ATWT Update Friday 5/17/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 5/17/02

by Nicole

Donna and Marley pleaded with Molly to try to work out a compromise concerning the twins. Molly agreed to, only after Kim assured her she'd be right outside if Molly needed her.

It didn't seem like the three would be able to agree to anything, until Roseanna, of all people, interrupted them and proposed a solution. She suggested that Molly, Donna and Marley try a joint custody arrangement for a six month trial period. All three were open to it, and Donna and Marley thanked Roseanna profusely for her help. Craig was watching, and once again, implied that Roseanna was trying to covet Carly's life.

Isaac accused Ian of not being the real Duke, and brought up the human skull that was sitting in the dungeon vault. Ian cursed him for what he called ‘desecrating a family plot'. Bonnie admitted that while the story was far-fetched, she wanted to hear something from Ian that disproved what Isaac said.

Ian scoffed at Isaac's accusations and ordered Isaac to leave. Isaac appeared to leave and Bonnie went back up to her room. But Isaac was hiding nearby, and overheard a conversation between Ian and his Uncle Garrick. They talked about moving Billy to another location, and that their financial ledgers were missing. But Ian wasn't worried about any of that. He just wanted Isaac gone.

Later, Bonnie returned to her room and found Isaac there. Before he could tell her what he overheard, they both heard Ian approaching. Bonnie grabbed the container with the ledgers, and joined Isaac in the closet. Ian came in and began searching for the ledgers. He noticed the closet door move, and called for Bonnie to reveal herself.

Bonnie came out with the ledgers. She told Ian she had been in the closet getting them. When he asked her why she had them, Bonnie admitted that Isaac had accused Ian of marrying her for her family money. Ian reminded her that he had more money than her family. Bonnie told him she had realized that.

Ian then tried to become intimate with Bonnie, but she put him off, because of Isaac's presence in her closet. When she finally got rid of Ian, Bonnie marched to the closet to get rid of Isaac, but he had mysteriously disappeared.

Allison sat down next to Aaron at Java. He was distracted, and asked a lot of questions about Lucy. Lucy arrived, and ignored the dirty looks Allison was giving her. She apologized to Aaron for thinking that he and Abigail were boyfriend and girlfriend, and that he was cheating on her.

Lucy and Aaron were surprised to learn that they were related through marriage and adoption. Allison asked Lucy to take a hike, while she and Aaron went to the Snyder farm to look at his motorcycle. Lucy agreed, then got on her cellphone and called Lily. She asked if she could take Lily and Holden up on their offer to her.

When Bob and John unwrapped Carly's bandages, Carly was back to her beautiful self. Jack and Carly shared a special reunion, one in which Jack told her he loved her old or young.

Jack then helped her open gifts from the designer that Carly thought she would be working for, when she was kidnapped. There was a nice dress and wrap inside. Carly put them on and together, they went to Jake's memorial.

Tom, Lucinda and Abigail had just finished saying nice things about Jake, when Roseanna asked to speak. Just as she was talking, her eyes fell on Carly. Molly squealed when she saw her and everyone ran to her.

Roseanna tried to say something nice, but Carly made it clear that she would love never to lay eyes on her again. Roseanna then asked Jack for the name of the person who would be getting her reward money. Jack said he would get that information to her.

Craig tried to talk to Carly, but she ripped him a new one for the way he acted when he thought she might be old forever. A hurt Craig later commiserated with Roseanna.

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