ATWT Update Tuesday 5/21/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/21/02

By Nicole

Katie and Simon returned to their cottage. Before they went inside, Katie expressed disgust that Dahlia had been in their home and bugged their conversations. Simon reassured his wife that they were close to beating Dahlia at her own game.

Katie and Simon then went inside to fake an argument for Dahlia's listening pleasure. It was badly staged, with Simon writing on a tablet as to give Katie her cues on what to say next. Katie told Simon that she didn't trust him and ordered him to leave.

Outside,Simon told her he was going up the road to his car, then he was going to double back and watch the house for any sign of Dahlia. Katie nervously waited inside. A short while later, Simon returned. As he looked at his watch, Dahlia came out of the bushes with a gun. She pistol whipped Simon across the back of the head, knocking him out. When Katie opened the door to see what was keeping Simon, she was greeted by Dahlia, who told her they had to hurry and leave.

Holden and Lily decided to eat at Mabel's. They approached Aaron in the barn of the Snyder farm, about joining them. Aaron wasn't interested, something that didn't escape Holden and Lily's notice. At Mabel's, Holden confided that he wanted to talk to Aaron about what he planned to do about his future.

Lucy told her father that she was going out to the farm to ride. Craig seemed worried when he found out that his daughter and Allison Stewart weren't on speaking terms. He told Lucy that he wanted to see her around more people. Thinking of Aaron, Lucy smiled and told her father that she was going to do just that.

Later at the farm, Lucy leered at Aaron, who was dressed in a skimpy t-shirt. They had a not so interesting conversation, until Aaron innocently told Lucy that he had never taken Allison for a ride on his bike. He had finked out, telling Allison that he had a lot of other stuff to do. Lucy smiled at that news.

When Aaron began teasing Lucy about being perfect and not having any worries, she told him about Bryant's death. In the midst of all of their sharing, Holden returned. Lucy excused herself. Holden told Aaron he was worried about his future and wanted to know what he wanted to do with his life.

Roseanna went by Craig's and apologized for the previous night. He didn't want to hear it, nor did he believe that what Roseanna did was a slip-up. At Jack's house, Jack woke Carly up from a nightmare about Weston. She told Jack about seeing Roseanna and Craig together and her fears that they were both plotting against her. Carly admitted that she had been terrible to Roseanna when Carly first arrived in Oakdale.

Jack paid Craig a visit. He asked Craig to stop seeing Roseanna, and for him to think about what it was doing to Carly. Craig took it as a sign that Carly was jealous. Jack scoffed and made it clear to Craig that Carly didn't need more problems right now.

Carly was unpleasantly startled to find Rosenna inside the house when she came downstairs. Roseanna claimed the door had been open. Roseanna then tried to explain about what Carly had seen between her and Craig the previous night.

Carly snidely warned her that Craig was a user and only cared for his self. She then asked when her sister was leaving town. Roseanna sweetly confessed that she was there to stay and that she had big plans. Carly told her she didn't want to hear them.

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