ATWT Update Friday 5/24/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 5/24/02

by Nicole

Bonnie crept around the castle, looking for Isaac. She walked over to the wall that she knew led to the dungeon. She began to talk through the walls, as if Isaac were behind them.

Ian came upon her and asked what she was doing. Bonnie covered for her odd behavior. She was then shocked to find out that Ian had planned for the two of them to be married the next day. Ian professed his love, claiming he couldn't wait anymore. Bonnie was upset not only because of the short notice, but because she perceived it as another secret Ian had kept from her. Bonnie told her fiancee that she didn't want to end up being the type of wife that searched his pockets at night, looking for signs of other women.

Ian laid on the charm, and Bonnie agreed to the wedding date. After she went upstairs, Ian's smile disappeared. He walked over to the wall that lead to the dungeon and removed a dagger off of the wall. Ian's Uncle Garrick had Isaac behind it, tied and gagged. Ian told his uncle to dispose of Isaac. Ben, Jessica and Lisa headed to Scotland to see about Isaac, Bonnie and her upcoming nuptials.

Simon and Katie continued to plead their innocence with Margo. Margo told them that if she really thought Simon was guilty, he'd be in jail right now. She then received a call that said that Dahlia had had a seizure in the ambulance. The three of them rushed to the hospital, fearful the Dahlia would die before Simon could be cleared.

Margo questioned Dahlia, but her story never wavered. She swore she was trying to save Katie. She also expressed dismay that Simon hadn't been thrown in jail by now. She then had another seizure. Simon and Katie rushed in, while the medical staff hurried in to help.

Outside of Dahlia's room, Margo eased up on Simon and Katie, figuring that if they could just track Dahlia's whereabouts from the time she supposedly disappeared, until now, then they could catch her in some lie. A nurse came out of Dahlia's room and Margo asked to question Dahlia again. The nurse informed them that Dahlia had died. A dejected looking Simon said that things were about to get a whole lot worse. Margo couldn't refute that.

Emily and Hal were all over each other, once they returned to Hal's house. Kim dropped Will off, who was ecstatic to see his father. Hal then told him there was a surprise upstairs. Will went up and discovered that Daniel was sleeping upstairs. He was thrilled to learn that Emily was back as well.

Will disappeared upstairs, and Hal took the opportunity to ask Kim if she had mentioned Barbara to Will. Kim said she had not and figured Hal had better do that. Later, as the father and son threw popcorn balls into one another's mouths, Will asked about his mother. Hal told him they would speak about her later. They then talked about an upcoming softball game of Will's.

Carly and Rose went to the precinct to see Jack. They asked for his help in getting some time alone with Dr. Weston. Clearly seeing that the women were out for revenge, at first Jack balked. He then arranged for them to get a key to the interrogation room.

Carly and Rose picked up Emily at Hal's house. The three then arrived at the precinct dressed as nurses. Jack told one officer to go and get Weston, then go and get the precinct some donuts. The officer noted that the donut place was 35 miles away, but Jack managed to convince him to make the trip.

Jack then distracted another officer by yelling at him about his typing, while the three women slipped into the interrogation room. Jack then took Weston into the room to face three of his victims. The three women tied him to a chair and took out a beaker. They then poured some blue juice into it, intent on making Weston drink something that looked eerily like their drinks at the spa. Outside of the room, Jack turned up the sound on his radio.

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