ATWT Update Thursday 5/23/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/23/02

By Nicole

The police ordered Simon and Katie to move away from an injured Dahlia. Katie protested that Dahlia had attacked them. One of the officers got smart and commented that Dahlia really looked as if she were a threat.

Margo arrived and asked them what happened. A semi-conscious Dahlia insisted that Simon tried to kill Katie. Margo took Simon and Katie aside and asked for an explanation. She was livid to learn of their irresponsible plans to try and catch Dahlia on their own. She was also irked that Simon and Katie knew of the bugging device days before.

Margo gave the bug to an officer and asked him to look for the receiver. Then she went back to reaming Simon and Katie out. When Katie mentioned that Dahlia brought up a bomb, Simon panicked. He began looking around the house and screaming for Margo to get Katie out of the house. A frightened Katie had to be dragged from the house, when Simon found a bomb and ran out to throw it away.

Margo informed her sister and brother-in-law, that none of that disproved Dahlia's accusations. Simon and Katie were appalled to discover that Simon now looked guiltier than ever.

Henry broke into Rose's hospital room while she took a shower. He was dressed like a nurse. He broke into her purse and snatched a key off of the ring. He was almost caught by Paul, who noted to Rose, after Henry left, how the ugliest nurse he had ever seen had just been in her room.

The key enabled Henry to break into Lucinda's office at Worldwide. Lucinda caught him and recognized him. Henry tried to explain that he was looking for a letter. Lucinda accused him of working for James Stenbeck. Henry insisted that he was just looking for the letter and tried to leave. But Lucinda insisted on calling the police. Henry ran off as she was dialing.

Emily and Hal had a touching reunion. She told him that she had come back with Barbara. Carly walked in and saw her, and the two hugged. Carly insisted that Emily see Rose. The three then had a girl power reunion. The three of them said that they hoped James was dead and that Barbara got life in prison.

Later, Tom brought Daniel to the hospital with an overnight bag. He told her that Daniel could stay with her. He also apologized for accusing Emily of being a bad mother. Hal, Emily and Daniel went home. Carly and Rose decided that they were going to get some measure of revenge against Dr. Weston.

Barbara told Jack at the police station that she had rescued Emily. Emily wasn't telling it that way to others) and that she wanted a deal. Jack told her with disgust that she wouldn't be getting a deal. He then asked her where James was. Barbara gave him James's passport and told Jack that she didn't know where he was.

Tom refused to help her by being her lawyer. Barbara called Paul and he came over. He told his mother that while he loved her, he did not trust her. Paul told Barbara that he had quit BRO and that he was going to get a job and marry Rose. Barbara was livid. She told him she would sign it over to him. Paul said he was not doing this to hurt her, he was just tired of it. He also let his mother know that while he knew she was sorry for all that she had done, in the end, she stood by while Rose was kidnapped and tortured. Barbara looked away, then asked if he would see to her lawyer. Paul told her he would see what he could do.

Jack returned and Barbara asked him if they were still friends. Jack told her that after James took off with her, they found Carly in the funhouse, sick, weak and old. Jack then told Barbara that they probably wouldn't be friends in the future. He then had her taken away to a cell.

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