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As the World Turns Monday 5/20/02

By Nicole

Molly stayed at Mabel's long after the memorial service was over. She danced to tunes that she and Jake had liked on the jukebox. Jake's ghost showed up again, and a teary Molly confessed to him that she was afraid she had failed as a wife and mother. When he asked what she meant by that, Molly told Jake that she didn't know if she had made the right decision regarding custody of the twins.

Jake told her that she had loved Bridget and Michelle enough to let them go. Molly told him that she didn't want the twins to be afraid to love her or Donna, because they didn't want to disappoint one of them. Jake reassured her that would not happen. They danced to more tunes. Paul and Rose arrived at the hospital for Rose's treatment. Rose thanked Paul for sticking by her. She also told him that she wasn't getting the treatment for him, but for herself. Rose said that while she could live with the face she had now, she would prefer not to. She also told Paul that she missed being Lily's twin.

Bob walked in and told them that they could do the procedure the next day, but Rose wanted to do it right away. So Bob followed Weston's procedure and with Paul by her side, he wrapped Rose's face in bandages. Paul sat at her bedside, telling jokes until she fell asleep.

Carly and Jack went back to his place and made love. Afterwards, Carly confessed that she had told Craig off that evening. Jack looked guilt ridden and Carly asked him why. He confessed that Craig had done a lot to help while Carly was missing.

Carly scoffed at that, and laughingly told Jack about Craig telling her that he had almost been in a plane crash, and that he had saved Jack's life. Jack grimaced, then admitted that it was all true.

Roseanna revealed her true colors to Craig. She told him it was her plan to offer Carly her own fashion house. Craig scoffed, telling her Carly would never take it. Roseanna smiled knowingly. She told Craig that Carly would be outraged, at first. Then she would take the money, under the guise that she was doing it for Parker. Craig realized that it was Roseanna's plan to have Carly beholden to her. Roseanna admitted that she didn't think that Carly would be able to juggle her own line and Jack too.

Roseanna and Craig began making out on the sofa. A knock on the door interrupted them. It was Lucy. She had forgotten her key. Roseanna went and hid in Craig's bedroom. Lucy told Craig that she had spoken to Aaron. Before their discussion could go any further, there was a knock on the door. Craig muttered that he hoped it wasn't Katie. It turned out to be Carly.

Carly said hello to Lucy. Lucy excused herself to go to bed, but not before telling Carly how worried Craig had been about her. Carly then told Craig that she now knew all he had done, and was sorry for her abrupt comments at Jake's memorial.

Craig wasn't that thrilled with her words and as much as told her that he really didn't consider what she said an apology. Carly asked him what he wanted from her and he answered, the truth. Carly told him there was nothing between them, but Craig disagreed. He told Carly that he knew that what the two of them had scared her.

Just then, Carly heard Roseanna's voice asking Craig to come to bed. Roseanna came out of the bedroom, wrapped in a sheet. Carly looked at them both with disgust and said, "nice, real nice", then left. Roseanna slyly said that once she heard Lucy go to bed, she had wondered what was keeping him. She asked if he was coming to bed. Craig answered that now that Lucy was home, no. But maybe another time. Roseanna told him there wouldn't likely be another time for the two of them.

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