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As the World Turns Monday 5/27/02

By Nicole

Holden stopped in to Java to pick up an order for Lily. He spotted Aaron there and walked over to sit with him. Aaron admitted that Holden may have been right about his needing a career focus. He admitted to his father that he was studying to take his GED.  Craig and Lucy arrived shortly after. Lucy slyly insisted on going over and saying hello to Holden. Craig replied that they had waved. Lucy was more persistent and the two walked over.  Aaron admitted that he had spent some time with Lucy at the stables and that he had taken her for a ride on his bike. Craig frowned upon hearing that Lucy had been on a motorcycle. But, he did admit that he did want his daughter to make some friends. Aaron admitted he was studying for a test.  Craig asked what school he was trying to get in to. Aaron didn't answer directly.

Lucy and Aaron went to another table. She yelled at him for telling her father about the bike ride, but he waved it off. He asked for her help in
studying for his GED. Meanwhile, Craig and Holden had a little chat about Aaron and his background. Sensing the boy's interest in his daughter, Craig asked why Aaron suddenly showed up in Oakdale, and had he been in trouble with the police. All Holden admitted to was family trouble back in Seattle.  Craig didn't look as if he bought that.

Margo, Simon and Katie left Dahlia's hospital room after she was pronounced dead. Margo suggested that Simon call Tom. She then told Simon and Katie that they could go home to the cottage. Katie didn't understand why  Dahlia's death just didn't end their ordeal. Margo admitted
that there were probably tapes of their conversations around somewhere, if Dahlia was bugging the cottage.  Dahlia's body was wheeled out and a toe tag as put on, all in front of  Margo. When no one was around, Dahlia shot up from under the sheet. She winked at the nurse that had pronounced her dead, then slipped the toe tag off. Another woman that appeared dead was on a table next to Dahlia. Dahlia put the toe tag on her, then waited in her room, until the other woman was wheeled away.

Margo went back to the cottage and informed Katie and Simon that they really couldn't stay there, because the place was a crime scene. Tom arrived and was given a low down of what had happened thus far. Margo then got a call from Jack, who had sent a detective from California over to the cottage.  She had an arrest warrant with her.  Margo informed everyone of this detective's impending arrival. Simon sighed. This detective was the same one that had had it in for him for Monique's death. When the detective arrived, she informed them that the arrest warrant was for Dahlia, not Simon. They believe she killed her sister.  When the detective learned that Dahlia had died, she left. Soon, Margo got the call that Dahlia's body was missing, and that the other woman that had been given her toe tag, was not dead!

Dr. Weston sneered, as he was subsequently threatened with acid and some drink with a lot of drugs in it. He taunted Carly when she tried to pour acid on his face. Carly handed the vial to Emily, who couldn't do it either. Rose snatched the vial from Emily, determined to do the job. But Carly and Emily stopped her, reminding her that that would make her no better than Weston.  Jack came in and the three ladies left. Jack gave Weston a piece of his mind, but he couldn't have cared less. Jack was forced to hand him over to the feds, where Weston would get off scott free.  Later, Carly, Emily and Rose decided that they could still get even with Barbara. But, Emily reminded them that it was not for them to decide what justice would be. They all agreed that the best they could do was get on with their lives and try to recover from their tragedy. They toasted to testifying against Barbara in court.

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