ATWT Update Wednesday 5/29/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 5/29/02

by Nicole

Emily revealed to Hal that Allison was her biological daughter. She rehashed what had happened when Susan re-married and wanted children, years ago. Hal was supportive of Emily telling Allison, sort of. He worried when Emily admitted that she wanted to tell Allison before she talked to Susan.

Emily admitted that she didn't know Allison very well, and couldn't understand the parental pangs she was suddenly feeling towards her. Hal suggested that maybe Emily start hanging out with Allison. Then they could be friends before Emily told her their family secret.

Aaron and Lucy were flirting at Java, under the guise of studying. Allison was peeking at them through a window. She then walked in and practically sat in Aaron's lap. That caused Aaron to decide to leave early. Allison practically chased after him, then jumped down Lucy's throat.

Allison then confided to Lucy that she felt as if Aaron really liked her, and that he was all she had. Allison then told a heartbreaking tale about Susan really loving only Emily, and that her mother had no time for her at all. A moved Lucy agreed to help Allison get Aaron. But later on, Lucy took a phone call from Aaron. Aaron said he would see her at Rose and Paul's engagement party.

Allison then ran into Emily, who had overheard her sister/daughter's conversation. She accused Allison of pretending to be upset just so she could take Aaron from Lucy. Allison told Emily that she was glad she was alive and that her face wasn't muffed, but other than that, Emily should keep away from her.

Craig called Holden over to his suite. He had purchased a big baby present for Holden and Lily. Holden figured there was something more, and asked Craig what he wanted. Craig said that he was supposed to escort Lucy to Paul and Rose's engagement party, but wondered if he's be stopped at the door.

Holden smiled knowingly, then told Craig that yes, he probably would not be let in. When Craig tried to protest, Holden patiently explained that with James Stenbeck on the loose, Paul made up a specific guest list. Holden suggested talking to Paul if he wanted to be invited.

After Holden left with the gift, Craig called Roseanna over. He suggested they go to Paul and Rose's engagement party together(he as her guest). Roseanna quickly figured out that Craig only wanted to use her to make Carly jealous. While Craig admitted it, he also managed to sweet talk Roseanna into thinking that he genuinely wanted to go with her. Roseanna agreed to go with him.

Margo called Lucinda and asked that she and Rose come to the station and question Henry. Paul agreed to take Lucinda and Rose to the station. Lucinda ordered Lily to stay put.

Henry was on the phone with Coolly, when Rose leaped at him. Henry ran into the interrogation room to get away from her. Paul introduced himself and offered his hand for Henry to shake. Paul almost crushed it, as he made Henry promise to be straight with Rose. He then left with Lucinda to pick up Rose's father Joe, at the airport.

Henry admitted that he had Rose's diamond. The story he told was that after Katie managed to fish the diamond out of the river, a penguin came by and scooped it away from her. After he was left with Coolly(someone that Henry swore Katie, Simon and Lily had met), they agreed that whoever managed to get home first would split the proceeds from the diamond 50/50. But, Henry hinted it wasn't easy, and that Rose still had something in her possession that could help him.

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