ATWT Update Friday 5/31/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 5/31/02

by Loretta

At the Oakdale Police Department, Jack questions Barbara about James' whereabouts, at the same time, he hands her a telegram from James addressed to her. Barbara insists she has had no contact from James.

While reading the daily newspaper horoscope to Simon, Katie suggests they go for a picnic. Simon declines as he fears the worst, since Dahlia's corpse is missing. Margo arrives.

Carly arrives at Molly's apartment to find a concerned Abigail. She tells Carly that Molly has not answered her cell phone which is not like her. When Molly arrives, Abigail insists on staying home with her, but she convinces her she is ok and to go ahead to Paul and Rose's engagement party. Molly tells Carly she was at Mabels looking for Jake.

On her wedding day, Jessica lets Bonnie know her dad (Duncan) is unavoidingly detained and is unable to make her wedding. Ben urges her to delay the wedding. Bonnie is disappointed but insists the wedding will go on. Lisa announces Garrick and Paddington are missing. When alone, Lisa tells Bonnie she feels something is very wrong at the castle, with Issac and Billy missing. Bonnie agrees and states Ian has the answers.

In the castle dungeon, Issac and Billy inform Garrick that they know Ian is not a Duke at all, and he is simply marrying Bonnie because she is a direct descendent from the Duke of Emmanuel. Suddenly three large men walk in and punch out Billy and Issac.

Margo arrives at Katie and Simons. She asked them to join her at Paul and Rose's engagement party. Katie agrees to join Margo, but Simon declines to finish painting the cabin living room. When alone, Simon tells Margo he is concerned for Katie's safety, since Dahlia may be out there.

Bonnie tells Lisa about the flowers she received from Issac and it's message, which was unlike Issac. Bonnie feels someone sent the flowers and put Issac's name on the card, indicating someone does not want Issac to be found. Ben agrees and feels Issac is still at the castle. Lisa and Ben agree to search the castle.

Back at her apartment, Molly explains to Carly she feels Jake should come to her, he did right after he died, but not lately. She tried to see Jake today at Mabels but he would not come. Carly tells her she feels the departed only come when they need us to open our eyes to something.

Barbara reads the telegram from James. James indicates that he holds no hard feelings for the stab wounds she gave him and has left her a present, and signed it "Love, James." Barbara insists this is just James' way of getting back at her. While still questioning her, Jack gets a phone call from a man outside who wishes to see Barbara. Outside the door, this man named Marshall Travers tells Jack he is here to set Barbara free.

Outside Katie and Simon's cabin, we see Dahlia standing outside.

Back at the Police Department, Attorney Marshall Travers is asked by Barbara if he was sent here by James Stenbeck, he replies that he is never sent anywhere. Mr. Travers explains he has done legal work for Mr. Stenbeck in the past and that he was given a run down on Barbara's case by Mr. Stenbeck. Barbara still questions his legitimacy, so he tells her to have Jack check him out.

Ian asks Bonnie why she does not ask him where Issac and Billy are? Bonnie begs him to not hurt them. Ian informs Bonnie that if she refuses to marry him, he will hurt Issac and Billy. Bonnie questions why Ian wants to marry her. He tells her she is his hearts desire. Bonnie asks him when is the quickest they can get divorced? Ian explains they must consumate their marriage first, then he will release her friends and give her a divorce. Ian tells her it is better if she does not know the truth, he leaves.

At the dungeon, Ben arrives and knocks out the guards who then run off, allowing Issac and Billy to free themselves from their chains.

Molly explains to Carly she cannot stand being without Jake, and it is worse with Bridget and Michelle gone from her life also. Carly offers to take her to Paul and Rose's engagement party, but Molly declines, and says she needs to grieve like this. After Carly leaves, Jake appears and talks to a teary Molly. Jakes tells her she is alive and needs to live.

At Paul and Rose's engagement party, Adam arrives and tells Abigail he is leaving for L.A. the next morning. Abigail is shocked and saddened, she later shares a slow dance with Adam. An officer arrives and tells Margo that they just got word that a Dahlia Ventura has booked a flight leaving Oakdale this evening. Margo leaves, but quickly tells her son Adam goodbye. At the cabin, Dahlia is inside the cabin with Simon. Forcing him to remove his shirt, she points a gun to his back, while Katie's phone message is heard in the background, announcing to Simon that Dahlia is alive. She tells Simon he will murder Katie and proove he is a wife killer.

Jack, ready for Paul and Rose's engagement party and dressed in his finest suit, tells Barbara that Mr. Travers records checked out perfect and seems to be a quite excellent attorney. Mr. Travers asks Barbara for her decision. Will she hire him as her attorney? He rattles off all of her charges, then asks her will she settle for an amateur attorney or hire him and walk away from all of this? Barbara agrees to hire him and tells him "Just Call Me Barbara."

Jake still visiting with Molly, tells her he cannot stay with her, and she must not wither away. She must pull herself together and let people just love her for herself. Jake disappears.

Jessica insists Bonnie is not happy in this marriage to Ian. Bonnie makes Jessica promise not to stop this wedding or she will never forgive her. Bonnie tells her she is going through with this marriage for all the right reasons. Later Bonnie tells Ian he had better keep his word and keep Issac and Billy safe. Ian advises her he expects Bonnie to join him on their wedding night.

Molly arrives at the engagement party, but gets upset seeing all the happy couples together. Paul and Rose make a toast "to friends," then Molly leaves.

Simon fights Dahlia for her gun, it falls to the floor. Simon forces her on the couch, he struggles to keep her from running off. Katie arrives to witness Simon and Dahlia struggleing. Katie sees the gun on the floor, picks it up and fires it at someone - we do not see who the victim is.

Marching to bagpipes, Bonnie makes her grand wedding entrance, with Lisa, Ben and Jessica looking on.

Marshall Travers announces to Barbara she is free to go. Barbara tells him he is a miracle worker. He tells Barbara she should go to her son's engagement party, Barbara says she doesn't want another charge put on her, that of uninvited party crasher. Helping her with her coat, Marhall tells her that Barbara Ryan is back on top ... to stay.

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