ATWT Update Tuesday 5/28/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/27/02

By Nicole

Paul, Holden and Lily got together at Lily and Holden's home to welcome Rose's normal face back. She came into the room in a chiffon evening gown. She also stared at herself a lot in the mirror.

Aaron came in and paid her a compliment, then told everyone he was leaving to take Luke to school. Paul told Rose that he had resigned from BRO and had left it in the hands of the board. Rose was quite happy with his decision, although it meant that Paul would be unemployed. She admitted to Paul that the less they had to do with Barbara, the better.

Rose then wondered aloud if she still had a job at Worldwide. Lucinda arrived just then and told Rose she was welcome back. Lucinda then told everyone of the break in the other night. She then revealed that the person that she caught was Henry Coleman. They figured out that Henry was the nurse that Paul had seen in Rose's hospital room, and that that was when he had stolen her key to the offices.

Paul, Holden and everyone else in the room began to realize that Henry was the one that had not only broken into Rose's place, but had robbed Rose's father as well. Rose was livid, and said that she was tired of weirdos trashing her things, so they could find things to use against her.

Margo was pleasantly surprised when Henry was brought in. Henry tried to use his connection with Katie to curry favor, but Margo wasn't going for it. She then snatched some hair from him, so it could be matched against the hairs found at Rose's place. Margo appraised Henry of his very bleak situation, then asked that he just come clean with her. He told her that if he didn't find what he was looking for, Rose's life could very well be in danger.

Lily called Margo and asked what was going on with the investigation. Margo told her that they had Henry in custody. Lily then hung up and she, Rose, Lucinda and Paul began to wonder if the diamond that Henry was probably looking for, was not at the bottom of a lake, like they had assumed.

Craig noted that Lucy was dressed a little too casual to be headed off to school. Lucy admitted that they had finals and hers weren't until later in the afternoon. Craig then slyly asked why she wasn't studying all morning. Lucy admitted that she was going to Java to help Aaron study for his GED.

Craig told Lucy that he didn't mind her helping Aaron, but he did very much mind her riding on his motorcycle. Craig made Lucy promise that if Aaron offered her a ride on his bike, that she would refuse and call him or Lucinda's chauffeur to pick her up. Lucy promised.

At Java, Aaron was busy horsing around and teasing Lucy. Lucy became defensive and jumped up to leave. Aaron apologized, telling Lucy that he couldn't figure her out. He then suggested that they study at the Snyder farm. He offered to take her there on her bike. Lucy looked conflicted. They did not see Allison watching them from the door.

Hal was very amorous towards Emily, but Emily kept him at bay. She told him that Daniel had outgrown all of this things while she had been away. Emily confided that she wanted to be a good mother and a different person.

Susan and Allison came over and their reunion was very short. Susan began asking where Emily had been, as if she didn't believe she had been kidnapped. When Emily jumped on her about it, Susan responded by saying that for awhile, no one believed that she didn't just run off.

The argument upset Allison, who admitted that she had to take crap off of Susan, because Susan was afraid she'd turn out like Emily. Hal asked Susan to leave. Susan told Emily she was glad she was okay before leaving.

Hal tried to comfort Emily, after she told him that she felt as if James would've never been able to get the best of her, if she had had friends. She then admitted that Allison was not her sister, but her daughter.

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