, Craig cannot resist to throw an insult to her. Craig tells Barbara to call him sometime so he can hang up. Chatting with her sister, Carly tells Rosanna how she refused Barbara's job offer and that she wishes to make it on her own. Rosanna offers Carly financial backup to start her own business venture. Carly tells her she can keep her millions and accuses Rosanna of trying to use her. Soon they are exchanging very heated words.

Ignoring Bonnies orders, Ian orders the guards to listen to him. Just then, Vicar admits he did not really marry Ian and Bonnie, he claims he conducted the ceremony in nonsense syllables. The police arrive at the castle to pick up Ian and Garrick. Paddington says goodbye. Bonnie goes to Ian and thanks him for saving her life. She says she does not deserve this crown and runs upstairs.

As Carly and Rosanna continue to trade insults, Jack steps in to quiet them. Roseanna tells Carly she did not deserve her hot words. Carly tells Rosanna that she has no life, and questions why she is hanging out with Craig. An upset Rosanna walks away to sit down. Seeing she is upset, Barbara walks over to Rosanna and advises her not to give into bitterness.

One floor below the party, Nancy is sitting with Joe. He shows her the engagement present he brought for his daughter Rose, a framed picture of her grandparents. He tells Nancie about Rose's diamond. As Nancie leaves to go powder her nose, Joe is approached by a strange man who tells him to come with him, or else Rose will lose all of her pretty petals. Joe follows him.

Katie explains to Margo that the gun just went off. Simon denies he tried to rape Dahlia. An agitated Dahlia insists Simon is lying. Margo tells Dahlia to shut up or she will put a gag in her mouth. Margo leaves but reminds Katie she should take Simon to the hospital. Simon refuses to go to the hospital and be humilated, so Katie removes the broken glass from his rear, while he screeches out in pain. They both agree the last couple of months with Dahlia has taken a toll on them. They kiss and share some tender moments.

Alone with her mother and crying, Jessica comforts Bonnie, reminding her that she was lucky to be spared from a loveless marriage. Issac comes in and tells Bonnie he is glad the truth came out. Bonnie tells him she does not know how she will ever repay him. Issac explains that is not necessary. She asks Issac why he did all this for her, he replies he did not want to see her get hurt. Bonnie asks him if this is the only reason, Issac says yes. Before he leaves, he hands Bonnie her crown and tells her to wear it well.

At the party an angry Paul tells Barbara to leave. Aaron and Lucy share a dance and discuss Alison. Aaron insists Alison is too strong but Lucy tries to take her part. While looking at Lucy and Aaron on the dance floor, Alison overhears Lily discussing Aaron's past police records, she sneers.

At the party, Nancie tells Rose that her father seems to be missing. Rose heads for the police department. Once there, Rose angrily confronts Henry. Henry tells Rose to bail him out and give him the providence for her diamond and he'll then take her to her pop.

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