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As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/30/02

By Loretta

Rose visits Henry in jail. Grabbing him by his neck, she demands to know about her 30 carat diamond. Henry tells her the diamond, called The Rose of Sharon, is from the Carpenter Family (Rose's birth mother's parents). Rose tells Henry she has the official letter proving this diamond belongs to her and it is in a safe deposit box. Rose declines Henry's invitation to post his bail, telling him all the sun on that island he was stuck on turned his brain into polenta. Henry tells her the diamond is cursed.

Jessica, Ben and Lisa arrive at the castle. Ben asks Ian about Isaac. Ian advises no one has heard from him in weeks. Hidden in the castle, Isaac and Billy are held prisoners, chained by Ian's Uncle Garrick. They will remain prisoners until Ian and Bonnie's marriage takes place later this evening.

Carly and Jack have coffee at Java Underground. While sipping coffee, Jack gets a call from the station indicating that Barbara wants to talk to Carly ASAP. Carly initially says no, she does not want a teary apology from her, she wants nothing more to do with "James and Barbara's Traveling House of Horrors."

Bonnie tells Jessica she told Isaac she agreed to marry Ian, then he departed and left to sightsee. Ben insists this is not Isaac's style, to just take off someplace, especially since he has Java Underground to run back in Oakdale. Ben says he will look into it. Paddington tells Ian that if he were not a loyal member of his staff, he would have told everyone the truth about Isaac. Ian advises Paddington to keep quiet.

Just as Isaac is unlocking his chains (he carries a file with on), Paddington walks in and offers them a saw to break themselves free. Paddington informs them of Jessica, Ben and Lisa's arrival. Isaac explains he wants to know why Ian is in such a rush to marry Bonnie. Jessica questions Bonnie why none of her phone calls were ever returned, Bonnie tells her she never got her messages. Bonnie insists she loves Ian, even when Lisa tells her Isaac was devastated when she left for Scotland. Later Bonnie questions Ian why she never got her mother's phone messages and why they must rush to marry. Ian admits to her he just received a letter from the Ministry of the Interior, questioning him being the rightful owner of the castle. Ian explains that if they question anything, the castle could go to the state.

Billy and Isaac now commence their own investigation and become The Hardy Boys. Isaac finds a blood stained flag buried in the castle, hoping this will lead them to some answers.

Back at Java Underground, Carly and Jack discuss Barbara's request. Julia comes up in their discussion. Jack says he does not blame Barbara for Julia's recent conduct, he blames James. Carly says ever since her return to Oakdale, she cannot shake this bad feeling she has inside of her, a feeling she compared to a time she thought she had lost little Parker inside a store at the mall. Jack tells Carly he feels she should see Barbara.

Rose doesn't believe Henry's story about the diamond being cursed. Henry insists it is cursed and brought him bad luck. Henry tells Rose she must give him the letter so he can sell the diamond, then the curse will be broken. In fact he already has buyers in the Caribbean, so they must work together fast. Henry advises Rose she is in danger if she does not, that there are high rollers out there who pose a threat to her if she does not get rid of the diamond. Jack arrives and takes Henry off to his cell.

Carly arrives at jail and agrees to talk with Barbara. Barbara sees Carly and tells her that for what it is worth, her face looks great. Barbara tells Carly she would like her to consider taking a position at her BRO as Chief Designer. Carly finally getting her chance to blow off some of steam at Barbara, declines. She tells Barbara how at one time she dreamed of being Barbara Ryan. Now she does not want her hand outs and that Barbara is unable to create anything beautiful anymore. Carly is interrupted by a phone call from Abigail, it seems Molly has been missing for awhile and Abigail is concerned. Carly tells her she will be right over. Jack is handed a telegram sent to Barbara. It is from James Stenbeck, which indicates Stenbeck if very much alive.

Bonnie receives flowers from Isaac and a note card saying "May all your dreams come true." Bonnie insists to Jessica that she loves Ian and will prove her love to him by marrying him. Paddington gives Isaac and Billy a box containing old McClarran family records to look through which may prove that Ian is not really a Duke. Ian tells his Uncle Garrick to quiet Paddington, Garrick agrees to do so.

Rose returns home to find her father there. She informs him of her conversation with Henry about the diamond. She tells her father she is not interested in Henry's idea to sell the diamond, as it is a part of her and her family.

Isaac and Billy come upon a book which indicates that Bonnie is actually a Duchess, so if Ian marries her, he will become a real Duke. Just then, Ian's Uncle Garrick walks in and advises them both that they are not going anywhere, not until Ian and Bonnie are married.

Back upstairs, Bonnie and Ian welcome Vicar Stewart to the castle, who will perform their ceremony.

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