ATWT Update Wednesday 5/22/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 5/22/02

by Nicole

Katie was horrified by Dahlia's reappearance. Katie ordered her out of her home, but Dahlia kept grabbing on her, pleading with her to get away from Simon and to leave with her now. A frightened Katie scoffed at Dahlia's words, then told her that Simon was waiting to catch her outside. Dahlia told her she had taken care of Simon. A panicked Katie asked what she meant, and called out Simon's name. Katie then told Dahlia she was calling the police. Dahlia was about to whip out her own cellphone, when Katie punched her in the stomach and tried to run for the door.

But Dahlia pulled her back, and then explained to Katie that she was going to call the police herself. She took out her phone again and called 911. She told the operator that Simon Fraser was trying to kill his wife.

Katie angrily told Dahlia off, and let her know that she and Simon had found the bug. This appeared to upset Dahlia even more. She warned Katie that there were things she heard on the bug that Katie didn't know about. She then told Katie that she heard Simon ordering materials for a bomb.

Simon came back in and Katie ran to him. Dahlia backed away as Katie announced she was calling the police. When Dahlia tried to remind Katie that she had just done that, Katie snapped that she hadn't seen Dahlia hit send on her phone.

Simon ordered Katie to wait upstairs until the police came. When he turned back around to face Dahlia, she threw dirt in his face. She then ran around Simon and began pulling on Katie while they were on the stairs. Simon ran to them and ended up flinging Dahlia against the stair railing, which gave way.

Simon went to check Dahlia and found she was still alive. It was then that the police showed up, while Simon and Katie stood over Dahlia's prone body.

Allison made a pest of herself out at the Snyder farm. She fed some chickens while Holden had a heart to heart with Aaron. He asked his son what he wanted to do with his life. Aaron told Holden he wanted to open up a motorcycle shop. Holden patiently listened, then asked him where this shop would be. Aaron said that the Snyder barn seemed good.

Holden then asked him how he planned to advertise and compete with the competition. Aaron had answers for all of his questions, albeit, not very practical ones. Holden tried to explain the holes in his plan, and Aaron was upset, at first. But he calmed down and they both agreed that nothing had to be decided at that moment.

Holden left and Allison came back in. She told him her mother was always riding her like Holden did Aaron. Allison hit on him, unable to see that Aaron was not interested in her.

Lucy came back from her ride. Allison was annoyed to see her. Allison's cellphone rang. It was Susan. Susan was angry that Allison was at the Snyder farm, since that was not what was agreed upon. Allison then asked Aaron for a ride home. Aaron said his bike was broken. Lucy told her to just take the limo and send it back for her when she got home. Allison was peeved to learn that Lucy would not be leaving with her. After Allison left, Aaron asked Lucy to go for a ride with him on his bike, revealing that the bike was not busted after all.

Craig wanted to sleep with Roseanna. Roseanna was more than a bit insulted when Craig spelled out his plan for getting Carly back...Roseanna. They would become involved to make Carly jealous.

Roseanna didn't care for the plan, and Craig questioned whether she had feelings for him. Roseanna didn't admit anything and turned down his request for sex, for the moment.

Jack received a call that said that someone had used Barbara's passport to get back into the country. Jack had police sent to Hal's house, the hospital and Fairwinds.

Because he did not know if James was lurking around, Jack was not pleased when Carly decided to be present when Rose had her bandages removed. Carly explained to Jack that their kidnapping and subsequent aging, had bonded them. Jack agreed to let her visit.

Carly visited with Hal in the mental ward first. She told him that Barbara was back and that there was no sign of Emily. Hal was hopeful that he would get some sort of clue about Emily once he questioned Barbara.

Carly and Paul stood by as John undid Rose's dressings. She looked young again. Barbara showed up at the hospital, looking to see Hal. She referred to him as her husband. Jack met her there and commented on how good she looked. She admitted that James had had it done for her, with some new laser technique. She implored a reluctant Jack to let her see Hal.

Hal received his release papers. Emily showed up and the two were reunited. A heartbroken Barbara watched from afar, before Jack took her away.

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